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This reel includes five short-lived Barber County weekly newspapers, including the Medicine Lodge Chief published by Evans & Allen, beginning Saturday, June 26, 1886 through February 3, 1888. Swartz & Company took over publication. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson (

Jul 3, 1886, pg 5, col 4
Married: Cards are out announcing the marriage of Charles Elder to Miss Edith Turner, at the residence of the bride’s parents, this evening. [Sharon news]

Jul 10, 1886, pg 5, col 1
Married: At the residence of the bride’s parents, in this city, on last Wednesday, Mr. Alonzo Pinkerton and Miss Addie Dollar, Rev. Mulkey officiating. The Chief congratulates the happy couple.

Jul 17, 1886, pg 5, col 1
Married: Mr. W.N. Bradbury and Miss Mellie Reid, of Aetna, were married in that village on Sunday, the 4th [of July]. The Chief acknowledges the receipt of a bunch of cigars delivered by Mr. R. Hahn, of our city, who attended the wedding. Many thanks.

Jul 31, 1886, pg 5, col 1
Died: A.S. Wilson, an old and respected citizen, died at his home near Elm Mills on the 23rd.

Aug 17, 1886, pg 5, col 1
Died: The funeral of the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Shipman occurred last Monday evening.

Sep 11, 1886, pg 5, col 2
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Gano, on the 3rd [of Sep], a 10 lb. boy. James is now humming as he goes about his work: “Old St. Peter slept, and left the door of Heaven ajar, an angel baby through it crept, and came down on a falling star.”

Oct 2, 1886, pg 5, col 2
Died: Card of Thanks: To my friends, known and unknown, who so generously assisted in sickness and so promptly responded to my necessities financially at the death and burial of my husband, Franklin Armstrong, will be ever gratefully remembered by - Signed: Jennie Armstrong, Sept. 29, 1886. [Note: Mr. Armstrong’s obituary not found.]

Oct 29, 1886, pg 5, col 2
Married: Mr. Alex. McKinney of McKinney Bros. & Henkins, returned last Monday after a two week absence with a bride, the lady was Miss Correllison of Richmond, Ky., and a sister-in-law of Judge T.S. Proctor, candidate for Probate Judge on the Democratic ticket. We congratulate them and hope they will have a long, happy and prosperous life.

Nov 5, 1886
pg 5, col 2
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Gormley, at the home of the editor of the Chief, on this (Friday) morning, a bouncing fine girl. Mother and child are doing well and old “Grandpaw” feels accordingly elated.
pg 5, col 2
Died: October 13, 1886, Clarence C. Strickland, aged 5 years, 4 months and 29 days. October 21, 1886, James Ralph Strickland, aged 2 years, 9 months and 29 days. Oct. 27, 1886, Cora A. Strickland, aged 1 year, 7 months and 21 days. They were the children of Henry L. and Edna Strickland, who reside near Mingona. They were children to be proud of and friends and relatives sympathize with them in their sorrow. Thus our hopes are cut off. The fiat of fate is inexorable, and there is no relief or appeal from the law that dooms us to dust.

Nov 12, 1886, pg 5, col 1
Married: Mr. Brandon McDonald and Miss Catherine Tharp were united in wedlock on Tuesday evening, November 9th, at the residence of A.A. Snoderley[?]. May they ever happy be.

Nov 26, 1886, pg 5, col 2
Married: On Wednesday evening, by Rev. A.H. Mulkey, at his residence in the city, Mr. E.N. Lineburg and Miss Minnie Reynolds, all of Medicine Lodge. Mr. Lineburg is the urbane clerk in Rev. Mulkey’s store and Miss Reynolds is well and favorably known to all as the courteous and obliging clerk at the general delivery window of the post office. The happy couple will make the city their home and may their little birch bark canoe glide smoothly down the tempestuous stream of life to a haven of rest and eternal bliss.

Dec 24, 1886, pg 5, col 2
Born: On Monday, to Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Brown of the city, a fine girl. Mother and child are doing well and of course “Paw” puts on the usual air of dignity and importance. See also Jan 21, 1887, pg 5, col 2: Card of Thanks - Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Brown wish to express their thanks to their neighbors for their kindness during the last sickness of their little babe which died last Friday, Jan. 14th. Signed: Mr. E.R. Brown.

Jan 7, 1887, pg 5, col 1
Born: Geo. Hoffman is now strutting around happy as a lark over a brand new 12 pound boy. Dr. Moore says mother and child are doing well. Happy George.

