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Baker, Barnard, Boatwright, Booth, Christy, Cox, Dobbins, Gibbons, Gress, Harris, Holman, Keller, King, Kipp, Landers, Livingston, Long, Lyttle, Mayer, Miller, Mosier, Oesterle, Peterson, Reynolds, Ross, Saye, Shatto, Shaw, Shigley, Shipley, Slagle, Tanner, Thompson, Yates, Young

KING, SLAGLE J. Richardson Wed Jan 1 07:58:20 1997
I would like any information available for John Franklin KING (b. 1867 Iowa) married Susan Jeannette SLAGLE (b. 1867 Illinois) in Allen Co. or Woodson Co. KS in 1886. Children include Lizzie J., Rose, Elsie Charlotte, Clarence W., Leslie & Ethel Eva. They lived in Woodson Co. near Humboldt (Allen Co.) in 1880. Later they lived in Humboldt. I was born & raised in Humboldt. These are my direct line ancestors. I have information to share.

LONG, SHIGLEY Roger Flagg Thu Jan 2 01:06:04 1997
Looking for information on the family of Ed LONG. They lived in Allen County Kansas 1880's. My grandfather was Rog LONG. Born in Iola, Feb of 1880. Moved to Grand Junction Colorado 1917. Also family of Willian A SHIGLEY from Allan County Kansas. Both of these Grandfathere served in the Civil War. SHIGLEY from Indiana LONG from Kansas.

LANDERS, REYNOLDS, YOUNG Kathy Klobas Sat Jan 4 13:17:20 1997
REYNOLDS, James Francis, b 1839, Indiana, m. Mary Ann YOUNG in Iola, Allen Co. in 1865. Both died in Neosho Falls, Woodson Co.(1922 and 1927) and are buried in Cedarvale Cem. I am interested in contacting descendants of REYNOLDS/ YOUNG families. Mary Ann's parents were James Riley YOUNG and Sarah LANDERS YOUNG, early settlers in Iola, Allen Co. (Acc'd to her obit, he was 1st merchant in Iola.) I am also researching the YOUNGs and LANDERS lines. Sarah's bros. Bartlet and Arthur LANDERS were also early settlers in Allen Co. Would love to share info.

KIPP, PETERSON Teresa Tue Jan 7 23:33:47 1997
I am looking for an Aaron KIPP or the KIPP family in Allen County probably in the early 1900's. The family is thought to have come] from Germany. He had a son named Aaron also who married Alvina PETERSON (she may be Norwegian), her family is from Minnesota. If any one can help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

TANNER Mary Clarkson Buchholz Thu Jan 9 15:08:43 1997
I am searching for a ggreatfather Samuel TANNER, who in his will lists property in Allan Co., KS and his son Frank TANNER, who is buried somewhere near Iola, KY with his wife and young daughter. I would like any help or advice of where to look. I have written to the courthouse but they did not find any trace of them. Thanks Mary in SD

SAYE, SHIPLEY Lisa Grove Sat Feb 22 11:59:42 1997
I'm looking for information on William SHIPLEY, my great-grandfather. He listed Allen County as his place of birth in 1885-1886. William was married to a Louise SAYE who had moved to Kansas from France when she was 4 yrs. of age, around 1885. And in 1911, they had Frank William SHIPLEY, born in Washington Township, which I believe is Crawford County. Any help with my search would be greatly appreciated!

HARRIS, LYTTLE Judy Coones Sun Feb 23 10:05:09 1997
Looking for information on George Hilton HARRIS, born in Hampshire England. Immagrated to Allen County, KS in late 1870's. Married Elizabeth LYTTLE and had 5 children, Alice, Mary, Clara, Nellie and Thomas Hilton. Interested in any information on the family.

BOOTH, SHATTO Donald D. DERR Sun Mar 2 17:46:06 1997
Need marriage information on my Grandfather Elseworth Elmer SHATTO and first wife, Martha Elizabeth "Mattie" BOOTH. They had a daughter Dora Bell SHATTO b. 3 july 1883 probably in either Allen or Bourbon Co., KS. What happened to Dora Bell? Her brother Clarence C. SHATTO was my mothers half brother that she never knew. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

MAYER, OESTERLE pam terry Sun Feb 16 11:22:17 1997
I am looking for information on John G. MAYER and his wife Christine D. OESTERLE who immigrated from Germany to Kansas in the 1880's. I am a decendant of their son Ernst C. MAYER. They lived in Crawford Co. and Allen Co. Would appreciate anyone researching them to contact me.

