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Hardtner, the little town in Southwest Barber Co., came into being in 1886 when Jacob Achenbach of Carrolton, Illinois, who had been farming for a Dr. Hardtner, came to this country and saw an opportunity to grow and to develop a community. He purchased 6300 acres of land from Dr. Hardtner for $5.00 an acre in 1884. He introduced others to come here, and soon the prairies were dotted with new homes and farms. Within a short time the need for a community center was seen. Under the leadership of Mr. Achenbach, a townsite company was formed and was chartered, and the purchased Section 8, 640 acres from Dr. Hardtner and laid out the site into lots and blocks and named the town HARDTNER after the man from whom the land was purchased. This was in 1886. The officials of the company were Ira Wadsworth, president; Jacob Achenbach, vice president; George C. Smith, Sectretary. (Barber County Kansas - Chosen Land)
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