Transcribed from Biographical history of Barton County, Kansas. ; Illustrated. Published by Great Bend Tribune, Great Bend, KS : 1912. 318 p. : ill. ; 28 cm. Transcribed by Carolyn Ward, July 2006.

1912 Biographical History of Barton County, Kansas


Home of William Werhahn, Biography Page 111.

Residence of William Mull, Pawnee Rock Township.

In the write-up of Mr. Mull and family failure was made to mention all the members of the same. Grace May, the latest member of the family was born March 17, 1912, some time after the first article. on page 118, was in type.


ºº Claflin ºº

THE city is located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, which was built during the years of 1885-86; the depot was built in 1887 and was cccupied by M. A. Cummings as agent who remained as such until his retirement from railroad work a few years ago. The first business building was erected by J. H. Cannon on the site now occupied by the J. A. Watson Co. He carried a small stock of general merchandise and also had a bank in one part of the same building. After a few yers Mr. Cannon sold his interests in the store to the Degens who enlarged the business and then in turn sold to B. J. Meyer & Co., who later sold to Watson & Tampler, Mr. Watson later taking over the interests of Mr. Tampler. From the time the depot was built the business enterprises were established to fill the needs of the people. The S. H. Chatten Lumber Co. soon unloaded a stock off building material and also coal. Jas. Williamson erected the first hotel in the city, the building now being occupied by the postoffice and the Clarion office. The livery and feed barn was built by E. J. Ingersoll and did a good business under the different managers until the automobile put the horse and buggy out of business. The first line of drugs was placed in a small building on the corner now occupied by the Evans-Mayo Mercantile Company by Dr. F. M. Campbell who remained in the business until his retirement from active business a few years ago. The Elmore Bros. put in the first stock of hardware and implements but after a few years the E. R. Moses Mercantile Co. placed a much larger stock and the former company sold out. G. A. Dusenberry at one time run the hardware on what is now the Miller corner. The Farmers and Merchants State Bank was organized about 1892 under the management of O. B. Looney who was at that time the cashier of the institutian and remained as such until the bank changed management. The present building was built expressly for the business. The Citizens State Bank was not organized until a few years ago but has built up a good business. The school house for District 80, was erected during the year 1889 and a few years ago an addition was built to it, but it being far too small to meet with the needs it was abandoned and during the year 1911 a new building costing $17,000, was erected which is a valuable asset to the town. In the early days the Methodist and Christian churches were built and during the past few years the German Lutheran and Catholic were erected.

Claflin has today two as modern stores as any city of its size could ask for, two banks that are substantial, two hardware stores, two hotels that offer the best of accommodations to the traveling public, three lumber yards, five elevators and two mills, also all of the various other businesses that make up a city of its size.

Among the early settlers who still live in this vicinity are J. S. Dalziel, W. D. Fairbairn, Frank Roesler and W. L., J. R. and E. O. Jordan. These people can tell of some of the early experiences that they had to contend with.

The present city administration is composed of the following gentlemen: Mayor, S. G. Earlenbaugh. Councilmen, W. B. Pickerill, W. C. Schumacher, D. J. Crowe, C. T. Mayo and J. W. Miller; City Treasurer, H. A. Staeber, Police Judge, G. C. Gilstrap.

The first mayor of the town was H. E. Hill, who at that time was connected with W. B. Pickerill in the grain business, and who is now living at Larned, Kansas, and is in the same business there. Those who followed him as mayor of the town are as follows: J. F. Evans, Hez Gibler, C. T. Mayo, W. B. Pickerill, Clinton Gibler.


ONE of the important agencies in making Claflin a live town is the Clarion, the newspaper owned and edited by Bert Fancher of that city. The Clarion has had a long career which has never been more prosperous than it is at present. It fills its field creditably and there are few things of interest in that section of the country that are not duly chronicled by the Clarion. Under the able position on the Daily Rustler. In 1907 he saw the chance which he had been looking for and bought the Claflin Clarion which he has since owned and edited. He was married in 1900 to Miss Lillie Sanner of Newton and they are the parents of two children, Gladys, 8 years of age and Gerald 6 years of age. Mr. Fancher is an active man in whatever he undertakes and is identified with the Elk, A. O. U. W. and Odd


management of Mr. Fancher it is one of the best small town weeklies in the west and is an agency for good that the town could not get along without. Mr. Fancher is a thorough printer and the paper typographically is neat and well balanced. Mr. Fancher is yet a young man. He is 38 years of age. As a boy he learned the printing trade in the offices at Newton and in 1904 he came to Great Bend to take a Fellow lodges. He is also postmaster at Claflin and is serving his second term in that position. He is popular in his community and has worked and stood for those things which would be of benefit to the section of the state in which he lives. The Clarion will undoubtedly continue to grow and prosper under his able management.


