Atchison County Kansas
Queries Jan. 1998

Including the following surnames.

Bahr , Bay , Beaty , Benton, Beck , Best , Boyd , Buffington , Burbank , Byram , Carstensen , Chase , Churchill , Coker , Darraugh , Ennis , Flachsbarth , Freeland , Freeman , Garside , Griffith , Heinen , Hibbs , Israel , Lorimer , Lyons , McBride , Miller , Nielson , Oswald , Perkins , Phillips , Presnell , Purslow , Roberts , Ruppert , Schweder , Selby , Spangler , Starr , Stewart , Sunderlund , Vansell , Wagner , Wallack , Wallick/Wallack , Webster , Whitehead , Wills , Wilson , Yokum ,

Author: Patsy Scott

Subject: McBride

Date: 12/28/1997

406 Oakland Drive

Sparta,Tennessee 38583

I would like to correspond with anyone with information about the descendants of Andrew J. McBride born 1821 or his sister Sarah McBride Ramsey b. 1830. They moved to Atchinson Co. Ks around 1855 from White Co. Tennessee. Andrew's children:Dejanira,Sarah E. Lucien,Floretta, Tennessee, AndrewJ.,Leonora, Lucillious. Sarah Ramsey's children:Emma E.,Andrew J.,Frank M.

Author: Marcheta Van Patten

Subject: Wilson

Date: 01/04/1998

Would like to exchange information on the WILSON family, David, Apolona, John W, Olive, Frank B and Davids mother Kerrahappuch Wilson. They were listed in the 1870 census of Atchison County.

Author: Marcheta Van Patten

Subject: Wallack

Date: 01/04/1998

Would like to exchange information on the WALLACk family, Benjamin, Mary, Anna E, Etta, John, George, Ada and Charles. They were on the 1870 census for Atchison County.

Author: Diane Westesen

Subject: Wills

Date: 01/09/1998

7029-5500 Rd. Olathe, CO 81425

Query: Looking for Alexander and Sarah Wills and/or any other Wills in Atchison Co. from 1855-1910.

Subject: Schweder

Date: 01/10/1998

Query: I would like to hear from any one with any knowledge of the SCHWEDER family I am at a dead end with my genealogy and need any hint I can get to enable me to further my research. This family came to Atchison around 1860 or before. PLEASE HELP ME!

Author: Betty DICK-DOWNS

Subject: OSWALD,John

Date: 01/11/1998

Looking for any info on the John OSWALD{b.abt 1812 d.abt 1869} & Barbara MONS/MAUSE/MANTZ {b.abt1824 d.1872 Atchison Co.,KS} family in Atchison County,KS. They came to the USA from Switzerland aft.1856 before 1859, poss settled temporarly in Atchison Co.,MO before coming to Kansas. From want I can tell they settled in Atchison Co.,KS prior to 1860.Their children as follows; #1. My ggrandpa was John OSWALD {b.13 Apr 1846 Zuric,Switzerland,m.aft 1870 & bef 1874 to Mary CRAWFORD,2nd m. 6 Apr 1884 to Ida McDANIEL, d.23 Apr 1932 Topeka,KS}. #2.Barbara {b.4 Jul 1848 Switzerland, m.13 Jul 1867 to Andrew MENG,d.20 Feb.1938 Doniphan Co.,KS}. #3.Henry {b.1852 Switzerland } #4.Elisabeth "Lizzie" {b.30 Oct.1853 Switzerland,m.27 Nov.1883 to Andrew E.WILSON,2ndm.John H. MAST,d.14 Feb 1908}. #5.Rosa Josephine {b.23 May 1856 Switzerland,d.10 Dec.1943 Atchison Co.,KS}. #6.Christena {b.31 Jan 1859 Atchison Co.,KS,m.14 Dec 1876 Atchison Co.,KS to John R.BUSTER,d. 24 Mar 1936 Atchison Co.,KS}. #7.Edward J. {b.1861 Atchison Co.,KS,m.30 Mar.1892 Doniphan Co.,KS to Minnie RUSE}. #8.Frederick {b.1863 Atchison Co.,KS,m.18 Mar 1895 Doniphan Co.,KS to Seba KOUT}. #9. William O. {b.1 Aug.1868 Atchison Co.,KS,d.14 Dec.1943 Atchison Co.,KS}. Would like to here from any/all desecndents of this family.Will share .


