Queries posted Apr. 1998 to Feb 16, 1999

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Author: Mylene Henken at MyleneK@msn.com

Subject:. Stillman, Ansin P

Date: 08/15/1998

Email: Mylenek@msn.com

Mailing address (optional):

Query: I am searching for information on Ansin Stillman and Adelia Stillman, whose

daughter, Dora Hurley, lived with them in Atchison County in 1910 to 1920. Thank you.

Author: Bob Snyder

Subject: Snyder

Date: 05/06/1998

Email: rjsnyder@phoenixat.com

Mailing address (optional):

Query: I am searching for the resting place of John Wesley Snyder Dr. Who was buried in

Atchison County at the Mt Hope Cemetery by Long Funeral Home. Does anyone have

any information on this Funeral home, such as where are there files ?

Author: Sharon Wilson

Subject: SUTTON, Frank C.

Date: 06/22/1998

Email: srwilso1@ix.netcom.com

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Query: Looking for any info on Frank C. Sutton who filed a declaration of intent to apply

for citizenship in the Atchison, KS couthouse on October 21, 1884. His children were

born in Terre Haute, IN in 1894 & 1896. When did he come to Kansas from England?

When did he leave for IN. Did he have family in Kansas? Any info appreciated. Thanks.


Author: Mike Shaw


Date: 07/21/1998


Mailing address (optional):


Looking for info (or to share with those seeking) on James N. SHAW, a CWVet from

Wapello county Iowa. Moved with wife, Mary HAWKING, to Atchison, KS about

1880. She died in Oregon about 1930. Have pension records.

Author: Diana Treff

Subject: STORM

Date: 08/26/1998

Email: dtreff@sound.net

Mailing address (optional): 13646 Leavenworth Rd. Kansas City, KS 66109


Looking for Christian Storm was in Kansas with wife and 9 children prior to 1856. It is

believed that he and family lived in Atchison Co. prior to moving to Leavenworth.

He and a few of his sons are not listed on Leavenworth Directory after 1866. It is believed

that the family seperated and he & sons may have returned to Atchison.

Author: Dorothy Reyes

Subject: SIGNOR

Date: 10/11/1998

Email: cocoloco@iquest.net

Mailing address (optional):

Query: Seeking any information regarding the family of Joel Burris(Bert)SIGNOR who

came to Atchison in 1882. He worked on the Burlington Railroad, also as a packer at the

Cain and Handthorne Mill and from 1888 to 1929 as a letter carrier for Atchison. Married

to Mary E. ANDERSON GRAHAM on November 18, 1884 in Atchison. Children were

Ida L. SIGNOR b. 1885, Metta E. SIGNOR (My grandmother)b. 1887, Mary E.

SIGNOR b. 1893, and J. Burris SIGNOR, Jr. b. 1897 (also called Bert). Mary had a son

from a previous marriage: H. Benton (Ben)GRAHAM (b. 1877) and Bert Sr. had three

children from his previous marriage who lived in Atchison for a while. They were:

Georgianna SIGNOR (b. abt 1873), Arthur SIGNOR (b. abt 1875) and Cora SIGNOR

(b. 1876).

Author: Dorothy Reyes

Subject: SHAVER

Date: 10/11/1998

Email: cocoloco@iquest.net

Mailing address (optional):

Query: Seeking information about the family of Jacob Levi SHAVER (b. 1858 VA) who

came to Atchison in 1890 with his wife Alyce ULIN SHAVER and his sons William

SHAVER (b. 1886) and Victor E. SHAVER (b. 1888)(Victor was my grandfather). The

other children who were all born in Atchison were: Clarence "Dutch" SHAVER (b. 1890),

Alice SHAVER(b. 1892),Jacob G. "Jake" SHAVER (b. 1895), Norma SHAVER (b.

1899) and Charlie SHAVER (b. 1901) Jacob Levi SHAVER worked on the Missouri

Pacific Railroad and also had a farm in Atchison County.

Author: V. Law

Subject: Thomas Wm. Smith

Date: 10/15/1998


Mailing address (optional):

Query: Looking for info on Thomas Wm. Smith who lived in the Horton, KS. area in the

late 1800's, wife name; Minnie A., children;

Irene, Loena?, Markus, Homer, Harry, Paul, and Golda.

Also Wm. Phillip Smith lived there for a time with wife Emma E. Reed Smith, son Burl

Smith born at or near Horton, 1893.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Email to V. Law, kcp32@aol.com

Author: John Wight

Subject: SMITH

Date: 12/18/1998

Email: jayhwk@aol.com

Mailing address (optional):

Query: James L. Smith resided in Atchison Cty before 1884. He was married to Mary

Larkin O'Dowd. Mary had three children from her first marriage, Kathrine O'Dowd,

Hanora O'Dowd and Mary Ann O'Dowd. The Smiths had five childen, Effie, Jim, Ervin,

Horace and Daisy. I believe they lived near Larkin just west of Atchison. Any information

is appreciated.

Author: Chuck Thompson

Subject: SNAVELY

Date: 01/25/1999

Email: chast@ix.netcom.com

Mailing address (optional):

20101 Interior Lane

Huntington Beach, CA 92646-4824


I am looking for the death date of William Askey Snavely but have not had good luck with

death records so far. He is possibly buried in Atchison's Old Huron Cemetery. Does

anyone have access to that cemetery's records who could help? He was born in 1834 and

came to KS in 1878, eventually locating his family to Huron (probably before 1895).

Thanks for reading.

