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The Medicine Lodge Cresset (meaning "bright light") was a weekly newspaper, published in Medicine Lodge beginning early in 1879. At the time this reel begins, Thursday, October 1, 1885, T.A. McNeal and L.M. Axline were publishers and proprietors. Local news included coverage from the surrounding communities, as well as Medicine Lodge. This reel continues through October 25, 1888. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson"

Jan 6, 1887
pg 3, col 2
Married: The marriage of Louis Bissantz to Miss Julia Balding will long be remembered by the citizens of Sun City. The event occurred at the Odd Fellows Hall on t he evening of New Year's day, Rev. Shiedler officiating. A supper was spread of which all partook, after which the young people engaged in a dance. The groom covered himself with glory and one or two parties we have met that we in attendance say the bride looked as handsome as could be imagine. [See Sun City Union of Jan 7, 1887 for complete details of this wedding.]
pg 3, col 3
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Henry Durst, on Monday, December 27, 1886, a boy of regulation weight and lung power, who already attempts to talk in two languages. We need a baby reporter. This idea of allowing children to become large enough to be listed among the school population or go into business for themselves before a notice of their birth is published is not right. We hardly know whether we durst report the young scion of the house of Durst or not, but will give in and try and be on time hereafter.
pg 3, col 3
     On December 30th, 1886, the names of John H. Dobson and Miss Matilda Vandermark, both of Kiowa, this county and state, were entered upon the marriage register of the Probate Court and we presume are married and settled down by this time. If we are not mistaken, the groom is a brother of the talented mayor of Kiowa. We extend our best.
     On the same day, December 30th, 1886, Samuel Helton and Mary Cleft, of Sun City, received the gracious consent of Judge Hardy to tramp life's thorny pathway and rustle for grub together. We presume that "Rock of Ages" was the hymn sung at the wedding.
     December 30, 1886, also caught Jacob Rosenbloom for the price of a marriage certificate, and there is nothing on the record to show but what Mr. Rosenbloom, who is of this city, put up his $2.00 hard cash, cheerfully, for license to marry Eva Most, of Evansville, Comanche county. The boys most always put up cheerfully at this stage of the game and he would be a blooming rose who did not.
     On December 31st, 1886, the last day of the old year, Peter Knuteson and Lucinda A.Connor, both of Hazelton, were licensed to wed, and we presume the new year found them married and happy.
     Willis M. Dunham and Dema Dunham also chose the last of 1886, and were married, or rather re-married, at the Judge's office by the Probate Judge. It seems that in the days gone by this couple, when the bride's name was Tucker, were married; that after they had been married while, the groom disappeared. After mourning for her husband, the young wife instituted proceedings for a divorce, but then the truant husband returned a few days since, and the old love surged back with a mighty surge and the marriage vows were re-taken.
     On the first day of the new year, January 1, 1887, a license was issued for the marriage of Riley Lake to Miss Nevada Pierce. Miss Pierce is the daughter of Dan'l Pierce, whose ranch is on the beautiful Turkey creek, north of Sun City.

Jan 13, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Born: Mr. and Mrs. C.O. Leffler were the recipients of a handsome girl baby on the 30th of December.
pg 3, col 1
Married: In Chicago, December 30, 1886, by J.C. Burroughs, D.D., at the residence of Mrs. B.F.Babcock, aunt of the bride, William C. Burton to Nell M. Howe, daughter of O.C. Howe, of Medicine Lodge. Mr. Burton and Miss Howe were fellow students at the Iowa State University and for the last two years both have resided in Kansas.
pg 3, col 3
Marriage Licenses:
     On January 6th, J.H. Frisbie and Miss Nora Walton secured licenses. Both are of Deerhead and are most estimable people. The Cresset extends its best.
     On Saturday, January 8th, A.T. Day and Mattie Brooks, of Sharon, were licensed by the Probate Judge.
     On Monday, January 10th, another couple from Sharon were on deck, namely G.H. Pendleton and Miss Mamie R. Higby.
pg 3, col 3
Married: On Monday, January 10th, the names of Norman Gilbert and Miss Alice E. Wilkerson were spread on the records. Judge Hardy officiated at the wedding the same evening at the residence of the bride's parents. This young couple and their parents live west of the Lodge a short distance and we sincerely hope that their married life may e as pleasant as a summer dream, as all parties concerned are surely deserving.
pg 3, col 3
Married: On Thursday, the 11th, G.W. Bradfield of Kiowa was married to Miss Lottie S. Cochran, of Sharon, the ceremony taking place at the Grand Hotel, Judge Hardy officiating.

