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The Medicine Lodge Cresset (meaning "bright light") was a weekly newspaper, published in Medicine Lodge beginning early in 1879. At the time this reel begins, Thursday, November 1, 1888, L.M. Axline was the publisher; publication changed to Fridays in June 1890.

Local news included coverage from the surrounding communities, as well as Medicine Lodge. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson (

Nov 1, 1888

pg 3, col 1
Married: On Monday, October 29, 1888, at the residence of the bride's parents, W.B. Hittle, of Mingona, was married to Miss Laura Hartley, of Elm Mills.

pg 3, col 3
Died: At 12 o'clock Tuesday night, George W. Ellis died at his home in this city of a disease that has been differently diagnosed by different doctors. George had not been well all summer and about eight weeks ago seemed to have jaundice and malaria. He went to bed, but was expected out soon. He kept growing worse and worse, and finally, after a heroic struggle, the earthly light went out to shine beyond, and left only on earth his cold, unsympathetic clay. George W. Ellis was born 41 years and 10 months ago, in Maine; was the youngest son of Benjamin Ellis and wife (Jane Houston). He came west while young, with his parents. He grew up in Illinois, Boone county, and since attaining his majority has lived in California, Colorado and Kansas. He came to Kansas early in the 70s, and in '73 came to Barber county and was first county clerk. In February, 1871, he married Miss Florence Chapin, whom he first met in this city, at Kirkwood, Illinois. He leaves a wife and three bright little boys: Neeley P., aged 6 years, Jas. Glenn, aged 3 years, and Robbie, aged 1 year. These are living. George was one of nine children, six of whom yet survive, these being B.F. Ellis, of San Francisco, Cal.; Peris Ellis, of Hutchinson, Kans.; Judge C.W. Ellis and Mrs. Jason Wadsworth, of Medicine Lodge, Kans.; Mrs. C.W. Hyatt, of Manchester, Ill.; and Mrs. W.A. Gilchrist, of Stevens Point, Wisconsin. His father is still living and was at his bedside when the messenger of death came; his mother died at Stevens Point, Wis., Sept. 29, 1888, in the 85th year of her age. The funeral occurs at 2 o'clock this afternoon under the auspices of the Pioneer Lodge 179, I.O.O.F., Rev. R. Sanderson, chaplain. George W. Ellis was a good man, a kind husband and father and a firm, fast friend. Everybody liked "George," as they called him, and his acquaintance was extensive. He was conscientious and fair in everything. His death is a hard blow and is one of those inexplicable rulings of providence that mankind wishes could have been different. In the prime of manhood, with a loving wife and three beautiful boys that he loved so well, always full of hope and looking on the bright side, surrounded with friends and loved ones, it seems hard that he should be chosen. Another mound in our little cemetery will soon be wrapped in winter's snowy mantle, and underneath will rest the casket that contained the spirit of a good man. [I.O.O.F. Resolution of Respect @ Jan 8, 1888, pg 3.]

Nov 8, 1888

pg 3, col 1
Born: We understand that Dr. and Mrs. Bond are feeling proud of a handsome girl born last week.

pg 3, col 1
Born: Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Berry, of Nescatunga, are the parents of a girl baby born on Tuesday, November 6th - election day. Mr. and Mrs. Berry are well known and have relatives here. This is their first.

pg 3, col 1
Born: On the 16th of October, a nice girl baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. P. Hill, of Sharon. Of course, we are a little late with this item - a month - yet on the principle that it is better late than never and with the firm resolve to never miss a baby item if possible to avoid it, here we are.

Nov 15, 1888

pg 3, col 2
Married: At the M.E. church yesterday (Wednesday) evening, November 14th, at 8 o'clock, Mr. H. Bruce Dobbs to Miss Ada Oshel [not legible], both of this city, Rev. R. Sanderson officiating. There was a large crowd in the church when the contracting parties arrived. They marched up the aisle to Mendelssohn's wedding march played by Mrs. Clara McCrackin, organist. After the ceremony, the happy couple were introduced to the audience and received the congratulations of many of their friends. Mr. and Mrs. Dobbs are well and favorably known here, and we, in connection with their many friends, wish them much joy.

