Allen County, Kansas, News Items and other information extracted for these dates:

Allen County, Kansas

News Items and other information extracted for these dates: June 1905 thru June 1907

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Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Friday, June 9, 1905 by Al1905

from the Moran Herald, Friday, June 23, 1905

Susannah Hickle davis was born March 18, 1833, and died at the home of her daughter in Aurora, Ill., June 9, 1905. On March 1, 1855, she was married to Joseph Davis, Who died November 20, 1872. To the union were born seven children, three boys and four girls. The funeral services were held at Aurora, Ill, and the remains taken to Cincinnati, Iowa, and laid beside those of her husband. The relatives attending the funeral were; L.H. davis, Pawnee Rock, Kans; Mrs. John Hoyle, stroud, Okla; Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Markle, Newtown, Mo; Mrs. J.A. King, Cincinnati, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Brown, Aurora, Ill; Mrs. Wm. Davis, Moran, Kans., Nathan Narman and Daughter, Lucas, Iowa; Loney and John Hickle, Cincinnati, Iowa.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Wednesday, June 21, 1905 by Al1905

from the Moran Herald, Friday, June 23, 1905.

John Chapman Dead

Succumbed to Dropsy at His Home in Moran, Wednesday Night

John Chapman, who has been sick at his home in the southeast part of town for the past six months with dropsy, died at 11:45, Wednesday night, aged 73 years and 10 months.

Mr. Chapman was taken ill with dropsy, last January, and since that time has been confined to his home by the disease. He was bedfast most of the time, but until about two weeks ago his condition was not thought to be extremely serious, but since that time he has been growing gradually worse. For more than a week his suffering has been intense causing delirium which lasted until Monday when he became unconscious, remaining so until his death.

With his death another of Moran's earliest settlers has gone. He came to Moran about twenty years ago, when the town was in its swaddling clothes, and has been practically a resident of the town ever since. He leaves a wife, and a sister, Mrs. E.F. DeHart of this place, and a brother, James Chapman, of Appleton City, Mo., besides many other relatives to mourn his loss. The funeral services were held at the M.P. church, yesterday afternoon, conducted by Rev. VanHoesen, and the remains buried in the Moran cemetery.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Monday, August 28, 1905 by Al1905

from the Iola Register, Saturday, September 2, 1905.

Edna, the sixteen-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Preston, died on Tuesday after being sick with typhoid fever for more than three weeks. She was a girl of a pleasing disposition and did not only hold the esteem and friendship of her schoolmates, but her gentle nature provoked the admiration of the old as well as the young. Mable, a sister two or three years younger, is down with the same disease and has been confined to her bed for ten or twelve days. While her condition is not at present considered extremely dangerous, it seems that the progress of the disease cannot be checked, a fact that causes alarm. Many friends tender their services to the afflicted family.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Monday, August 28, 1905 by Al1905

from the Iola Register, Saturday, September 2, 1905.

It was Joseph Warren Arnold who died at his home near Crandall on the 28th instead of his brother,Lawrence Arnold, as stated by the Tuesday Register. There were other slight mistakes in the notice that we do not care to correct. Rev. Kirkpatrick, the wife wife of the deceased and hit step-daughter, Lucile Windsor, his two youngest sons, A.E. and F.D. Arnold and his daughter, Mrs. W.H. Root and her children accompanied the remains from Crandall to the Iola cemetery, where after brief burial services, the body was intered in the family lot.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Friday, September 1, 1905 by Al1905

From the Iola Register, Saturday, September 2, 1905 -


R.W. Padgett an electrician at the Iola Portland Struck by Lightning.


Young Man was re-arranging some electric wires when death came -- Dead Man's home was in Fort Scott -- Body sent there this morning

Yesterday afternoon R.W. Padgett, a young man twenty-three years old, and an electrician at the Iola Portland Cement works was struck by a bolt of lightning and about five hours later passed away. At the time of the fatal shock Padgett was alone on the roof of the oil house rearranging some electric wires. The noise of the shock and the illiumnation which followed caused the men in the offices to look out only to see Padgett throw up his arms and, falling over, roll off the building to the ground ten feet below. The unfortunate man was at once carried to the main office where he remained until his death at nine thirty o'clock last night.

The physicians worked five and a half hours tring to relieve the sufferer, but nothing could be done as the shock had paralyzed the boy. He spit blood continually and the pulse kept growing more feeble.

An examination of the body showed a black mark above the temple, like a burn, one on the cheek and another mark on the shoulder; also one on the right hand where the bolt passed out. In the fall from the roof the shoulder was broken but this injury is not thought to have played any part in his death. He was also injured internally. From the time of the accident until his death Padgett was unconscious giving no signs of life except a nervous twitching and labored gasping.

One strange act of the lightning was that Padgett's cap was burned and torn into shreds.

Immediately after the sad event the father of the boy, a prominent attorney of Fort Scott, was telegraphed for and arrived just in time to be present at the last fifteen minues of his son's life.

The body was taken to Culbertson's undertaking rooms and prepared for shipment to the home of his parents in Fort Scott.

Young Padgett has been in the employ of the cement plant about six months as an electrician and was greatly admired by his employers and fellow workmen. In his short connection with the plant he had made some fast friends who are greatly shocked by his untimely taking away.

At the time the bolt came, the thunder storm was thought to be over and Padgett felt no alarm in working with the wires. The shock which killed him was followed by an intense display of lightning which took the attention of the men on the outside from their work and also the office men to the windows. They were confident at once that the bolt had struck in the immediate vicinity. For this reason it is believed that the closeness of Padgett to the wires had nothing to do with his death, but on the contrary believe that we was struck directly by the lightning.

The young man's death has caused something of a gloom to fall over the entire plant not only because of his popularity but because this is the first accident that has occured there for some time and the only one that has resulted from an electrical storm.