Jan 20, 1887
pg 1, col 4
Died: Robt. Bolton's daughter, aged about 18 months, died on the night of the 7th, of croup or something similar to it. [Deerhead news]
pg 1, col 5
Born: Mr. Brobeck reports a boarder arriving at his house last Wednesday. He says from appearances he thinks it means to stay. He is of standard weight. [Pleasant Ridge news]
pg 3, col 1
Died: The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Brown died last Friday.
pg 3, col 1
Married: On last Thursday, January 13th, H.H. Hare and Miss Mollie Vail, both of New Kiowa, were married at the Grand Hotel by Judge Hardy.
pg 3, col 1
Born: A handsome baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Molloy on Sunday, January 16th. All doing well and parents are happy, as this makes a boy and a girl.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Wednesday morning, January 19th, a girl baby of full weight was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Allen. Dr. Burney officiated and reports that all are doing nicely. "Wednesday's child is merry and glad" says the old rhyme.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Davis officiated at the borning of a ten pound baby boy to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith, of Canema, last Sunday, the 16th. According to the old legend, "the child that is born on the Sabbath day is blithe and bonny, and good and gay."

Jan 27, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Married: Edward McGee and Elizabeth E. Chenoweth, both of Barber county, were married by the Probate Judge, at his office, yesterday (Wednesday), January 26th.
pg 3, col 1
Marriage Licenses:
     On Wednesday of last week, January 18th, a license was issued for the marriage of R.F. Reed and Hattie Tyrrell, both of Elm Mills;
     On Tuesday, January 22nd, [a license was issued] for Thomas Batting and Eliza D. Grunn, both of Sun City.

Feb 3, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Born: J.C. Davis and wife, of Cedar creek, rejoice over the arrival of a girl baby of usual weight on Friday of last week.
pg 3, col 1
Born: On January 27th, 1886, a bouncing boy baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. P.L. Hanson at their new home at Los Angeles, California. All are doing well.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Davis reports that a seven and a half pound boy arrived at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Nelson on Monday morning, January 31st. The Dr. did not say whether he would learn the tailors'trade or not.

Feb 10, 1887
pg 3, col 2
Married: On Wednesday evening of last week, February 2nd, 1887, J.M. Crouse, a son of A.E. Crouse who lives near the Lodge, was married to Lotty _ Kenny, at the residence of the bride, five miles north of Lyons, Rice county, Kansas. Rev. A.J. garrison, of Lyons, officiated. The newly married couple were recipients of numerous elegant and costly presents and the Rice county papers speak of the marriage as one of the pleasantest affairs of the season. They happy couple arrived here on Tuesday for a visit with the parents and relatives of the groom.
pg 3, col 2
Married: We learn from the Nescutunga Enterprise that George A. Friedley was married on Sunday, January 30th, 1887, to Miss Angie N. Moon, both of Nescutunga. Mr. Friedley was at one time a resident of Medicine Lodge and his friends here will wish that the silvery moonbeams of their wedded life may never be interrupted by a single cloud.

Feb 17, 1887, pg 3, col 2
Died: Clyde Campbell, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bender, breathed his last at the residence of D.E. Sheldon, in t his city, on Saturday, February 12th, 1887, and was buried on Sunday, the 13th, in the city cemetery. Funeral services at the residence by Rev. W.H. Gillam. Mrs. Bender is a sister of Mrs. Sheldon and when the little fellow, who was only ten months old, got so severely ill, he was brought to town where prompt medical attendance could be secured. Just as the buds of spring were swelling with their new-born life, as nature was changing her somber winter cloak for the cheerful, bright colors of spring, the fair young life went out on th is earth, but then it is only to burst forth as a purer more beautiful blossom in the garden of life beyond.

