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Barber County Newspapers
Mail, Medicine Lodge / Feb 6, 1879 - Mar 6, 1879
Medicine Lodge Cresset, Medicine Lodge / Mar 20, 1879 to Sept 10, 1880
Sun City Union, Sun City, Ks / Nov 21, 1884 to Mar 1, 1889
Kansas Prairie Dog, Lake City, KS / Feb 19, 1885 to Feb 9, 1888
Lake City Bee, Lake City, KS / Feb 24, 1888 to Feb 1, 1889
Barber County Democrat, Medicine Lodge, KS / Mar 23, 1888 to July 6, 1888
Independent Star, Medicine Lodge, KS / Feb 21, 1888 to Mar 13, 1888
Barber County Herald, Medicine Lodge, KS / Aug 23, 1890 to Jan 31, 1891
Medicine Lodge Chief, Medicine Lodge, KS /June 26, 1886 to Feb 3, 1888
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Kim Fowles
Lease and Rental Record 1912-1922
of the Sun City Telephone Company
Kim Fowles
Official School District Treasurer's
Record Book for School District #3
(entries from 1913 - 1933)
Kim Fowles

Barber County KS family history

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