Extracted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, Vol. 1. - 1861-1865. Leavenworth, Kansas: Bulletin Co-operative Printing Company, Chicago. 1867.

Table of Contents - Volume 1

In the indices which have been created for the regiments, some names appear more than one time in the same listing. The letter(s) following the name indicate the regiment and how many times the name appears, and are a link to the extractions of the regiment listing.

Since the names are not in alphabetical order in the listing, you will probably want to use your browser's "find" command to locate the surname on the web page.

NOTE: Entries with a * indicate that changes have been made to the entry on the page based on the ADDENTA AND ERRATA section.

Transcribed from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, 1861-1865. Vol. 1. (Reprinted by Authority) Topeka, Kansas: The Kansas State Printing Company. 1896.

In addition to the above rosters, this volume includes the rosters for the regiments which were probably originally intended for volume 2. We are extracting the additional regiments from this volume. Also included in this volume are the military histories of many of the regiments.

Table of Contents

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