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Vital Records (birth, marriage, death, wills)
web page Marriage Records for Phillips County, 1872 - 1924 -- 01/22/2000 R.D. Cummings


hillsdale1.jpg Hillsdale Cemetery Entrance, photo 45k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
hillsdale2.jpg Hillsdale Cemetery Overview, photo 32k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
hillsdale3.jpg Smith, Abram B. 1835-1917,  Hillsdale Cemetery, Tombstone photo 38k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
hillsdale4.jpg Smith, Francis M. & Mary,  Hillsdale Cemetery, Tombstone photo 37k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
hillsdale5.jpg Smith, Martha Mooney, 1838-1884,  Hillsdale Cemetery, Tombstone photo 51k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
hillsdale6.jpg Smith, Mary, 1851-1934,  Hillsdale Cemetery, Tombstone photo 49k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin1.jpg Briggs, Joseph C.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 42k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin2.jpg Briggs, Phebe J., Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 45k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin3.jpg Clark, Herbert,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 29k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin4.jpg Clark, Rosa,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 33k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin5.jpg Rutherford, Andrew N. & Josephine E.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 47k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin6.jpg Rutherford, Andrew S.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 30k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin7.jpg Rutherford, Charles W. & Mary J.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 28k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin8.jpg Rutherford, Nancy & Ward, Daisy D.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 46k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin9.jpg Rutherford, Wesley E.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 50k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin10.jpg Scott, Andrew,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 47k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin11.jpg Scott, Fred L. & Grace M.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 45k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin12.jpg Scott, James & Anna Morget,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 40k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin13.jpg Scott, John A. & Olive M.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 45k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin14.jpg Scott, John M.,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 56k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams
kirwin15.jpg Vanloan, Luther,  Kirwin Cemetery, Tombstone photo 33k 08/18/2001 Louise Adams


1883.txt Phillips County Pensioners on the Rolls, January 1, 1883 16k 10/1997 R. D. Cummings
honor.txt World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Personnel, Phillips County List. 3k 11/1998 Kenneth Thomas



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