Nov 22, 1888

pg 3, col 3
Married: Yesterday (Wednesday), November 21st, 1888, John Finnegan and Bridget McGinn, both of Kiowa, were married in this city by Probate Judge H.H. Hardy. From what we can learn, both are natives of Oireland [Ireland].

pg 3, col 3
Birthday: Tuesday, November 20th, was Waldron Chase's 31st birthday and his wife celebrated the event by inviting a few neighbors in to spend the evening and give her husband a surprise. The time was spent in euchre playing and a general social time. Splendid refreshments consisting of cake, fruits and sweet cider were served. It was Wednesday morning before the company dispersed. All wish Mr. Chase many happy returns of the anniversary of his birth, and we know they would not be disappointed if it were celebrated every year as it was this.

pg 3, col 3
Died: On Tuesday, word came to this city that W.A. Wible, of Little Mule Creek, had committed suicide. As near as we could find out the facts in the case were about as follows. W.A. Wible, about 40 years old, with a wife and three children, resided about a half miles from Lodi P.O. in this county. For some time he has been acting strange, but nothing much was thought of it and it was supposed he would be all right again. On Monday the children went to school as usual and after dinner Mrs. Wible went to visit a neighbor. Shortly after Mrs. Wible left the house, her husband must have also left. Mrs. Wible returned home and in the evening the children came from school, but no father was there. They watched for him during the evening and night but he did not come. In the morning a searching party began looking for him and about seven o'clock he was found hanging in a tree in a canyon about one-half mile from his house. Parties came to this city on Tuesday and procured a coffin for his burial. No cause can be assigned for the suicide. It is said that Mr. Wible was not a strong man mentally and of late he has been brooding over something real or fancied. He was known as a good citizen and was generally respected. He came to this county in 1886 from Waubunsee county, Kansas. He was born in Indiana. During the war he was a soldier in the Union army.

Nov 29, 1888, pg 3, col 2
Married: On Tuesday morning, at the residence of the bride, Mr. Joseph Robison was married to Mrs. Mary Horton, by Rev. R. Sanderson. Mr. Robison lives at Isabel and whither the couple will go to reside. The groom is 61 and the bride 46 years old and should know what they are about.

Dec 6, 1888

pg 3, col 1
Married: Robert L. Groendyke and Miss Belle Talbott were married at the residence of the bride's parents on Thanksgiving day - November 29, 1888, by our urbane Probate Judge, H.H. Hardy.

pg 3, col 1
Married: Mr. James Urton and Miss Myrtie Treelow were married last Sunday, December 2nd, at the home of the bride's grandparents, Rev. Cain of Medicine Lodge tied the knot. We wish them much joy and happiness in their married life.

pg 3, col 2
Married: At the residence of J.Q. Wheat, twelve miles west of Medicine Lodge, on Thursday, November 26 [date should be November 29, if the day was in fact Thursday], in the presence of a few friends, A.E. McElwain to Mary Peterson, Rev. Owens of Sun City officiating. The bride is very popular in this city, while Mr. McElwain is one of Barber's most prosperous young farmers. They have many friends in and around Medicine Lodge who will join in wishing them long life and happiness. The couple started immediately for their new home near Deerhead.

pg 3, col 2
Married: Louis Frazier and Mary A. Chadwick were married in this city on Monday of last week, November 26, by Probate Judge H.H. Hardy. Both are residents of Elm Mills township. We wish them much joy.

pg 3, col 3
Married: David Wilcoxson and Rachael A. Waymen, marked on the record as aged 29 and 18 respectively, received a license on Tuesday November 26th. Shortly after the license was issued, a brother of the prospective bride came in to stop the deal, claiming that the lady was only 16 years old. However the couple were married on the 29th by a minister, so we presume the matter was fixed up.

