A Twentieth century history and biographical record of Crawford County, Kansas, by Home Authors; Illustrated. Published by Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, IL : 1905. 656 p. ill. Transcribed by staff and students at Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.

1905 History of Crawford County Kansas


E. L. Smith, a well known and prosperous farmer and stock-raiser of Crawford township, Crawford county, Kansas, has spent all the years of his manhood in this county, and these thirty odd years of intelligent effort directed to a definite end have been exceedingly fruitful in both the things that make one's material welfare and in the acquisition of that esteem and confidence on the part of one's fellow citizens which form such an important adjunct of a well spent career.

Mr. Smith was born in Washington county, Virginia, September 15, 1850, being a son of Daniel D. and Rachel (Edmonson) Smith, natives of Tennessee and Virginia, respectively, and the former of whom died in Virginia in 1887, and the latter in Crawford county in 1890.

Mr. Smith was educated in the common schools of Virginia, and lived in that state until he was twenty-one years old. He arrived in Crawford county, Kansas, on November 11, 1871, and for the first two years worked by the month on the farm of C. A. Hewett. He then moved to the one hundred and sixty acres which forms a part of his present farmstead, and to this he has since added one hundred and sixty acres more, so that he has one of the model farms of Crawford county, well improved and cultivated, and, under his management, exceedingly productive. He has gained his property by his own industry and good judgment, and is thoroughly deserving of the prosperity which has come to him.

Mr. Smith married, in May, 1875, Miss J. S. Hewett, a daughter of the Rev. C. A. Hewett, one of the early and well known settlers of Crawford county. Five children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Martha Virginia is in Kansas City studying to be a trained nurse; Doren is at home; Ralph attends the high school at Cherokee; and Grace and Wiley are at home. The family are members of the First Baptist church at Girard. Mr. Smith has served as school treasurer of his district for a number of years, and has been public-spirited and helpful in all matters affecting the community. He is independent in politics.