Mumford Public School 1922 Pupil List
Location: Medicine Lodge Township, Barber County, Kansas, District No. 58

Miss. Clarice M. Leslie, Teacher

Miss. Glenn H. Wilkins, Co-Supt.

C. R. Inslee, Clerk

O. C. Louthan, Treas.

R. C. Leslie, Director

All the pupils are not shown in this photo. Photo was taken in 1922.

Eighth Grade
Virgil Harvey
Margaret Liebst
Sixth Grade
Ethel Liebst
Fifth Grade
Bertha Inslee
Robert Leslie
Harold Harvey
Mildred Louthan
Fourth Grade
Llyod Louthan
Frances Liebst
Gayle Louthan
Dale Inslee
Mildred Ruggles
Mabel Ruggles

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