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The Barber County Index was a weekly newspaper, published in Medicine Lodge beginning at the end of 1880. At the time this reel begins, Wednesday, January 2, 1889, E.P. Caruthers was publisher; in February of that year, W.G. Musgrove joined with Mr. Caruthers and in August 1890, Mr. Caruthers sold his interest to H. Walker of Elm Mills township. Local news included coverage from the surrounding communities, as well as Medicine Lodge. This reel continues through December 30, 1891. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson

Jul 9, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Married: In this city, at the home of the groom, on Sunday, June 30th, Frank Shepler was married to Miss Mary Wennett, Judge Edwards officiating. Only the relatives and intimate friends were present. The couple have the best wishes of this community, where both are well and favorably known, the groom being one of the earliest settlers in Medicine Lodge, his father being the late Judge S.J. Shepler.
pg 3, col 2
Born: Dr. Kociell reports a boy born to the wife of Henry A. Thompson, June 30.
pg 3, col 2
Married: At the residence of the parents of the bride near this city at 2 o'clock Thursday afternoon, June 27, by Elder Nation [husband of Carrie Nation], Mr. O.C. Rogers, of Beatrice, Nebraska, and Miss Stella Sparks, of this city. Mr. Rogers is a handsome young man, who makes a friend of every acquaintance. He is a thorough business man and is in comfortable circumstances. The bride is deservedly one of the most popular young ladies who ever lived here. She is beautiful, educated, unusually quick-witted, full of all the womanly graces which make the sex attractive, and has a thoroughly unselfish heart. It is wonder that everybody loved her. We regret to lose such an ornament from our society, but sincerely believe and trust that she has secured her own happiness. After the ceremony, the guests sat down to refreshments, consisting of ices, berries, a dozen kinds of cake, and each kind perfect, oranges and bananas. After the refreshments, a hasty leave was taken and the bridal party drove to the depot. Mr. Rogers and bride left at 3:30 that afternoon for a visit to Kansas City and other eastern points, and they will then go to their home at Beatrice, Nebraska.

Jul 17, 1889, pg 3, col 2
Born: Twin boys were born to Mrs. T.G. Cutlip, on the 10th, but one died the following day. Dr. Burney in attendance. T.G. was in Coldwater, attending court, but came on on Friday.

Jul 24, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: Issued on the 20th to Ezekiel E. Jones, of Harper county, and Miss Nora Eslick, of Barber county.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Burney reports a fine, handsome, 10-pound boy born to the wife of I.F. Shannon, on July 23rd. He is a democrat and is name Nathaniel. Mother and child doing nicely.
pg 3, col 2
Died: Mrs. Lucy Ellen Hahn, wife of Rev. R. Hahn, died at her home in this city, Wednesday evening, July 17th, 1889, aged 66 years and 6 months. Deceased, whose maiden name was Glancy, was born in Licking county, Ohio. She was married to Rev. Hahn in 1843, and of the six children born of this union, five survive, these being Mrs. Mounser, of Nevada, Mo.; Mrs. A.D. Olney, of Tressnell, California; Dr. D.G. Hahn, of Wauneta, Kas.; C.C. Hahn of Topeka, Kas.; and R.H. Hahn, of this city. All of these were present in the last hours of their mother, and besides, her adopted daughter, Miss Lula, who had watched during the months of sickness of her devoted mother. Mrs. Hahn had been for years an active and consistent member of the Presbyterian church and had been a great help to her husband in his long years of work as a minister of the gospel. The funeral occurred Friday, [Jul] 19th, from the Presbyterian church, the funeral being preached by Rev. North. The other ministers of the city assisted in the exercises. The pall bearers were Eld. Nation [husband of Carrie Nation], Rev. Cain, Rev. Sanderson, Rev. Haywood, Dr. Burney and D.W. Young.
pg 3, col 3
Born: Dr. Burney reports a fine boy born to the wife of Jacob Knirr, this morning, July 24th.

Jul 31, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Kociell reports that on July 29th, a nine pound boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Z.T. Gholson.
pg 3, col 1
Born: July 24th, a fine boy to Mr. and Mrs. N.E. Glenn. Both mother and the baby doing well. Dr. Kociell in attendance.
pg 3, col 1
Married: Grant A. Jones, the genial young pharmacist of this city was united in marriage yesterday, July 30th, at 3 p.m., to Miss Emma A. Willis, of Sedgewick county. Judge Edwards performed the ceremony at the home of Geo. J. Southworth, in the presence of a few intimate friends. This couple became acquainted several years ago at Mulvane, and agreed to wait for each other. They have gone to housekeeping on North Main street.
pg 3, col 3
Married: Judge Edwards yesterday performed the marriage ceremony for Daniel L. Sinnett and Louisa A. Bright, both of this county.