CADIZ, Hamilton County, Ohio, was the the birthplace of Ira Hamilton Clark, of Great Bend, who was born in that town, in 1866. At the age of 11 years he move to Harvey County, Kansas, with his parents in 1875. When twenty-one years of age he published the "Independent" at Walton, Kansas. He owned this paper for two years, 1886 and 1887 and then established the "Independent" at Frederick, Kansas, in 1888. March 1st, 1889, be became a resident of Barton County when he established the "Dispatch" at Hoisington, remaining there as editor and owner of that paper for ten years or until 1899. He has always been one of the prominent men of whatever community he may have lived in and in Hoisington he was city clerk for one term, and Republican township committeeman of Homestead township for five years. In 1899 he moved to Great Bend where he bought the Register. In connection with this paper he established the Daily Item in August, 1900. In 1908 he sold his two papers to the Tribune Publishing Co., and retired from newspaper work. In 1905 he was president of the Southwest Kansas Republican Editorial Association and for six years was a member of the Congressional committee of the Seventh district. He served for two terms as member of the Board of Education of Great Bend. He was married June 27, 1889 to Nellie G. DeLong at Walton, Kansas, and they are the parents of seven children, Mary Hazel, now Mrs. Walter Healzer, Bessie Margaret, Ethel Gertrude, Flora Janette, Dwight DeLong, Edna Louise, Elizabeth Lorene. Since retiring from the newspaper profession Mr. Clark has been in the land business and his duties have been such as to prevent his taking as active a part in public affairs as in former years but his interest has never flagged and he may always be found working for those things which will be of benefit to his town and community. Quiet and unassuming he has done much to forward the progress of Barton County. As an editor he was a writer of force and ready and capable of defending and supporting the things he believed in. Barton County has been fortunate in having him as a citizen and that he has many years of usefulness still ahead of him.



IT is with considerable satisfaction that The of Barton County and we hope that in the Tribune presents the Biographical History[sic] future the experience gained in arranging this edition may be utilized in the preparation of auxiliary volumes that will be a complete and accurate account of the county, its events of historical interest and of its citizens. No book of this sort can be as complete as its compilers would like to make it but as it is the book represents a great deal of detail work and expense.

The Tribune is one of the oldest institutions of Barton County, established in 1876, and in the years that have gone by has enjoyed its small share of prosperity and its years of adversity. Through it all the key-note of optimism and belief in the future of the county as expressed in every issue by its founder, Judge C. P. Townsley, has been preserved and The Tribune of today has seen the county become one of the richest and most substantial farming communities in the world and has seen this optimism and belief substantiated.

Elsewhere will be found an acccunt of the founding and growth of the Tribune and the changes in ownership. The present owners and publishers are Will Townsley and Warren Baker.

Warren Baker was for a number of years superintendent of the city schools of Great Bend and later moved to Eldorado. Since 1909 he has had the business management of the paper. His family consists of his wife and two children, Vernon and Lucile.

Will Townsley is known to practically all the people of the county having been born and raised in Barton County and being raised in newspaper work. He is married. His family consists of his wife and baby daughter, Helen.

The standing of The Tribune is well described by the following article from "Retail Equipment," one of the larger trade journals of the country, which has been investigating trade conditions generally:

"The Tribune, of Great Bend, Kansas, is published every afternoon except Sunday, with a weekly edition on Friday. The tendency as well as the evolution of the modern newspaper toward a conservation of energy and effort is well exemplified in the career of the Tribune. The Tribune was founded in 1876. Since then it has incorporated the Great Bend Weekly Register, Great Bend Daily Item, Great Bend Rustler and the Morning News. I do not know what were the character and characteristics of these defunct newspapers, but it is a universal law that the fittest survive, and in the survival of the Tribune amid the wreck of its contemporaries, we have really an excellent evening newspaper, edited by Mr. Will Townsley, one which covers the local field fully; that goes into the homes in Great Bend, is read and appreciated. Great Bend has a population of five thousand, and ninety percent of these are subscribers and readers of the Tribune. On the six rural routes leading from Great Bend, eighty per cent of the people take the daily Tribune and fifteen per cent the weekly Tribune. In the other parts of Barton County and surrounding counties contiguous to Great Bend, the daily only reaches ten per cent of the population, while the weekly Tribune is taken in by fifty per cent. Of course the discrepancy is due to the diversity of rural postal delivery facilities. The Weekly is disappearing on the trail of the rural free delivery, and as a consequence of it Mr. Warren Baker, the business manager of the Tribune, informs me that the combined circulation of all the papers in the territory which his papers cover, including one weekly in Great Bend, is less than the combined circulation of the daily and weekly Tribune, with rates only one-fifth as much as the combined rates of the other papers. Barton County, I am told, is the greatest wheat county in the world, and its farmers are as a class correspondingly wealthy, owning their own homes and farms, there being one automobile to every eighteen of population, men, women and children. Great Bend has three departments stores, ten grocery and provision stores, four banks with deposits amounting to two million dollars. There are other material indications of wealth and prosperity in abundance in Great Bend."

