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This reel includes five short-lived Barber County weekly newspapers, the first of which is Aetna Clarion, published in Aetna, Kansas beginning on Thursday, September 3, 1885, with W.N. Bradbury as Editor/Proprietor. As he noted in his "salutatory" comments on Page 1 of the first issue, the Clarion was the eighth newspaper to be published in the county. Although most of the coverage was focused on Aetna, there was occasional news from the surrounding communities, including Medicine Lodge. This transcription continues through September 22, 1887. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson ("

Sep 3, 1885, pg 4, col 2
Died: We regret to learn of the death of Dr. Rumsey's wife, of Evansville last Tuesday. Mrs. Rumsey and the Doctor have lived in the community for over a year and she was a lady that was well liked by everybody. We tender the Doctor our heartfelt sympathy.

Sep 17, 1885
pg 4, col 2
Died: A two year old child of Mr. Whittington, who lives a mile and a half west of here, died last Tuesday afternoon and the remains were interred in the Aetna cemetery Wednesday afternoon. The bereaved family have the sympathies of the community. [And also in the same paragraph:]...The first funeral that has ever been held at Aetna was that of Mr. Whittington's child yesterday afternoon. Quite a large crowd was in attendance and the funeral ceremonies were performed by an itinerant minister who happened to be in the community. It is to be hoped that such occurrences as this will be infrequent.
pg 4, col 2
Died: We learn that Judge S.H. Shepler of Medicine Lodge died last week at his residence in that city. Judge Shepler was one of the most upright and popular citizens of Barber county and a great loss is experienced by his death to his family and county. [And see also on Nov 26, 1885 for the death of John H. Shepler, apparently of the same family.]

Nov 5, 1885, pg 4, col 3
Married: On Tuesday evening, November 3rd, 1885, Miss Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Polson, was united in marriage to Mr. George Clevinger, at the residence of the bride's parents, two miles west of town.

Nov 26, 1885
pg 4, col 2
Died: We regret to chronicle this week the death of John H. Shepler, which occurred the first of last week at Medicine Lodge. Johnny was a young man known far and wide over the county and everyone who knew him honored and respected him. There never has been a more popular or more honest young business man in Barber county than Johnny was, and as such his myriad of friends sincerely mourn his loss. This is the fourth death that has occurred in the Shepler family this year.
pg 4, col 2
Married: We notice that cards have been issued for the marriage of John S. Runyan and Miss Nannie Holmes. We wish Johnnie all of the happiness, prosperity and domestic felicity imaginable as he journeys down the pathway of life.

Dec 3, 1885, pg 4, col 2
Married: Barber County Index - A wedding occurred near this city on Wednesday, at the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Troy Stockstill, the contracting parties being Mr. A.B. Wilkens and Miss Dacota [sic] Stockstill, Judge Hardy officiating. The bride is believed to be the youngest ever married in this county, her 15th birthday not occurring until next month.

Dec 10, 1885, pg 4, col 2
Married: Lake City Prairie Dog - Jack Stewart, familiarly known as "happy Jack," and Bessie Rogers, both well known in this city, were married at Medicine Lodge today. May Mr. and Mrs. Happy Jack journey through this veil of tears with unbroken happiness and never ceasing prosperity.

Jan 28, 1886, pg 4, col 2
Married: Medicine Lodge Cresset - Last Friday, Judge Hardy united Reuben Nickum and Anna Frey in the holy bonds of matrimony. The judge grew eloquent while describing to us the beauty of the bride and the virtues of the groom. Mr. Nickum is, we understand, one of the most prosperous men of our county living in the vicinity of Aetna. He owns considerable land and seven buildings. The Cresset wishes them "much joy."