Feb 18, 1887, pg 5, col 2
Died: At the residence of D.E. Sheldon, in this city, on the 12th [of Feb], Clyde Campbell Bender, 10 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bender, the funeral place Sunday, at 3 o’clock, the remains being interred in the city cemetery. The bereaved parents have the heartfelt sympathy of the entire community.

Mar 4, 1887, pg 5, col 1
Born: J.F. Conner is now strutting ‘round gently, murmuring, “‘Tis me, Dad, and another vote in due time for the Union Labor Party.” But when he remembers that it is a girl, he grits his teeth and, well, next time will count. Mother and child are doing well, so says Dr. Burney.

Mar 18, 1887
pg 5, col 1
Born: J. McSmith, of this city, now boasts of another fine boy. Dr. Moore says he is a bouncer and Mc, of course, is as happy as a lord.
pg 5, col 1
Married: Mr. M.L. Axline, of the Cresset, and Miss Carrie Carter, were married on Thursday evening of last week. The Chief earnest congratulates the happy couple and hopes that their path through life may be one of continued joy and happiness.
pg 5, col 2
Died: Mr. V.B. Stoughton, of Mingona, died at his home on last Wednesday morning of pneumonia and was interred in the city cemetery here on yesterday, the funeral being largely attended by the Knights of Labor, the deceased being a member of that Order. Mr. Stoughton was a faithful, honest, earnest citizen and leaves behind a host of friends who earnestly and deeply sympathize with the bereaved family.

Mar 25, 1887, pg 5, col 1
Died: S.H. Gronmire, living 8 or 10 miles south of town, died last Friday and was buried in the city cemetery on Saturday.

Apr 8, 1887, pg 5, col 1
Died: Mrs. Hamilton, sister of John and Grant Fleming, died at Winfield last Saturday.

Apr 29, 1887, pg 5, col 1
Born: A fine boy to Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Moore, on Wednesday. Dr. Moore reports mother and child doing well.

May 13, 1887
pg 1, col 3
Married: On Sunday, April 30, 1887, at Medicine Lodge, Kans., E.W. Hill, of Medicine Lodge, to Miss Littie Joy, of Boston, Mass., Rev Sanderson officiating. Mr. Hill is our efficient county surveyor and a No. 1 young man. The bride we have never seen, but we know Hill well enough to be positive he would choose one of the most charming and accomplished of the earth’s daughters. The Express extends congratulations and best wishes for a long, happy and prosperous life, much Joy already being secured. Thus one by one, the boys are going - to join the benedictine army.
pg 5, col 2
Married: Judge Hard married Sam’l C. Tarrant and Miss Lillian E. Wilson, both of Elm City, on May 4th.

May 20, 1887, pg 5, col 1
Married: Mr. John C. Thurman, of this city, was married to Miss Chloro Williams at Sharon, Sunday last. The Chief wishes them a long, happy life of happiness and prosperity.

Jun 10, 1887
pg 5, col 1
Married: T.B. McDonald, one of our city dispensers of justice - in other words, Justice of the Peace - and Miss Louise McPherson, were married on Thursday evening of last week.
pg 5, col 2
Born: Capt. Estill boasts of an eight pound boy at his house. Mother and child doing well.

Jun 17, 1887, pg 5, col 1
Died: Clyde, the infant son of Mr. John DeArmond, died June 9th near Eldred.

Jul 8, 1887, pg 5, col 1
Died: Mrs. A.B. Purdy, living a mile south of town, died on Thursday morning of last week after an illness of near a month. The remains were taken to Ottawa for burial. The bereaved husband has the earnest sympathy of a large circle of friends.

Jul 22, 1887
pg 5, col 1
Died: Mrs. Kate Schuler died at her home in this city on Wednesday morning and was buried Thursday in the city cemetery. Mrs. Schuler leaves a husband and one child to mourn her untimely death.
pg 5, col 2
Died: Lemuel Iliff, father of our townsman Ness, and an old settler both of Kansas and this city, died on Monday of this week and was buried in the cemetery on Tuesday. Mr. Iliff was a highly respected citizen and leaves a large circle of friends and relatives to mourn his demise.