Press Work.

In order to facilitate the issuing of this volume the press work has been done by Gunn & Wattson.



Adams, Williams Varner 172
Albert 79
Albion Township 56
Alefs, Jacob 305
Amend Brothers 67
Amerine, Fred B. 100
Andress, Charles 251, 252
Arkansas Valley Telephone Co 310
Baldwin, Lutellus 251
Bales, John Frank 84
Banta, Judge D. A. 286, 287
Banta, Dan Worth 256
Baptist Church, Great Bend 235
Barbecue 60
Barton County Flour Mill 288
Batchman, Albert Fred 186
Button, Chas. E. 142
Bauer, George 169
Bauer, John C. 120
Beaver Township 55
Belt, Francis 161
Berscheidt, John 84
Bessler, George Lewis 173
Bidleman, Robert Arthur 136
Bird, Daniel Green 105
Birdseye View of Great Bend 270
Blizard of 1871 41
Blood Creek Settlers 56
Boese, John 128
Bose, J. H. D. 209-211
Bosse, Milton 210
Both, Julius 106, 107
Bowman, William H. 164
Boughan, Patrick 309
B. P. O. E. 277
Brack, Peter 280
Brack, Jacob B. 81
Brack, Peter C. 81
Brewer, Thomas Henderson 159
Brinkman Family 77
Brinkman, J. V. 77
Brinkman, Mrs. J. V. 77
Brinkman, Chas 78
Brinkman, Luis 78
Brown, Orris Albert 128, 129
Brougher, Ira D. 141
Buckland, Edward Grant 102
Buffalo Bill 152
Buffalo Township 51
Building Court House 225
Bunting, W. R. 296
Batchman, Frank N. 303
Byers, Hugh B. 302
Campbell, Henry James 306
Caraway, Leslie James 192
Catholic Churches 38, 235
Census of 1872 30
Central Normal College 230
Chapman, E. L. 279
Chapman, G. L. 65, 278
Christian Church, Great Bend 235
Christian Church, Pawnee Rock 154
Christian Church, Hoisington 196
Cheyenne, Bottoms 295
Cheyenne Township 56
Citizens State Bank, Ellinwood 207
Citizens National Bank, Great Bend 249
Clarence Township 53
Clark, Ira H. 313, 63
Clark, James W. 47
Claflin 312
Clements, Archie B. 48
Cleveland Township 56
Cole, Elrick C. 60, 75
Cole, Thomas Oakley 127
Comanche Township 54
Comfort, Samuel B. 303
Congregational Church 233, 262
Connett, Dr. A. H. 281, 282
Cook, A. S. 66
Cook, Henry C. 94
Cornelius, Roy 202
Coss, John Edward 84
Coursing Club 253
Court House Views 213-214
Crane, George W. 297
Damm, Louis 301
Dawson, O. W. 75, 76
Deckert, Andrew J. 123, 124, 268
Deckert, Peter J. 171
Denbo, John W. 303
Dewey, Ed. W. 19
Diffenbacher, C. F. 300
Dirks, Jacob A. 71
Dirks, J. P. 168
Dodge Family 80
Dodge, E. J. 80, 272
Donovan, John 97
Drehle, Henry 111
Dry Creek Stock Farm 110
Dumkow, Fred 178
Duncan Bottling Works 285
Dundee Valley Farm 301
Earliest Explorations 7
Elks Building 276
Ellinwood, Elliott, Mrs. F. E. 132
Ernstlng, G. H. 204
Essmiller, Diedrich 138
Essmiller, Henry 175-176
Essmiller, William 108
Eureka Golden Rule Stock Farm 193
Eureka Township 53
Everitt, John 99
Everitt, Henry Smith 164, 165
Evers, Otis 190
Evers, John 66
Evers, Boyd 167
Ewing, James R. 174, 175
Ewing, F. H. 181
Fairview Township 55
Fairfield Farm 301
Fancher, Bert 312, 313
Farmers & Merchants State Bank 156
Fee, William James 125
Fenn, August 99
Fire Company 260
First Christmas Tree 24
First National Bank 278
First settlers 240
Fish, Arthur L. 126