Aug 7, 1889, pg 3, col 2
Born: To the wife of Louis Nilson, of Elm Mills township, a daughter.

Aug 14, 1889, pg 3, col 2
Married: The marriage of H.B. Steck, of Hazelton, to Miss Weaver, of Adrian, Michigan, on the 1st, was reported in most flattering notices in the papers of that city. The happy couple will soon be at their Hazelton home to see their friends.

Aug 28, 1889
pg 2, col 4
Born: A girl baby was born to the wife of H.P. Peterson, a short time since. [Sexton news]
pg 3, col 1
Died: The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Riley Lake, of Lake City, will be pained to learn of the death of their first-born, their infant boy, which event occurred last Friday night, August 23rd, at 11 o'clock. The little one was born May 8th, 1889, and had never been a strong or healthy child, but it was hoped that with the devoted attention of loving parents, kind friends and skillful physicians, the slender thread might be strengthened, but He who doeth all things for the best, ruled otherwise, and the light of a happy household was removed, and the spirit of the cherished one returned to God who gave it. And now, though the parents may feel that their home is desolate, and that their cup of bitterness is full, they should find consolation in the fact that the spirit of their angel is awaiting them, "beyond the smiling and the weeping." In that house of many mansions, where there is rest for the weary, where there is everlasting day, and where there is no night.

Sep 4, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Born: August 31st, to the wife of H.F. Haynes, a daughter. Dr. Burney in attendance.
pg 3, col 1
Married: Judge J.M. Reagin, of Mingona township, last Sunday performed the marriage ceremony for Francis Hull, aged 48, and Mabel C. Pettis.
pg 3, col 6
Died: Of consumption, 2 1/2 miles southeast of Hazelton, August 28th, Mrs. Emma C. Matthews. The funeral was held at the family residence, Thursday, Rev. Fay preaching the discourse, after which the remains were deposited in their last earthly resting place. Deceased was 36 years old, was married in 1876; she leaves three children aged 5, 10 and 12 years. Her father was a Methodist minister and she made a profession of religion a few weeks ago and she died in full faith of a happy hereafter. A good wife, a devoted mother and an exemplary Christian is gone. [Hazelton news]

Sep 11, 1889, pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: A marriage license was issued this week to G.S. Purcival and Lottie Reames, both of the Lodi neighborhood. The lady is but 15 years old.

Sep 18, 1889, pg 3, col 2
Born: A boy was born to the wife of Richard Frazier, of Elm Creek, on the 15th, and Oklahoma or no other country but this has any charms for the proud father.

Sep 25, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Died: Vernon Clough, aged about seventeen years, died at the home of his father, D. Clough, three miles south of Sharon, Sunday, September 22nd, of typhoid fever. His brother, two years older, died four weeks ago of the same disease. This is a sad blow to the family. Other cases of fever in the neighborhood are improving.
pg 3, col 3
Married: Samuel V. Howard and Miss Lucy Underwood were married on the 22nd by Wm. McMurtry, at the residence of the bride's father in this county.
pg 3, col 5
Died: Our Hazelton correspondent writes of the sudden and unexpected death at that place, Saturday night, of C.D. Severance, a popular but unfortunate young man of that place. He had been drinking liquor to excess and Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock, he went to a livery stable and laid on the hay in a stall. At 10 o'clock, he was still sleeping and his friends concluded to let him remain until Sunday morning, but at that time he was found dead. 'Squire Johnston ordered a jury and held an inquest, the verdict being that death resulted from excessive drink or some disease caused by such excess. Deceased was a young man of good business qualifications, industrious habits and a kind disposition. He leaves a mother and brother to mourn his death and they have the sympathy of a large number of friends. The funeral occurred Sunday afternoon, Rev. Tatum, of Winfield, conducting the ceremonies.
pg 3, col 5
Died: Uncle Clark Gilmore, the oldest colored citizen of Barber county, died at his home in Medicine Lodge yesterday, Sept. 24th, 1889, after an extended illness, old age and general debility, aged about 73 years. Deceased was born in Pulaski county, Kentucky, lived there until the war broke out, when he served in the Union army as a cook for awhile. After the war he went to Michigan and lived there until 1874 when he came to Medicine Lodge, where he has since lived. He accumulated good property here, but through injudicious trades, lost the principal part of it, though at the time of his death, he owned two good houses in the northwest part of town. He was never married and had no living relations, so far as is known. It is understood that he willed his property here to two young men of this city, though this is not positively known. Deceased was an industrious, honest, citizen, generally respected and a member of the Baptist church. For a long time he was the only colored resident of the county and he appeared to have no desire to associate with his own race. Some of the children of his old master live near, or in, Woodstock, Kentucky it is believed. The funeral will occur today at the Presbyterian church.

