Barber County, Kansas.  

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Barber County Index, August 24, 1944.


Meats, Fats - Red stamps A8 through Z8 and A% through D5, good indefinitely.

Processed Foods - Blue stamps A8 through Z8 and A5 through F5, good indefinitely.

Sugar - Sugar stamps 30, 31 and 32, each good for five pounds indefinitely, and 33 good for five pounds after September 1 and remain good indefinitely. Sugar stamp 10, good for five pounds of canning sugar through February, next year.

Gasoline - In states outside the East Coast Area. A-12 coupons good through September 21.

Fuel Oil - Period 4 and 5 coupons good through September 30. New period 1 coupons, now good.

Shoes - Airplane stamps 1 and 2 good indefinitely.

To Renew "A" Gas Books Soon

Renewal of basic "A" gasoline rations in this area will get under way in late August, the Barber County War Price and Rationing Board announced this week. Present "A" rations, outside the 17 Eastern states area and the District of Columbia, expire September 21.

All applications for renewal must be accompanied by the back cover of the current "A" book, OPA emphasized. The applicant who has lost or thrown away the cover of his "A" book will have to prove to the board (1) that he has a car which entitles him to apply for an "A" ration; (2) that the car is currently registered and in use and (3) that a new basic "A" ration has not been issued for it and no application for a renewal is pending at any board.

The new "A" book will provide the same monthly ration as the old - eight gallons or approximately 120 miles a month. However, coupons in the new "A" book will be worth four gallons instead of three, the value of the present coupons. Six of these four gallon coupons will become valid every three months, to provide 24 gallons of gasoline in each three month validity period. The same result is achieved at present by validating eight three gallon coupons every three months.

A new form known as a mileage rationing record will be issued with every renewal of a basic "A" ration. This will replace the tire inspection record as a record of all rations issued for use with any car that has been issued a basic "A" ration. The new form will have to be presented to the board with every application for a special or supplemental gasoline ration, except in the case of fleet or official rations, and the board will make a notation of all such rations on this new form. The tire inspection record will continue to serve this purpose until the new mileage rationing record has been received.

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