Barber County, Kansas.  

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Barber County Index, August 24, 1944.

War Strikes Double Blow At Family

One Message Follows Another To Mrs. Ettie Saddler

The ever increasing list of war casualties struck a double blow at one Barber county family last week and brought news of a son who had been wounded in action to another family.

Mrs. Ettie Saddler of the Gerlane community received word Thursday that her son, Pvt. Andrew Claude Saddler, 31, was missing in action somewhere in France. The next day she received another telegram. It stated that another son, Cpl. Harry Saddler, 29, had been wounded in France.

Pvt. Saddler, has been in the service since February, 1942. His brother, Harry, has had approximately three years of service. The day Mrs. Saddler received word from the war department, she also received two letters from him from a hospital. He had been awarded the Purple Heart as the result of previous action in which he had been injured.

Other young men to be injured about which word was received during the past week is Pfc. Cecil Bayliffe, 25, son of Mrs. Ira Thorpe. His wounds which he received in the invasion of France, are not serious. He was taken by plane to a hospital in England. He went into the service in August 27, 1942, and went overseas in July of this year. The injuries were to a leg and chin.

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