This is a collection of short biographical sketches submitted by individuals with a link to the Researcher. You are invited to send appropriate sketches of early Atchison County residents for inclusion on this page


Atchison County Kansas Bio Sketches 

John Jackson Boyd William R. Smith George E. Hendee William D. Kistler
George Henry Boyd Abram Stever Knud G. Gigstad Barney Cummins
George Raymond Boyd Alva Clapp Henry Kuehnhoff H. C. Hansen
Henry Cline Julius Deutsch George Scholz Thomas E. Horner, MD
George M. Blodgett Graves & Moser Families Joseph E. Gibson John W. Abner
Peter Ennis William Henderson William R. Donnellan Robert Henry Newton
L. T. Hawk Lewis Bradley Jacob Buttron Davis W. Collins
E. G. BURBANK Henry Gaattfelder George Goodwin John Griffin
CHARLES J. CONLON Abraham Hooper George Robert Hooper Lewis H. Hubbard
MRS. D. N. WHEELER C. A. Lilly, M.D. Hal C. Low Frank A. Mangelsdorf
NAPOLEON B. PIKE Boyd Royer William F. Speer Nathan T. Veach
WALTER E. BROWN Frank J. Watowa Frank M. Woodford David Kessler
George Washington Glick Samuel S. Metzger John Fagan Thomas Frable
Joseph Coupe Horace M. Jackson Bailie P. Waggener Jared C. Fox
Aaron S. Best Alfred J. Harwi Frank E. Harwi Zaremba E. Jackson
Louis C. Orr Andrew Keithline Martin Klein Sidney Martin
Carl Ludwig Beckman Albert E. Mayhew Don Carlos Newcomb James W. Orr
James Granville Morrow James E. Pennington Orlando C. Scoville John Seaton
William McAdam Wilson R. Smith Andrew B. Symns Robert M. Thomas
Alva Curtis Trueblood Claudius D. Walker African American bios W. S. Hubbard
William J. Clem
Dr. Earl L. Gilmore
Joseph Trompeter
Joseph N. Arthur

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