Dec 13, 1888

pg 3, col 1
Born: Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Eldred are the grandparents of a girl baby. The baby is several weeks old, but then you must remember that Mr. and Mrs. Eldred now reside in Colorado, hence our lateness.

pg 3, col 2
Died: At his mother's residence in this city, on Wednesday, December 12th, 1888, Little Tommie, son of Mrs. T.B. Stockstill. Little Tommie was sick about ten days and finally was attacked with an affections [sic] of the heart and died very suddenly. His death is a severe blow to his widowed mother and his sisters. He was a bright, energetic little fellow and popular with his playmates. And on Dec 20, pg 3, a Card of Thanks signed by Mrs. G.A. Stockstill.

pg 3, col 2
Died: Mrs. Barbara Vatter died Saturday, December 8th, at 9 o'clock A.M., and was buried in the cemetery at this place on Monday forenoon. Mrs. Vatter came to Barber county some little time ago with her husband direct from Zurich, Switzerland. Since coming here, her health has no been good and after months of wasting, she quietly passed away. She was 53 years old and leaves a husband.

pg 3, col 3
Died: At his father's residence, near Deerhead, in this county, on December 7th, 1888, at 6:30 P.M., Don A., son of Thomas A. and S.E. Walton, aged 18 years, 1 month and 16 days. He had typhoid fever, appeared to be recovering, when from some cause he could take no nourishment. He suffered much and long, was ready and willing to go, said he "wanted to go to his sister, Ella," who died about a year ago. It is a severe blow to his afflicted parents.

Dec 27, 1888

pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: On Friday last, the 21st, Harry M. Boggess and Miss Alice Ketner secured a license to marry.

pg 3, col 1
Married: Charles S. Talbott and Miss Neva M. Bright, both of Kiowa, were married by Judge Hardy on the 24th.

pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: Issued to Riley Robinson and Miss Anna Maddox, both of Kiowa. Mr. Robinson is the well known attorney of Kiowa, of the firm of Robinson & Flynn. [See also May 16, 1889 for death of Attorney Robinson.]

pg 3, col 1
Married: On Christmas night, at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. Jerry Zeiler was married to Miss Maggie Doles, Judge H.H. Hardy officiating. Both of these young people are well known and respected. [See Apr 11, 1889 for death of Mr. Zeiler.]

pg 3, col 3
Married: In Elwood township at the resident of the bride's mother, Mr. Wm. Bowen, to Miss MinnieBostick, on Wednesday evening, December 19, by Rev. J.E. Roberts. The happy adventurers started Friday for their home in Clark county.

pg 3, col 4
Married: "A Double Wedding" - At the residence of Judge and Mrs. H.H. Hardy, in this city, on Sunday, December 23rd, 1888, their daughter Babe was married to J.L. Ellsworth, of this county, and their son Fred to Miss Minnie Hunter, of Assumption, Illinois, Rev. R. Sanderson officiating. Only a few of the immediate relatives and friends of the contracting parties were present. The ceremony occurred at 2 o'clock P.M. and Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth took the afternoon train for a visit with relatives in eastern Kansas. They may visit in Missouri and Illinois before they return. The brides were dressed alike in beautiful costumes. After the ceremony, a splendid dinner was spread. Fred and Babe Hardy are well known to almost everybody in this section and loved and respected by all. J.L. Ellsworth is one of Barber's most prosperous young farmers and stock men and a first class citizen. Miss Minnie Hunter has been here some time visiting Judge Hardy and family and has taught school in the county. The Cresset unites with the many friends of the contracting parties in wishing them all the joys possible. Below we give a partial list of the many handsome presents received by the young people. All the presents were in duplicate - a present exactly alike for each couple. [Consult microfilm for exact listing] Double china dinner and tea set, 212 pieces, John Rogers and wife, Otis Lorton and wife, Roy Hahn and wife, H.C. Thompson and wife, Scott Rubert and wife, M. Updegraff and wife, John Runyan and wife, Wm. Howard and wife, Ed. Howard and wife, M.B. Gilbert and wife, N.H. Gilbert and wife, O.C. Howe and wife, and W. Ellsworth; Two lamps, Dr. Burney and wife; two pair linen tablecloths and napkins, Miss Abbie Lockwood; water set, Mr. and Mrs. Bucknum and sister; glass cake stands, Rev. Sanderson and wife; silver inkstand and perfumery case, Thos. Boys, Shelbyville, Illinois; silver toothpick holder for Fred and silver pin cushion and jewelry tray for Babe, Mrs. J.E. Wagoner, Shelbyville, Illinois.

Jan - June 1889

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