Oct 2, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Born: Sunday, Sept. 29th, to the wife of Bruce Dobbs, a boy. Dr. Kociell in attendance.
pg 3, col 2
Married: In this city Sunday evening, September 29th, at 8 o'clock, Mr. Jack Crosen and Miss Barthena Hutchins were united in the holy bonds of wedlock by Judge Loren Edwards, at the home of the bride's father, Capt. T.J. Hutchins. The family and a few intimate friends witnessed the ceremony.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Miss Cornelia Gillette, daughter of Hon. Frank E. Gillette, was married to W.D. Libby, at Kingman, last week. The young lady has a number of acquaintances here.
pg 3, col 3
Died: The infant daughter of H.P. Peterson, aged two months and ten days, died Sept. 24th, after a short illness. [Sexton news]
Oct 9, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Married: M.F. Stewart and Miss Annie Larkin, two popular young people of Deerhead township, were married on the evening of the 4th, at the home of the bride's father at Deerhead. About 60 guests were present and enjoyed a good supper and afterwards a dance.
pg 3, col 1
Married: A marriage license was issued yesterday to Cyrus Palmer and Miss Susie Smith, of Mingona township. Elder Nation [husband of Carrie Nation] performed the ceremony at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Mary A. Smith, yesterday afternoon. Both of these young people are very popular.
pg 2, col 4
Born: J.C. Tennant is happy over the arrival of a regulation weight boy. [Hazelton news]
pg 3, col 3
Married: Ezra Kemp and Miss Amanda Fair, of Sharon township, were married here yesterday by Judge Edwards.
pg 3, col 4
Marriage License: On the 3rd, Marion S. McMurtry and Tenna C. Warren took out a marriage license.
pg 3, col 4
Born: Dr. Karr reports a daughter born to the wife of E.S. Pierce, on the 4th, in this city.
pg 3, col 4
Marriage License: Granted yesterday to Duncan M. Circle and Emma Wiggins, of Hazelton.

Oct 16, 1889, pg 3, col 4
Died: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. D.F. Shipman died last Thursday at the home of Mrs. Stith, near Inyo, and on Friday was brought here for burial. This is the second child the couple has lost and they are bowed down with grief.

Oct 23, 1889, pg 3, col 1
Married: Will Johnson, well-known to most of the people here, was married in Kansas City on the 16th to Miss Carrie Todd.

Nov 6, 1889
pg 3, col 4
Born: R.E. Catherns has been handing out some unusually good cigars to his many friends, merely saying, "Another democratic vote." It turns out that a fine boy arrived at his house Saturday and the proud father is happy over the event. Grover will be a straight democrat, or he will have to change his name and his boarding house.
pg 3, col 4
Died: Mrs. A.B. Wilkins, daughter of Mrs. Stockstill, died in this city last Thursday morning, October 31st, after an extended and painful illness, originating in neuralgia, and turning into a complication of diseases. The funeral occurred Friday, from the Christian church, the services being conducted by Eld. Nation [husband of Carrie Nation]. Deceased was a consistent member of the Christian church, and was well respected by all who knew her. And also @ Nov 20, pg 3, col 4, an Eastern Star, Lorraine Chapter Resolution of Condolence which included additional information...She was born December 18, 1870, was married to Mr. B. Wilkins Nov. 25th, 1885; she united with the Christian church in 1888. [Mrs.] Wilkins was one that always had a kind word for everyone; everyone knew her but to love her; everyone was her friend. She leaves a kind and loving husband, also a fond mother and several brothers and sisters to mourn her untimely death. She was a kind and loving wife and a dutiful and affectionate daughter and sister. [See also below for re-marriage of Mrs. Stockstill.]
pg 3, col 5
Married: At the home of the bride's father, Judge James Stranathan, in Moore township, Barber county, on the 1st, Miss Lutella Stranathan was married to Mr. Arthur Trevellyan, in the presence of a few intimate friends. The young people are well known and very popular. [See below @ Oct 22, 1890 for birth of son to Mr. and Mrs. Trevellyan.]

Nov 13, 1889
pg 2, col 4
Died: A small child of William King's, buried at Mingona. [Medicine Valley news]
pg 3, col 5
Born: Sunday, Nov. 10th, in this city, to the wife of Mayor Pearson, a daughter. Dr. Moore in attendance.