Sep 9, 1887
pg 1, col 4
Died: At her home in Sun City, Monday night, at 12 o’clock, Mrs. J.J. Miles, 22 years old, and wife of James Miles. The funeral services were held in Sun City at 9 o’clock a.m. Afterwards the remains were taken to Saratoga for interment. She leaves a husband and one child to mourn her loss. [Lake City news, originally published in Lake City Prairie Dog]
pg 1, col 4
Died: It is with deep regret that we announce the death of little Claudie, son of our minister, Rev. Mr. Shaw. He died Sunday evening at the home of his parents in Lake City. We extend to the bereaved father and mother our heartfelt sympathy. [Sun City news, originally published in Sun City Union.]
pg 5, col 1
Died: A young man named Harrison Jones, 20 years old, living six or seven miles northwest of town on the Walker farm, while hunting plover on last Saturday week, was accidentally shot and died on Thursday of last week. It seems that he was in a wagon with a friend or two and standing behind the spring seat, with the breech of the gun resting on the way box, the seat struck the lock, discharging the contents of the gun into his right breast, inflicting a terrible wound. No blame seemingly can be attached to anyone, unless it would be carelessness on the part of the young man in carrying a loaded gun in such a position.

Sep 23, 1887
pg 5, col 2
Married: Mr. Frank Shannon and Miss Annie Roberts were united in marriage on last Wednesday evening at the residence of Mr. Denton, in the north part of the city. The Chief extends its most sincere congratulations.
pg 5, col 2
Died: In noticing the death of Capt. Busey, which occurred recently at his old home in Illinois, we can do no better than copy the brief and merited mention in last week’s Index: “Cal. J.S. Busey, of this county, died at the residence of his sister at Champaign, Ill., on Monday, Sept. 19th, aged about sixty years. He was an old citizen of Champaign, and during the war he was a member of the Illinois legislature and held other important positions. He came to this county in 1885 and purchased 320 acres of land east of this city, four miles, which he owned at the time of his death. His family lived here for two years, but four weeks since they were called to his bedside at Champaign, where he was visiting. He was a pure and upright man, beloved by all who knew him, and a citizen that Barber county could not afford to lose.”

Nov 18, 1887, pg 3, col 2
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. David Hollingsworth, a pair of twins, boy and girl, and the happy father set up cigars on the strength of his streak of luck.

Nov 25, 1887, pg 3, col 2
Born: On the night of the 27th [of Oct], John Hutchins became the proud father of a bouncing boy.

Dec 23, 1887
pg 3, col 2
Married: Harvey Noles and Miss Lydia Claypool were married Saturday at the Probate Judge’s office.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Tom Doran and Miss Ethel Sparks were married at the residence of the bride’s parents, Wednesday, Rev. McElroy officiating.

Dec 30, 1887, pg 3, col 1
Born: We should have mentioned last week that the wife of Alonzo Piper presented him with a fine bouncing boy on Wednesday, the 21st. Mother and son are doing well.

Jan 6, 1888
pg 5, col 1
Married: Mr. H.L. Shannon and Miss Hattie Stevens were married last night.
pg 5, col 1
Born: Jack Landon was made happy the 31st [of Dec] by having a ten pound female addition to his family.
pg 5, col 1
Died: At the residence of Mr. G.W. Osborne, Mrs. Susan Stoughton, on last Tuesday, the 3rd [of Jan], at the age of 77 yrs. and 3 months.
pg 5, col 3
Birthday: Earle and John Young, aged 17 and 15 respectively, and sons of our photographer, celebrated their birthday on the evening of the 28th. They had an excellent time.

Jan 13, 1888, pg 5, col 1
Married: At the residence of the bride’s mother on last Sunday, the 8th [of Jan] by Judge Hardy, Mr. J.C. Walsted of this city and Miss Eva B. Murphy, residing four miles east of here. The Chief extends congratulations and wishes them a long and felicitous wedded life.

Jan 20, 1888
pg 5, col 3
Marriage License: Issued by the Probate Judge to Mr. Terril Parks and Miss Jennie Armstrong of this county.
pg 5, col 3
Married: Mr. Jacob S. Warnstaff of Lake City and Miss Annie L. Wheatley of Elm Mills were married at the Cling Hotel on last Tuesday, Rev. Sanderson officiating.

Jan 27, 1888, pg 5, col 1
Married: At the residence of the bride’s parents, ten miles west of the city on the Medicine River, Mr. Jared Hoag, a farmer and stock raiser living about seven miles west of here and one and one half miles south of Mingona, to Miss Florence Graves on Wednesday, the 25th [of Jan], the Probate Judge performing the ceremony. A long and prosperous married life to them with the best wishes of the Chief.

Feb 3, 1888, pg 5, col 2 [last issue on reel]
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. L. Munson, a baby girl, on the 30th day of January. Dr. Kociell in attendance. Both the mother and daughter are doing well.

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