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Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas

USGS Aerial Photo of Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas, 21 March 1996.
USGS Aerial Photo of Hazelton, Barber County, Kansas, 21 March 1996.
Scale: 1 pixel = 8 meters

USGS Aerial Photo of Hazelton Cemetery, Barber County, Kansas, 21 March 1996.
USGS Aerial Photo of Hazelton Cemetery, Barber County, Kansas, 21 March 1996.
Scale: 1 pixel = 1 meter

The Kansas Gazeteer & Business Directory For 1888-1889

Hazelton . An incorporated city in Barber county, 18 miles southeast of Medicine Lodge, the county seat. It is a station on the SK Ry (Pan-handle ex) and on the Ft. S, W& W div MP Ry. It contains a church, a school, a bank, a flour mill and several stores, and a weekly newspaper, the Hazelton Express. Tel., W.U. Exp., W.F & Co. and Pacific. Population 600. Mail, daily. Mrs. M.E. Yoakum, postmaster.

(Contributed by Kim Fowles).


Is a prosperous and growing little village located in the southeast corner of the county, on the Santa Fe and M.P. railways.

It was settled by people from the Keystone state [Pennsylvania] in the early eighties and their inherited habits of thrift, neatness and industry have made it a model town.

It has a good hotel, a bank, stores sufficient to accommodate the business of the town, it has a fine school building and more churches in proportion to its population than any town in the state. It is surrounded by an agricultural community in one of the most fertile sections of the county and the handsome, well kept farm houses and spacious barns and granaries are good to look upon, constantly reminding one of the state of Wm. Penn.

It is a great corn market and feeding point for stockmen in winter time, who hold their cattle in the grass regions where no grain is grown.

Upon the whole, judging from appearances, the people of Hazelton and vicinity are prosperous, progressive and under bonds to no one but themselves.

-- "Barber County Townships:, Medicine Lodge Cresset, March 2, 1900. Contributed by Ellen (Knowles) Bisson.

"Hazelton was settled largely by families from Mercer County, Pennsylvania, who were persuaded to come west by the town's founders, J.O. Hazelton and A.H. Peck. Once a thriving community that boasted the Hazelton Collegiate Institute, Hazelton was badly depleted by the Oklahoma Land Run when many houses, hotels, and businesses moved into Oklahoma."

-- Source: http://www.lasr.net/leisure/kansas/barber/sbc/#hazelton

Hazelton Township Map, Barber County, Kansas
From Standard Atlas of Barber County, Kansas, 1905. Courtesy of Kim Fowles.

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Charley Bailus of Hazelton, Kansas.

Eli Buckles of Hazelton, Kansas.   Confederate Civil War veteran, buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.

Elmer & Jane "Jennie" Woodworth of Hazelton, Kansas.   (Photograph)



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