The body of Paedgett was shipped this morning at 8:40 and the funeral will likely occur tomorrow. The father of the boy, W.W. Padgett, did not know the exact hour of the funeral but likely it will be in the afternoon. The Padgett family have lived in Ft. Scott for a number of years. The father was overwhelmed by the sudden affliction which has fallen upon the family.

The young man was a member of Rising Sun No. 8, of the A.F. and A.M.

Raymond Padgett was very popular in Iola. He was a member of the Iola football team and was a strong athlete. Only lately he joined the Masonic lodge at Fort Scott.

He was the son of W.W.Padgett, a prominent lawyer of Fort Scott.

The Republican says:

Raymond Padgett was born and raised in this city and he was one of the most popular boys the town has ever turned out. He was educated in the city schools and always participated as a member of the foot ball team of the high school. He was a member of Rising Sun lodge, A.F. and A.m., of this city and he had numerous friends who will be pained to learn of his death. He has been living in Iola for a year, where he had been employed in a clerical position at one of the cement mills.

Raylmond Padgett was for a long time one of the motormen on the cars of the Fort Scott Gas and E lectric company where he made many additional friends, his policy of always being accomodating and courteous to the patrons of the company making him very popular. He was the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Padgett.

W.W. Padgett had visited several days this week with his son. While here he called on J.B. Goshorn, an old friend, whom he has known for many years. Mr. Goshorn says that Young Padgett was an exemplary young man.

From the Iola Register, Tuesday, September 5, 1905 -


Was Held at Fort Scvott Sunday Under Auspices of the Masonic Lodge

The funeral of Raymond Padgett, the Iola Portland electrician who was killed by lightning here last Friday, was held at Fort Scott Sunday. The Republican says:

The funeral of Raymond Padgett, which was held from the family home at the corner of Sixth and Horton streets Sunday afternoon, was under the auspices of the Masonic lodge of which the deceased was a member. There were hundreds of sympathizing friends who paid last respects to the dead and expressed their deepest sympathy for the heart broken parents. The funeral was an extremely sad one, made so by the sudden death of the young man. The Rev. Mr. Evans of the First M.E. Church conducted the services and his remarks were touching and filled with consolation to those who had been left behind. Many friends, including the Masonic lodge, sent beautiful floral offerings, and they were so numerous that the casket was almost buried beneath the pretty designs.

The Masonic burial services prevailed at the grave, conducted by W.E. Cassell and Morris Liepman. A Masonic choir, composed of H.E. West, Ernest A. Henne, C.E. Warner and A.R. Blakely, sang the Masonic ode. The pallberarers were R.B. Campbell, Lloyd C. Lakin, Colonel Clair, L.M. Liepman, Everett Blakely and Robert B. Barr. The interment was at Evergreen cemetery.

The Tribune says:

The engineers of the Portland Cement plant at Iola, the plant where Raymond Pagett met his sudden death, were represented at the funeral yesterday by Mr. Murphy, first assistant chief engineer of the plant. This is a big plant and about thirty engineers are regularly employed there.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Friday, September 1, 1905 by Al1905

from the Iola Register, Saturday, September 2, 1905


It Occurred Last Night, the Results of Dropsy.

Mrs. Jane Gardner, mother of Wm. Bicvkford, at 216 North Cottonwood, died last night at eight o'clock and will be buried tomorrow at Larned. The body was shipped on the Santa Fe this afternoon. Mrs. Gardner was eighty-four years old and while her death was due directly to dropsy she has been in general feeble health for some time. Mrs. Gardner has lived in Iola but a short time. She was a resident of Larned for many years.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Saturday, September 2, 1905 by Al1905

from the Iola Register, Monday, September 4, 1905

The funeral of Mrs. Thomas Robertshaw was held Saturday last a two o'clock. The services were conducted by Rev. Frank Hare. The body was interred in the LaHarpe cemetery.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Saturday, September 2, 1905 by Al1905

from the Iola Register, Monday, September 4, 1905.

The body of the infant of Mr. & Mrs. George Wagner was interred in the LaHarpe cemetery Saturday afternoon. The funeral services were conducted at the residence by Rev. Mr. Miller.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Tuesday, September 5, 1905 by Al1905

from the Iola Register, 05-Sep-1905

Clyde Williams, colored, aged ten, died this morning at 7:15 at the home of his parents at 1013 south Washington. His death was due to a complication of disease resulting from an attack of diptheria a year ago. The funeral hour has not been arranged as yet but will occurr some time tomorrow.

Information for these surnames,
extracted from source dated Thursday, June 6, 1907 by Ramona Johnsen Hartley

Obituary for Elizabeth Creek Layton wife of William Harrison Layton.

The Iola Daily ? Iola, Kansas, Friday Morning, June 7, 1907.

Mrs. Layton is Dead

End came at family home last evening.

Death was due to organic heart trouble - survived by a family of seven children - Widely known and esteemed.

Mrs. W. H. Layton died at the family home, 523 East Lincoln street, yesterday afternoon at 5:45 o'clock. Death was due to organic heart trouble.
Mrs. Layton had been ill for several years and her death was not unexpected. She is survived by her husband, W. H. Layton and a family of seven children. A. M. Layton, a son, resides in Grand Junction, Colo.; G. T.[P] Layton, at Leota, Kan.; William Layton, at Eddyville, Neb.; Etta E. Johnson, Eddyville, Neb.; Lydia M. Severs [Seevers], Iola: Mrs F. J. Schock, Corning, Iowa; Mrs. Maggie E. French, Millerton Ia. Funeral arrangements will be announced today.
Mrs. Layton was known in a wide circle of friends and was held in high regard. She was 75 years of age and had been a resident of Iola for ten years.

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