Nov 20, 1889
pg 3, col 2
Born: Nov. 13, 1889, to the wife of John T. Jesse, a girl. This is the tenth child, all living.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Mrs. G.A. Stockstill, of this city, was married on the 11th at the home of her mother, in Burlington, Kansas, to J.W. Eubanks, an old family friend of twenty years standing. The wedding was to have occurred several months ago, but was prevented by the fatal illness of Mrs. Wilkins, daughter of Mrs. Stockstill. Mr. Eubanks spends most of his time in the state of California, where he has grown children and he and his wife expect to go there after a visit of a few weeks in th is city. They will be here this week.
pg 3, col 4
Reunion: O.H. Dunbar has got home from his visit to Kentucky. They had a family reunion on the 13th of October at his father's house, the father, mother and seven children all meeting for the first time in 20 years. The father and mother are each 77 years, the oldest child is 53 and the youngest is 37. Death has never visited the family so there was little to mar the happiness of the occasion, except the thought that they must soon separate never to all meet again. [Hazelton news]

No 27, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Born: November 26, 1889, four miles ___ of Medicine Lodge, to the wife of Louis VanBuskirk, a daughter. Dr. Karr in attendance.
pg 3, col 3
Born: Thursday, Nov. 21, 1889, to the wife of W.T. Rouse, a boy. Dr. Burney was in attendance. The father was in Topeka at the time, and did not know of his good fortune until he arrived at home on Saturday.
pg 3, col 4
Died: Peter Hottle, married, aged 35 years, met with a terrible death one mile northwest of Deerhead, Barber county, last Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. He had mounted a horse and had gone out on the range to drive in a cow. His horse came back to the house a half hour later, riderless, wet with sweat. A.B. Mills, his brother-in-law, at whose house Hottle was staying, and the family, started out to find the rider and they found him, dead, on the prairie, with his forehead crushed in and his body badly bruised and mangled. It was evident that he had been thrown and that his foot had hung in the stirrup and the horse had dragged him a great distance and that the animal must have kicked the poor fellow to death. Neighbors were called in to care for the body and Messrs. Clinkscales and Zimmerman came to town for a coffin and to notify the coroner. The wife and children of deceased live at Gladstone, Ill., and they were notified by telegraph. The body was buried at Deerhead. Deceased came to this county about a year ago. He was an industrious good citizen.

Dec 4, 1889
pg 3, col 2
Born: Monday, Dec. 2nd, to the wife of Alexander Coyle, three miles southeast, a daughter. Dr. Burney.
pg 3, col 3
Born: A boy was born to the wife of Frank Strong, of the Grand Hotel, Friday, November 29th. Dr. Gould.
pg 3, col 3
Born: To the wife of T. Loper, a boy. The event occurred on the 22nd of last month [November], Dr. Kociell says.
pg 3, col 5
Born: Twins, a boy and a girl, were born a few days ago to the wife of C.H. Stewart. [Hazelton news]
pg 3, col 5
Born: Z.A. Gleason rejoices over a 9-pound girl and E.R. Salenberger a 10-pound boy. [Hazelton news]

Dec 11, 1889
pg 3, col 1
Born: December 5, 1889, to the wife of Green Harris, in this city, a son. Dr. Burney.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Their eleventh child was born to Jas. Downen and wife, of Mule creek, on the 7th. Dr. Moore says it was a boy and weighed twelve pounds without a stitch of clothes on.
pg 3, col 1
Born: On the 30th [of November], a daughter was born to the wife of J.L. Ellsworth; and Dec. 3rd Mrs. Fred Hardy presented her husband with a daughter. Mr. Hardy and Mrs. Ellsworth are son and daughter of Judge Hardy, of this city. Both couples were married the same day, December 23, 1888, in this city.
pg 3, col 2
Died: Mrs. Annie L. Jones, sister of Mrs. D.A. McCanless, of this city, died suddenly, at Wichita, last Friday, the 6th, of heart disease. Mr. and Mrs. McCanless went up last Saturday to attend the funeral which occurred at Wichita on Sunday afternoon.
Dec 18, 1889, pg 3, col 3
Married: Cards are out announcing the approaching marriage, on Wednesday evening, Dec. 25th, in this city, of Mr. W.H. McCague and Miss Lucie Pursell. This couple is well and favorably known in this community and they are popular among all classes.

Dec 25, 1889
pg 3, col 3
Born: A boy of the regulation weight was born to the wife of Jefferson Long, at the house of J.M. White, 7 miles east of town. Mrs. White is the grandmother of the newborn.
pg 3, col 4
Born: O.J. Potter is proud of a new boy. [Hazelton news]

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