Feb 4, 1886, pg 4, col 2
Died: At her father's residence, three miles north of Tower Hill, Ill., Oct. 15, 1885, Mrs. Ella Faught, wife of Norman Faught, aged 25 years, 9 months and 10 days. There are times when death's visits to the homes of earth seem surrounded with more than ordinary sadness and sorrow's waves are more than mortals can breast. In the demise of this exemplary young wife, this was peculiarly the case, having left behind her an affectionate husband and an interesting family of young children. She was first taken sick at her home near Medicine Lodge, Kans., several months ago, where she had the best of medical aid and interesting attention from a devoted husband and friends, but to no avail. She was then brought to her father's home where further medical remedies failed to touch the organs affected and thus by a gradual decline, she walked down through the shadow to the margin of the stream, the water of which in its flow reached her feet, and in their ebb carried her on their waves to the fathomless ocean of eternity. Like a precious flower in the garden of domestic felicity, she had come up from the cradle to the maturity of young womanhood making other lives delightful with her presence and sweetness of disposition. Parents now sobbing with sorrow, husband and children veined in sadness and friends and companions now encompassed with grief, once gazed with pleasure and a hopeful future into the eyes then full of kindness now, alas, glazed in death. This young wife and friend, now cold in death, had all the tender care the husband, parents, friends, a generous, pure and an open hand could bestow. She was a most estimable lady in all of life's relations an sank to the grave buoyed by the faith of her life and cherished hope of a blessed immortality. [Memorial poem follows.] [Reprinted by Clarion from the Shelbyville Democrat. ]

Apr 8, 1886, pg 4, col 2
Married: On Monday evening, at the residence of Geo. W. Hoffman, Judge Hardy in his inimitable way, tied the matrimonial knot for John F. Davidson and Ella Sullivan, both of Aetna. The happy couple returned to Aetna Tuesday.

Apr 22, 1886, pg 4, col 2
Married: Uncle Nat Lane is to be married today, April the 22nd, to Miss Gerlie Skein, of Medicine Lodge. Miss Skein is superintendent of public instruction for Barber county. The happy couple have hearty well wishes of the Clarion. And on May 13, 1886, pg 4, col 2 [reprinted from the Kiowa Journal ]: Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Lane returned Saturday from a brief wedding trip, receiving a regular ovation from their many friends in Kiowa. It seems a little tough to not call him "Uncle Nat" any longer. We said we wouldn't and we stand by it. At any rate, "Uncle" - no, Mr. Lane, you have been mighty well paid for waiting all these long years and we feel sure you will in the future, as in the past, show yourself worthy of the fair prize you have won.

Jul 1, 1886, pg 4, col 1
Married: Invitations are out for the marriage of Mr. W.N. Bradbury [editor of the Aetna Clarion ] and Miss Mollie Reed. The ceremony will be performed in the parlors of the S.K. Hotel by Rev. Roberts of New Kiowa. A general invitation is extended to all the friends and acquaintances of the couple to attend. The marriage ceremony will be performed at 8:30 o'clock p.m., after which refreshments will be served in the hotel dining room. [See below @ May 19, 1887 for birth of child.]

Nov 25, 1886, pg 4, col 1
Died: On November 15th, 1886, one and a half miles southwest of Aetna, little Mary Lincoln, aged 10 years and five days. Daughter of John and Annie Lincoln.

Dec 2, 1886, pg 4, col 2
Married: [Barber County Index ] December and May were married in the city on the 18th, by Probate Judge Hardy. The party we term December was C.H. Sayers, aged 64, of Kingman county and the May part of the bargain was Miss Olay Hubbard, of this county, aged 15 years. It is said the groom buried a 20 years old wife this year.

Dec 9, 1886, pg 4, col 2
Married: December 2,, 1886, by Squire J.C. Boston, Mr. Robert Ray and Miss Josephine E. Pearson, at the residence of the bride's parents, about two miles southwest of town. The 'Squire reports a pleasant time and bounteous supper of good things. The Clarion wishes the high contracting parties a long and happy wedded life.

Mar 24, 1887, pg 4, col 2
Died: Near Aetna, Kansas, Wednesday, March 2, 1887, Mira A. Bruner, beloved daughter of J.B. and Agnes S. Bruner, aged 21 years, 11 mo. and 9 days. Mira was possessed of a sweet, gentle disposition that won the love and esteem of all around her. [Memorial poem follows]

Apr 14, 1887, pg 4, col 1
Married: Wilson Utterback and Miss Emily C. Hood, living about two miles east of town, were joined in wedlock at Medicine Lodge last Saturday. They are both well and favorably known in the community, and the Clarion joins their many friends in wishing them a long and pleasant married life.

Apr 28, 1887, pg 4, col 1
Born: We understand that R.H. Shepherd is the happy dad of a bouncing Barber Co. boy. It is a native born citizen and will vote the Democratic ticket if it follows in the footsteps of its paternal ancestor.