BOATWRIGHT, HOLMAN, MOSIER, ROSS Frankllin L Ross Mon Feb 3 11:28:34 1997
Allen County records of ROSS and/or HOLMAN families from 1800 to present. My father Marvin J. RROSS (Sept 1918 - ) born Allen County to Sophia Carter MOSIER ROSS (April 9,1882 - 1950) and Joseph ROSS (June 20,1886 - 1949)(buried in Iola) Joseph's father Silas ROSS, mother Hulda HOLMAN ROSS. Hulda died 1935 in state hospital Ossawattamee, Silas died around 1895 unknown, maybe Iola, Gas, Xenia? Desire parents names, family of Hulda, and Silas ROSS (probable connection to Edmund ROSS) Silas & Hulda (possibly Hilda?) had one other son, Oscar Galen ROSS 1891?-1979?, married Gladys BOATWRIGHT, had sons Russel and Carey. Don't know much about HOLMAN family. Thank you for all your help.

LIVINGSTON/CHRISTY I am seeking information about the LIVINGSTON or CHRISTY families in Allen or Doniphan Counties. William R. LIVINGSTON (b. 20 Dec 1856 in Renelsburg(?) OH) and Lois B. KELLER or MILLER? (b. 23 Mar 1859 in Boyd County, KY) who lived in Flo rence and probably Iola. Their daughter, Nellie Lillus, was included in a census record in Iola that listed her as being adopted in 1898, family name CHRISTY. Wichita death notices indicate they had a second daughter, Edna May. William also was married to Nettie SHAW with whom he had three children--Guy, Maude & Ivy. William's siblings included Jennie (GRESS), Mary (DOBBINS), Robert, Elliott & J.T.

BARNARD Tom Powell Sun Feb 9 12:16:58 1997
I am searching information on the surname BARNARD. Numerous Barnards buried in Dewitt Cemetery in Allen County, Kansas. Migrated from Michigan in 1879. From New Hampshire in 1861. Originated in Germany. contact Tom Powell at Fax 620-365-2485, voice 316- 365-6653

GIBBONS, THOMPSON joyce 'burgoon' carroll Sun Mar 9 10:27:34 1997
Can you please help me to find infornation on my Grandpa? His name was Arthur Lee THOMPSON and he died when my Mom was about 5 years old. He might have been married in Iola, Kansas. He married my Grandma Selena 'Lena' May GIBBONS. My Mom was born in Humbolt Kansas 'Allen County', July 1, 1920. He might have been born about 1894. Believed to be buried in Iola, Kansas. Thanks a lot for any help. Joyce 'Burgoon' Carroll,

BAKER John M. Baker Sun Mar 9 14:34:41 1997
BAKER - seeking inf on the following BAKER 's:
W. W. (William?) (Iola(?), Allen County, Kansas) suspected in Allen County around 1860-1870;
Charles (Parker, Linn County, Kansas) b1878 d1965;
Roy William (Osawatomie, Miami County, Kansas) b1910, d abt1963

COX Roy Fri Mar 28 15:50:07 1997
Looking for information about Abner COX. He lived near Humboldt, Allen, KS or Chanute, Allen, KS in the time frame 1927 to 1939. My parents said he was a farmer, or worked for a farmer in that area. I would like to know when and where he died and where he is buried. I am thankful for any contacts.

YATES Norma Yates Mon Mar 31 20:40:46 1997
YATES-GRAHAM/BARNES-JENKINS FAMILIES: I am looking for information concerning the YATES family who lived in Allen County, Kansas, before moving to the Peru (Chautauqua Co.) area. The primary individuals I am looking for in my husband's line are: John Thomas YATES md. Nancy Etta Unknown. They are both buried with other family members in the ElCado Cemetery near Peru. John Thomas YATES' father is said to have been Elija YATES. I can find no information on Elija. If you can help me find others who are researching this family, I will certainly share what I have with them.


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