Flick, James H. 160, 161
Fort Zarah 17
Fossil, Mr 274
Frost, Luther 25
Frey, Kate A. 292
Frey, Louis P. 292
Fruit, Henry 44
Fugate, James M. 10
Gagelman, William 137
Gagelman, Henry 304
Gainsford, Jim 242, 243
Gallon, John P. 185
Geil, Andrew 165, 166
Geil, George Adam 109, 110
German American State Bank 91
German Lutheran Church, Ellinwood 208
German Lutheran Church, Great Bend 236
Gibson, Jim 151
Gilson, Chris 283
Golden Grain Farm 111
Government Building 275
Grant Township 56
Great Bend 212
Great Bend City Hall 220
Great Bend High School 231
Great Bend Hotel 71
Great Bend Ice, Fuel and Storage Co 293
Great Bend Mills 291
Great Bend Officials 213-221
Great Bend Town Company 22
Great Bend Township 52
Greenwood Farm 114
Gruber, Anton 101
Gruber, John 100
Gunn, Charles L. 288
Gunn, Levi 95
Gwinn, Samuel H. 305
Harders, George R. 137
Hart, George W, 180
Hartman, Henry A. C. 201
Hartshorn, Lucy Hull. 187
Hartshorn, William W. 187
Hedrick, Sevier H. 104
Heizer 78
Heizer Creamery 79
Heizer Diary 262-267
Heizer, D. N. 20, 283, 255-261
Herald 158
Hitchcock, Frank 221
Hoge, John Allison 135
Hoisington 194-202
Hoisington, A. J. 43, 281
Hoisington, Incidents of 63, 64
Holmes, Clarence E. 72
Holmes, Haarry Hoard 176, 177
Homestead Township 55
Hooper, Charles A. 277
Howell, Charles B. 189
Hulme, George H. 290
Independent Township 56
Indian Fight 10-14
Inman, Major Henry 12
Inman's Tales 151
Irrigation 38
Johnson, Amos 82
Johnson, Chris 114, 115
Johnson, Thomas B. 117, 118
Jurgensen, Hans 109
Keenan Estate 121
Keenan, Michael James 125, 126
Kerr, W. H. 70
Kidder, Homer H. 14
Klepper, Nicholas W. 85
Koopman, Christian 127
Kramer, Frank 47
Lady Barton 253
Lakin Township 52
Langford, Abraham L. 104
Leader, Ellinwood 206
Lewis, John F. 45, 74
Lewis, William M. 163
Le Roy, Mrs. Katie 112, 113
Lile, John 120
Lind Hospital 200, 201
Lippincott, Grant 158, 159
Logan Township 55
Logan, D. R. 304
Lowrey's Island 12
Luse, D. C. 253
Ludwig, Fred C. 242
Maher, Samuel 48, 222
Maneth, Ferduand C. 188, 261
Marker On Santa Fe Trail 151
Mausolf, August 130
Mausolf, John A. 140
Maybach, William H. 134
Mayors of Great Bend 270
Mecklem, L G. 68
Mennonite Colony 50
Merritt-Schwier Creamery Co 96
Merten, Albert N. 81
Merten, Frank 103
Merten, Robert 241
Methodist Church, Great Bend 234
Methodist Church, Hoisington 197
Methodist Church, Pawnee Rock 149
Meyer, August 184
Meyer, Henry 192
Miller, Daniel, Sr 307
Miller, Henry 139
Miller, Jake 69
Missouri Pacific Shops 197
Mitchell, Tom 88
Monument Day, Pawnee Rock 155
Morris, T. L. 21, 162
Morrison, John Tullis 307
Morrison Hotel 71
Moses, Amasa C. and Family 86-93
Moses Brothers 87
Moses Brothers' Mill 90
Moses, Arthur H. 91
Moses, Cassius M. 92, 240
Moses, C. L. 88
Moses, E. W. 88, 89, 91
Moses, Lincoln E. 93
Moses, Seward E. 92
Moses, Will 91
Moses Homestead 92
Moses, George N. 27, 48
Moses, E. R., Jr 248
Moses, E. R., Sr 247, 248
Moses, E. R. Mercantile Co., Great Bend 245
Moses, E. R. Mer. Co., Hoisington 198, 246
Mount Aubrey 12