Subject: Hibbs

Date: 01/11/1998

Researching Amos Hibbs(b.1915) ancestry and family. Was dropped off abt 1918 in an orphanage in/near Atchison, Kansas. Wish to locate records of that institution and family members.

Author: Stephen Phillips

Subject: Phillips, William F./ Born - Feb. 1924

Date: 01/12/1998

Author: Robert L. Coe

Subject: Boyd,

Date: 01/14/1998

I am looking for any information on Missouri Walker Boyd who married Henry Lewis Coe on June 14, 1899in Highland KA. She died some time in 1933 or 1934 and I believe is buried in Atchison KA. I also believe she was born there. I need her birth date, death date and any genealogical information on the immediate Boyd family. She was mygrandmother.

39 Tenerife Way

Hot Springs AR 71909

Author: Bob Freeman

Subject: Freeman

Date: 01/18/1998

Information on John E. Freeman, born 1886 Effingham, committed murder (Ida Peterson of Atchinson 1916) sentenced to Life in Lansing Prison. Released in 1962 at the age of 76, looking for what happened to him.Son of John F. and Amanda Freeman.

Author: Linda M. Welch

179 Meriden Road, Lebanon, NH 03766

Subject: Burbank

Date: 01/19/1998

Query: Looking for the Burbank family of the town of Muscotah, Atchison County. George Sullivan Burbank (b. Vt. 1825/6, m. Mary Ann Hadley) moved out there from Ludlow, VT in 1864. Died ca. 1890. Had children: Mary, Frederick, Eveline, Henry, (possibly others). Please help.

Author: Phyllis Metzger

Subject: BEST

Date: 01/22/1998

P.O. Box 223, Council Grove, KS 66846

Aaron S. BEST lived many years in Monrovia, Atchison County. Aaron's 4 children were born in Monrovia. Aaron died Jan. 1, 1927, and is buried in the Monrovia Cemetery. John BEST, Aaron's father died in Monrovia, Feb.13, 1881. Would love to trade information with anyone researching this family.

Author: J. Caplinger

Subject: Miller

Date: 01/22/1998

Need info on maternal G Grandfather John Miller m: Edna Brown, children: Dollie b. 1876 Pardee, Atchison Co. KS, Dee m: Annie, Lizzie m: a Sampson

Subject: Stewart/Bahr--1909

Date: 01/24/1998

24102 Paseo Del Campo, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

I am trying to find info on the death of Mamie (Mary) Stewart, who died in Atchison Co. in 1909. She died young of cancer. She had just married Frederick J. Bahr a few months before. She supposedly died on his family farm, but I can find no record of her death. Please let me know if you have any info on either family. Thanks. Shelli

Subject: Bahr

Date: 01/24/1998

24102 Paseo Del Campo, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Searching for info on a Frederick J. Bahr who resided on farm in Atchison. Must have lived with his mother. Married Mamie L. (Mary) Stewart in 1909 at age of abt 30. Mamiedied later that same year. I can find no trace of Bahr family. Please let me know if you know of this family or are living in Atchison and willing to do a look-up for me. Thank you. Shelli

Author: Shirley Farrell

Subject: Ruppert

Date: 01/26/1998

Looking for info on SALEM RUPERT b Nov. 30 1841 Pa. and SUSANNAH RUPERT bSep. 14 1842 they settled in Lancaster , in aprox 1870s and JAMES RUPERT d Jul 25, 1883 Thanks Shirley

Subject: Lyons

Date: 01/31/1998

seeking info on William J. Lyons-married Helena A. Lipp son Raymond Lyons-my g.g.grandfather

Author: Laurie Lyons Bowen

Subject: RE: Lyons

Date: 01/31/1998

seeking information on Lyons family-William J, Helena A. or Raymond Lyons-also may be a Patricia Ann Lyons

Subject: Purslow

Date: 01/31/1998

James C. Purslow, a barber, lived in Atchison, Atchison County, KS. He apparently committed suicide there in 1934. Is there any information on him regarding his untimely death in the form of a newspaper article or obit. Thank you.

Author: Ginny Clements

Subject: BECK

Date: 01/31/1998

Query: Where do I write for my grandmother's birth certificate and how much does a copy cost? Pearl Beck was born in Atchinson 17 February 1885. Her parents were Louis F.BECK and Pauline ROSTRON.


Date: 02/08/1998


Seek help on the Isaac SPANGLER family who lived in 1880 in Muscotah in Atchison Co. He md. Catherine YATES in 1847 in Wyandot Co., Ohio; his son Cornelius bn. 1851 living in Atchison City in 1880; dau. Josephine may have married a BYRES man; son Thomas SPANGLER was living with wife Alice in Grasshopper Twp. 1880. Have much SPANGLER family info to share.

