Barber County, Kansas.  

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The Barber County Index, October 23, 1918.


From Ralph Hagerman
Boulder, Colorado,
Oct. 10, 1918.

My Dear Mother:

Will try and answer your welcome letters I received in the last few days. How are you anyway? I am well at the present time and feeling good to. Have not got the "flu" yet no telling when I will get it. When I do get it I will let you know so you can come to me and you can also get my insurance papers ready to turn in and collect. Gee whiz I am sure getting sick of this job up here. I was taken off of night duty a few nights ago and out back on again yesterday. Sure some shifting around I am getting. I don't have to work any as I have men under me to do the work. All I do is the bossing. I have charge of one of the hospitals at night. Believe me when I get out of the army I will be able to operate the town of Medicine Lodge without any help. How are the girls anyway? Margaret, I suppose is going to school. What grade is she in? I ought to write her a letter if I can find time. I have so much writing to do that I cannot catch up to save me.

We have had 21 deaths here so far and about 200 have recovered. Some record. How is it hitting Medicine Lodge? Any deaths yet? Sure wish you would send me the last three or four papers, especially the ones with the soldier boys deaths in it. You can see I can not get my papers from Fort Logan and it would not pay to have it changed for such a short time as I may go back in a short time. Well, I may as well quit and get to work as there is no news and if I stop five minutes the gang goes to sleep. Answer soon, mamma. Tell everybody hello for me.

With lots of love,


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