Mull, William 118
Murphy, Patrick Emmet 306
McDonald, James Thomas 182
McDougal, William S. 155
McFarren, S. J. 61, 62
McGill, Tobias 97
McKinney, Frank Glilmore 186
McMullen, John 206
Newcombe, Calvin Quincy 309
New Jerusalem Church 149
Newspapers 60
New Years Reception 238, 239
Nimocks, George W. 300
Nuttleman, Fred 289
Odd Fellows Cake 237
Officials of Barton County 35
O-Ton-Sone-Var 152
Olmitz 79
Otte, William 166, 167
Otte, William Christ 105
Pascce, John West 271, 272
Pascoe, Paul James 183
Patent for Great Bend 270
Patterson, Mrs. Isabel 141
Pawnee Rock 145-164
Pawnee Rock Park 148
Pawnee Rock State Bank 157
Pawnee Rock Township 54
Peoples State Bank, Ellinwood 207, 208
Peoples State Bank, Hoisington 198, 199
Plankenhorn, Louis 133, 134
Pleasant Dale 297-299
Political History 58
Post Office, Great Bend 274, 275
Powell, Alfred L. 82
Presbyterian Church, Great Bend 235
Quivera 7
Railroad Y. M. C. A. 199, 200
Rock Hotel 161
Rogers, William H. 93, 94
Rube Bros. 177
Ruse1l, W. H. 137
Santa Fe Depot 267
Santa Fe Trail 3
Schaeffer, Henry 188
Schmidt, Paul 85
Schneck Home 170
Schneck, Paul Francis 169
Schneck, Melissa Ann 169
Schneider, Carl 268
Schneider, Joseph 83
Schoential 297-299
Schools of Barton County 231
Schuelke, Frederick 93
Schultz, Christian S. 119
Schultz, Henry C. 123
Schultz, Samuel
C. 122
Schwier, Henry 102
Seeley, George L. 293
Seibert, Andrew 301
Selle, Gustav 179
Shafer, Max C. 301
Shaffer, Frank P. 101
Shaw, Jim 88
Shaw, Dr. Simeon 289
Sheriffs, First Seven 217
Sheriffs of Barton County 217
Smith, Edward L. 206
Smith, Newton Philip 159, 160
Sodestrom, J. W. 172, 173
Sod House, Last in County 259
South Bend Township 54
Southern Hotel 269
Sowards, Marion F. 294
Sowards, W. W. 44
Spaniol, Francis 116
Sportsmen's Association 271
Stone, T. L. 269
Street Scene, Great Bend 223
St. John's Episcopal Church 233
St. Mary's Academy 230
St. Rose Hospital 226-230
Tammen, Herman 113
Taylor, Richard 273
Thies, Joseph 143
Tilton, John F. 243, 244
Towers, George 56
Townsley, C. P. 61, 308
Township Elections 58, 59
Trauer, Fred 124
Trester, Bert 104
Tribune 61, 314
Troillet, Joseph H. 69
Tucker, George Washington 129, 130
Tucker, John Oliver 132, 133
Tyler, Edwin 37, 42, 95
Typer, Mollie 237
Union Township 55
United Brethren Church 196
Unruh, Benjamin H. 72
Unruh, Henry Benjamin 136
Unruh, Tobias B. 302
Walnut Creek 11
Walnut Creek Mill 224
Walnut Township 53
Walter, Joe 65
Warner, William T. 163
Warren, Fred W. 24
Warnken, Jost 183
Weathers, Josiah Clinton 131
Weltmer, Don A. 290
Wemmergren, A. A. 221
Werhahn, William 111, 311
Wheatland Township 55
White, Thomas Henry 178
Williams, Steven J. 164
Willis, P. H. 161
Wilson, George P. 193
Winget, James Sheldon 191
Winstead, T. E. 285
Winstead, W. W. 66
Witte, Henry 115
Wolf, Frederick Henry 116, 117
Wolf's Mill 205
Woodburn, Gustavus A 83
Worden, C. B. 93
Yeo, Samuel Gibson 83
York, Eldridge 136
Zieber, Wilson M. 173 ,174
Zutavern, Louis 216

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