Date Posted 02/09/1998


Mailing address 217 D SE Miami,OK 74354

WEBSTER, Henry m. Pelina YOCUM in Platte Co., MO. Lived in Athison County, KS. in 1856 - 1858 in census of Grasshopper Twp. Territory. She had kids with the last name of COKER as William and George (twins) John, Mary, Benton, Sarah, and Lucinda. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Author: MARY

Subject: GARSIDE

Date: 02/11/1998

Query: Wish to correspond with descendants of Mary Ann GARSIDE d. 1894, Atchison, KS and her father, Joshua GARSIDE d.1902, Atchison, KS

Author: Mary; Subject: PERKINS

Date: 02/11/1998

Query: Wish to correspond with descendants of JOHN PERKINS, d. Atchison, KS 1905

Author: MARY; Subject: BYRAM

Date: 02/11/1998

Query: ish to correspond with descentants of Peter BYRAM, d. Atchison 1891.

Author: Preston Crocker; Subject: Whitehead

Date: 02/20/1998

Query: Whitehead

Atchison Co. KS c1870

Author: Jim DARRAUGH; Subject: DARRAUGH

Date: 02/20/1998

Query: Seeking any & all information on James DARRAUGH b PA abt 1840 found on 1880 Kansas Federal Census, E.D. 13, sheet 45, line 43, Atchison County. Wife, Olive b. abt 1845 Iowa, daughter Rossetta b abt 1860 Illinois, daughter Ada b abt 1863 Illinois.

Author: La Moyne Ely Mc Caulley; Subject: Guinn - Ely

P.O. Box 543 , Corrales, New Mexico 87048

Date: 02/21/1998


Author: Stephen Nottingham; Subject: Churchill

Date: 02/24/1998

Query: (Family of william Churchill) (Black history of Monrovia Kansas.) (Monrovia's roll in the underground railroad) (also lineage of Laura Parker and Frank Clark)

Author: Margo Lurvey; Subject: Lorimer

Date: 02/24/1998

Query: I am looking for any information I can get on Jennie Lorimer. I have new information that she may have been married in Muscotah, Atchison, Kansas about 1890.

Author: Donna Matthews: Subject: Benton

Date: 03/03/1998


Mailing address: 2267 E. Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91104

I am looking for any geneological information on Milton Benton, Curtis Benton or relatives/descendents, known to be in Atchison Co circa 1880.

Author: Bill R. Beaty: Subject: Beaty

Date: 03/05/1998


Mailing address: rt 1 box 284a St Joe,AR 72675

William N. Beaty ,L Atchison county 1858 Sarah(Robinson)Beaty L Atchison county 1858 Benjamin I Beaty b Atchison county Dec 9, 1871-Ira C.Beaty b Atchison co Feb 22,1865-Edward E Beaty b Atchison co April 23,1876-William n Beaty b Atchison co Feb 2,1863-Anna M Beaty b Atchison co Aug 22 1862dJune 25 1901 Atchison KN-Alice C Beaty bJan 15,1859 Atchison co-Charles H Beaty bJan 18,1868 Atchison co Move to Atchison county from Calhoun co in 1858 would be thankful for any information.

Author: Lisa Hamrick: Subject: Carstensen

Date: 03/08/1998


I am searching for anything on Carsten Carstensen who was married to Margaret Peterson. They came from Germany, and lived in South Atchison for a few years. They bought land there in 1887. In April of 1890 they sold land to Andreas Peterson(maybe a relative of Margaret?). They moved to Day County South Dakota afterwards. Thanks for any help!

Author: Chuck Thurston: Subject: Presnell

Date: 03/13/1998


Mailing address: 652 los Padres Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95050

Any information on members of the PRESNELL family in Atchison County.

Author: Jennifer Wathen: Subject: ROBERTS, SELBY

Date: 03/13/1998


Mailing address:PO Box 494, Cleveland, MS 38732-0494

Seeking information and photos for the family of Valerie Pearl (ROBERTS) SELBY, b. 14 Dec., 1888, Centralia, Nemaha county, Kansas. Pearl was the dau. of Powel(l) Onbey and Martha Jane (CLEM) ROBERTS. I know that Pearl's husband was Walter SELBY and that they were living in Atchison, Atchison co., KS, in 1937 through 1950. Pearl's spinster sister, Maude Sunshine ROBERTS, also lived in Atchison during that period. Pearl and Maude were the half-sisters of my great- grandfather, William Austin ROBERTS.