May 12, 1887
pg 4, col 1
Married: We are in receipt of cards announcing the marriage of C.M. Jones, of Nescatunga, Kan., to Miss Maud Merriam, of Whitewater, Wis., on the 26th [of Apr]. They are to be at their home in Nescatunga from the 5th [of May]. The Clarion wishes them a peaceful, happy voyage down the stream of life.
pg 4, col 2
Married: County Surveyor E.W. Hill bears his newly acquired marital honors as placidly as the veriest old Benedict.

May 19, 1887
pg 4, col 1
Born: "IT'S A BOY!!" - Bald headed, blue eyed, and a Republican autocrat with aspirations for the presidency in 1936. This is only an inkling of the many admirable traits of ye editor's new boy which first saw the light of day last Friday. He is a "chip off the old block," and his voice is a more potent factor in the ruling of our ranch than that of any tyrant over his kingdom. This is a "clean proof" of the prolific productions of this "glorious climate of southern Kansas." [Note: This would be the son of editor, W.N. Bradbury.]
pg 4, col 2
Married: Mr. Richard Hughes and Miss Emma Cox, Mr. Chal Marshall and Miss Lizzie Crissman, all of this city, were the contracting parties in a double wedding which was solemnized at Anthony, Harper Co., last Monday at 7:30 p.m. They two happy couples arrived here yesterday afternoon in their carriages and gave a pleasant reception to their many friends at the Southern Kansas Hotel in the evening. The young people are well known and deservedly popular in this community and we join with their many friends in wishing them a long, happy and prosperous married life. Dick and his bride will remove to "No Man's Land," while Chal and wife remain here.

Jun 9, 1887, pg 4, col 1
Died: Freddie, the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Urias Balmer, died last Tuesday morning at five o'clock. The sympathies of the community are with the family in their sore affliction.

Jun 16, 1887
pg 4, col 1
Born: Barber County Index - W.C. Dark and wife, of Aetna, were blessed with their first child, a boy, last week. This is the same Bill Dark who was given up for a confirmed bachelor until a year ago. [And corrected by the Clarion - "But it's a girl...]
pg 4, col 2
Married: T.B. MacDonald and Miss Louise McPherson were married at the residence of D.M. Carmichael on Thursday of last week, in the presence of only a few of the immediate friends and relatives of the contracting parties. The Rev. J.C. McElroy officiated. The Cresset extends is best. Ditto the Clarion. [orig published in the ML Cresset ]

Jul 14, 1887, pg 4, col 2
Died: Mr. Clark, father of L.M. Clark, living three miles southeast of town, died at his son's residence yesterday morning and his remains will be interred in the Aetna cemetery today. Mr. Clark was a citizen highly respected by all who knew him and his death will be a very serious loss to the community.

Jul 21, 1887, pg 4, col 2
Died: Mr. James M. Ketner, who lived six miles southeast of Aetna, died last Sunday at about 11:30 o'clock A.M. of a complication of diseases. He leaves a wife and two children and other relatives to mourn his loss. They have the sympathies of the neighborhood. [Sand Creek news]

Jul 28, 1887
pg 4, col 1
Died: The little child of Mr. James Burns', living over on Sand Creek, died last Saturday and was interred in the Aetna cemetery on Sunday evening.
pg 4, col 1
Born: It's a girl with auburn hair and is a regular masher. We have not learned its weight, etc., but judging from the size of Mr. Denton's smiles and the length of his strides up and down our streets, we suppose it comes up to the standard. All parties interested are doing well.

Sep 1, 1887, pg 4, col 2
Died: Barber County Index - Robert, the five year old son of Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Ingraham, died at their home in this city last Saturday night at 10 o'clock, after an illness of six days, from typho-malaria. The funeral services were held at the M.E. church on Monday morning at 10 o'clock, being conducted by Rev. Sanderson. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of their many friends in this community in the loss of their bright and interesting child.

Sep 8, 1887, pg 4, col 1 [Last issued - Sep 15, 1887]
Died: Miss Ella Walton, who has been sick for some time past, died on Sunday morning at her home near Deerhead and was buried in the Deerhead cemetery on Monday, Aug. 29.

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