Barber County Kansas

The Medicine Lodge Cresset, July 17, 1879.


Last Saturday Mrs. Troy Stockstill received a letter from Johnson, E. T., informing her of the death of her husband. Some weeks ago a party of four, consisting of Mr. Woods, a gentleman from Iowa, Troy Stockstill, James Henderson and Mr. Candee, from this county, went to the Chickasaw nation to buy cattle. The letter states that about fifteen miles above Johnson on the Canadian, they were attacked by robbers, a fight ensued and Stockstill and Henderson were killed and one other man wounded. Woods escaped unhurt. It states, also that they had got the cattle together again and were coming on. The letter is signed by C. McCollock, an entire stranger here. We cannot give the particulars till further word is obtained, but it is sad enough to know that two brave men, substantial and honest citizens, have lost their lives in so cruel a manner; and that a family have been bereft of a kind and provident husband and father.


We received a letter from Sam Sward this morning stating that about half an hour before sundown on July 5, four men rode into the camp of Stockstill, Henderson & Co., and dismounting on the opposite side of their horses demanded their surrender, Stockstill said: "I guess not," and drew his revolver, when the shooting commenced. After firing two shots, Stockstill fell, literally riddled with bullets. Henderson met the same fate. A boy they had hired was wounded. Woods and Candee were out on herd. When the firing commenced they started to camp but were kept away by the robbers winchesters. Woods had a horse killed under him. The robbers took their best horses and Henderson's revolver. The affair took place near Davis ranch north of South Canadian. The two men were buried side by side in one grave. Mr. Woods is enroute to Medicine Lodge and will give more details. (SB)

The Medicine Lodge Cresset, August 8, 1879.

A party consisting of Bunn Stockstill, L.C. Faris, S.J Shepler and Hillory Widenor, who are to bring the corpse of Troy Stockstill to this place for interment, started yesterday. They expect to meet Henderson’s friends at Caldwell and from their both parties will proceed in company to the place of burial. (KF)


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