Author: Stefani Evans


Date: 01/26/1999

Email: SEvans50@aol.com

Mailing address (optional):

Query: Looking for Peter DeGarmo Sutton in the 1870 census index, Atchison Co., 342,

Shannon Twp. Settled in Atchison Co. from Cass Co., MI. Brothers Smith Sutton,

Solomon Sutton, William Sutton and father Henry C. Sutton may have come to settle, as

well. Father in law Sewell Hull also came to KS at the same time, but do not know if he

came to Atchison Co.

Author: Nancy Sharp Szatkowski

Subject: SHARP, William Jacob

Date: 02/03/1999

Email: nszat@worldnet.att.net

Mailing address (optional):

Query: Looking for William Jacob SHARP, b. 1834, probably in Franklin Co., KY. Son

of Jacob SHARP. Moved to Atchison, KS. Sister, Sarah Ann SHARP McKNIGHT also

lived in Atchison KS.

Author: Paul Bartholomew

Subject: Thayer

Date: 04/28/1998

Email: Pbart933@aol.com

Query: Looking for information regarding family name THAYER. I understand my

ggrandfather moved to Atchison Co. KS and operated Thayer Foundry (my guess is circa

1880). Married to Margaret Allen BOSHEIMER, at least one child, Janet Mae. Thanks.

Author: Diane Kelly

Subject:T RE: Myrtle Louise TARMAN

Date: 08/31/1998

Email: k6441@iamerica.net

Mailing address (optional):

Rt 1, Box 178

Grainola, OK 74652


Myrtle Louise Tarman married Bert Q. Smith in December 1903. They later divorced and

she married a Gus Titze and moved to Washington State. Myrtle and Bert had a son,

Marcus Smith, who was born about 1904. Any information about Bert Q. Smith and/or

Marcus Smith would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: Thayer

Date: 05/22/1998

Email: pbart933@aol.com

Mailing address (optional):

Query: Looking for info/connections to THAYER family of Atchison; Will H. Thaye r (b

abt 1845 d abt 1915) owned Thayer Foundry...Married Margaret Ellen BOSHEIMER.

Would like to extend data beyond W. THAYER; where did he come from? Thanks

Author: diana treff

Subject: Treff

Date: 08/26/1998

Email: dtreff@sound.net

Mailing address (optional):

13646 Leavenworth Road

Kansas City, Kansas 66109


Treff, Frederick or William or any others. Thought to have come leavenworth 1855,

beginning to think that they may have come to Atchison prior to receiving their citizenship

in Leavenworth. Fred married Mary Storm-William married Anna Butterfalt. Any of these

names soundd familiar to you? If so PLEASE contact me. Thanks

Author: Diane Kelly

Subject: TARMAN, Jesse Marcus

Date: 08/31/1998

Email: k6441@iamerica.net

Mailing address (optional):

Rt 1, Box 178

Grainola, OK 74652


My great grandfather, J.M. (Jesse Marcus) Tarman died on Friday, March 23, 1923. I

have a copy of an obituary that was printed on that date which mentions he had three

brothers and one sister surving but did not name them. It further states that funeral

arrangements probably would be announced in the Sunday, March 25, Globe.

If anyone would have access to this information I would love to know if it named his


Thank you very much for your help.

Author: Anne Lozano

Subject: TAYLOR

Date: 09/19/1998

Email: lphillip@swbell.net

Mailing address (optional):

Query: Mary Ellen (Biddlecome) Yaylor, wife of George Taylor, died 4/26/1862, buried

in Taylor Cemetary, Merriam,KN. Looking for information on George, Mary Elen

TAYLOR and their children:

iv. CHARLOTTE ANN3 TAYLOR, b. November 22, 1848.

2. v. SARAH ISABELLE TAYLOR, b. July 18, 1850; d. April 26, 1909.

3. vi. WINFIELD SCOTT TAYLOR, b. November 17, 1852, Independence Missouri;

d. Cassville, Missouri.

vii. MAYFIELD BIDDLECOME TAYLOR, b. September 18, 1855; d. December 27,


viii. ELIZABETH ADLINE TAYLOR, b. September 28, 1857; d. September 28, 1868.

ix. BABY BOY TAYLOR, b. April 08, 1860; d. April 08, 1860.

4. x. WINFORD LANE TAYLOR, b. May 11, 1861.

Mary Elen was born10/29/1830. Father, Daniel Biddlecome, married George Taylor(son

of William Sturgis Taylor)2/10/1848.

Looking for any information regarding George and Mary Elen Taylor and their children,


Anne Lozano

Author: lisa Teague-Good

Subject: TEAGUE

Date: 10/17/1998

Email: good@sequent.com

Mailing address (optional):

Query: Search for information about Mildred Teague of Atchison married to Otto LeRoy

Teague. Early 1900's? Thanks!! -Lisa

mail: p.owens@iname.com

Mailing address (optional):

527 Root Rd.

Lorain, Ohio 44052


Searching for other descendants of John and Sally Twombley. Their son Daniel and family

lived in Atchison Co. moving there about 1870's. Also their daughter Tryphena lived there

at one time.


Subject: Thurn, Joseph

Date: 12/27/1998

Email: MT55555@aol.com

12/26/98 info on Joseph Thurn died Atchison Ks. in the 1980's.List any

ancestors from that area. mt55555@aol.com.

Author: Everett Thorpe, Jr.

Subject: THORPE

Date: 01/05/1999

Email: EThorpejr@aol.com

Mailing address (optional): 10304 Villa Milagro, El Paso, TX, 79924

Query: Searching for any information pertaining to EVERETT THORPE (Sr). He is

supposed to have been born in Kansas, (County Unknown), around 1887. He eventually

migrated to New York. Any information on THORPEs during the 1800s might be helpful.

Thank you

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