Author: Jeff Wallick: Subject: Wallick/Wallack

Date: 03/15/1998


Mailing address: 628 E. Cedar Ave., #A Burbank, CA 91501

Interested in the Wallick/Wallack family of Atchison Co. KS.

Author: Tandie L. (Vansell) Morgan: Subject: Vansell

Date: 03/21/1998


I am looking for any information on Tandy Collinsworth Vansell and Rila Reeves, his wife. They are both buried in Muscotah, Atchison County, Kansas. Tandy died in 1926. Rila was a Blackfoot or Creek Indian. The only info I have on her is her name and the names of her brothers. They were my great-grandparents. Any info that you may have would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

Author: Janene Tumlinson: Subject: ENNIS

Date: 03/23/1998

Looking for any descendants of Peter Swartzworth ENNIS which might include Flachsbarth, Handke, Brox, Schwab. Peter lived in the Atchison area in the late 1800's to early 1900's. P.O. Box 800 Rancho Murieta, CA 95683

Author: Janene Tumlinson: Subject: FLACHSBARTH

Date: 03/23/1998

P.O. Box 800 Rancho Murieta, CA 95683

Looking for any descendants of Wilhelm Flachsbarth who lived in Atchison County, S/E of Atchison in the late 1800's. Descendants could include Handke, Brox

Author: Janene Tumlinson: Subject: WAGNER

Date: 03/23/1998

P.O. Box 800 Rancho Murieta, CA 95683

Interested in finding descendants of Emil Wagner and Anna Pauline Ennis, namely daughter Jeanette. Anna Wagner died in 1918 in Utah. I believe her daughter Jeanette was named after my grandmother Ruby Jeanette Ennis. I have a picture of Emil, Anna, and Jeanette taken in 1917. Emil and Anna lived in Atchison County prior to their marriage.

Author: Barbara GELLINGS Flory: Subject: HEINEN, John

Date: 03/26/1998


Mailing address: 3600 S.W. Ashworth Ct., Topeka, KS 66614-4597

HEINEN, John, b.4 June 1847, in Lux., m. Margarethe NILLES, in Lux. They came to US in 1882. Where did they live before moving to Atchison County?

Author: Roxanne V. Brockwell-Love: Subject: Chase or Israel

Date: 03/26/1998


Mailing address: Roxanne Love 633 Leon Street Bossier City, La 71112

I am looking for ANY information on the names, Naomi Jean Chase or the last name Israel, N.J. Chase was born in Atchison, Kansas, on 04Aug48. Isralel(spelled like the country) was her grandmother, and she lived in Atchison, Kansas. If anyone has any info please contact me at once. Through e-mail, regular mail. Thanks.

Author: RHONDA QUINNELL: Subject: nielsen

Date: 03/27/1998

Email: RQUIN4600@AOL.COM

Mailing address: 4600 REED ST. WHEAT RIDGE, CO. 80033-3527



Date: 03/27/1998

Email: RQUIN4600@AOL.COM

Mailing address: 4600 REED ST. WHEAT RIDGE, CO. 80033-3527



Date: 03/27/1998

Email: RQUIN4600@AOL.COM

Mailing address: 4600 REED ST. WHEAT RIDGE, CO. 80033-3527



Date: 03/27/1998


Mailing address: 4600 Reed St. Wheat Ridge, Co. 80033-3527


Author: Steve Freeland: Subject: FREELAND

Date: 03/31/1998


Mailing address: 1667 Rutgers Wichita KS, 67212

Looking for information on the Freeland family. Charles Freeland,former resident, Had 2 kids Michael and Larry. Wife Jean Scarlett. Moved to KCMO. Died April 1996

Author: Trudy Spanier:Subject: BAY

Date: 03/31/1998

Email: Trudy Spanier

Mailing address: 2781 Kauhikoalani Place Haiku, HI 96708-5896

Ann Bay age 40 born PA died in Atchison Co, KS Oct. 1860. I have a large family of Bay who were in Doniphan and Atchison County from abt 1857 to 1860-62. David Bay, John Bay, William Bay, Charles Bay, Humphrey Bay, Lavina Bay, Elsy Bay, Angeline Bay, George Bay Frank Bay, Mary Ann Bay. They married into a large family of Buffingtons. Anyone know anything about either my BAY or BUFFINGTON? Thanks.

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