Feb 24, 1887
pg 2
Died: Last week Frank Onstatt and Irwin Clough each lost an infant child. I understand that Mr. Onstatt's child died with inflammation of the lungs and Mr. Clough's child died with the croup. [Sharon news]
pg 2
Married: A shivaree was given at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Jennie Hobison, on honor of their marriage which took place at the residence of the bride's parents in Ohio. Charles had hied himself off east on a visit a few weeks ago and returned in a more blessed state. Our newly married friends were equal to the occasion and rolled out a barrel of choice apples, and from those and an abundance of fine cigars, the noisy boys were well satisfied with the evening's entertainment. May happiness be the lot of the husband and wife. [Inman news]
pg 3, col 2
Born: Dr. Burney reports the finest catch of the season in the shape of a full weight twelve pound boy, born to Mr. and Mrs. Anton Hunkler, on Monday morning, February 21st, 1887. Mrs. Hunkler is a sister of Henry and Caspar Durst.
Mar 3, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Born: Mr. and Mrs. M.J. Lane, of New Kiowa, rejoice over the arrival of a twelve-pound girl on Thursday of last week - February 24th.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Burney reports that an eight-pound girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Connor on last Saturday, February 26th, 1887, and that all are doing nicely.
pg 3, col 3
Married: In last week's Cresset , we mentioned that Nelson Warren of Hamilton county and AnnaRosenbury of this had taken out a marriage license. They were married at the residence of the bride's parents, west of this city, by Rev. J.C. McElroy, on Thursday, February 24th, 1887. We believe this is the last one of three daughters of marriageable age that belonged to the Rosenbury family when they arrived here only a couple of years ago. Such is the "beautiful climate of Kansas."
pg 3, col 4
Married: In a Spokane Falls, Washington Territory paper we find the following: "Married in this city, February 20th, at the bride's grandparents, by the Rev. J.O.A. Henry, Mr. O.J. Campbell, of Cheney, Washington Territory, and Miss Maggie Bothwell. Mr. Campbell is a prominent citizen of Spokane county. The newly married couple will reside in Cheney. They have the congratulations of many friends." The bride spoken of in the foregoing is the daughter of our townsman, James Bothwell, and the many people of this city who knew Miss Maggie will wish her success and happiness.

Mar 10, 1887
pg 1, col 3 [also pg 3, col 4]
Died: Mr. Chadwick was buried in the cemetery at Medicine Lodge on Saturday last, being attended by a large procession. [Pleasant Valley news] Also @ pg 3, col 4: "Uncle Charley Chadwick Dead" - On Thursday night of last week, at about 12 o'clock, Uncle Charley Chadwick breathed his last, at his home on Elm creek in this county. For a year or two he had been troubled with paralysis and heart disease, and a combination of these troubles caused his death. Uncle Charley was an Englishman by birth and came to this country when twenty years old. He first settled in Illinois, living first at Jacksonville and later at Evansville. At Evansville, in 1826, he was married to Margaret Young, who survives him. From this union spring a number of children, seven of whom - all grown - are still living. In 1867, Uncle Charley and wife and family immigrated to Miami county, Kansas, and in 1878 they came to Barber county. They settled in the beautiful valley of the Elm and the whole family have built up a reputation for industry, frugality and for being good citizens. At the time of his death, Uncle Charley was 66 years and some three months old. He had passed the average and had almost reached the limit. With the dying of the day expired his spark of life. Calmly and peacefully, as a little child falling into a dreamless sleep, he closed his eyes and his spirit took its flight into the mysterious great beyond. The many expressions of sorrow and the large concourse of friends and neighbors who followed his remains to the cemetery near this city on Saturday attest his standing and are a monument to his memory that will be gratefully remembered by his family.
pg 3, col 1
Marriage Licenses:
     On March 2nd for Simon Fisher and Bloom Hart, of Barber county;
     On March 7th for Sylvester Seward and Loretta M. Williams, of Barber county.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Jacob Knirr and wife arrived in this city last Saturday. They were married in St. Louis one day last week. Mr. Knirr is the courteous, accommodating tailor at Byerly, Dark & Runyan's and his many friends here will bid he and his bride a cordial welcome.
pg 3, col 4
Died: Mr. A.D. Clark, the well-known nursery dealer of Sharon, died yesterday at about 2 o'clock P.M. Mr. Clark's malady was what is known to the medical fraternity as gastro duodenal catarrh. A post mortem was held by Doctors Lockwood, Karr and Davis. Mr. Clark was widely and most favorably known as a kind father and estimable citizen. And @ Mar 24, 1887, pg 3, col 4, the following Card of Thanks: Sharon, Ks., March 21, 1887 - I take this opportunity through the Cresset to return my sincere thanks to the many kind friends and neighbors for the attention and kind sympathies bestowed upon my beloved husband in his last sickness, as well as to the bereaved family since his death. Be assured, my kind friends, you will ever feel dear to me for the very many kind sympathies shown me in my present affliction. Signed: Mrs. A.D. Clark.

Mar 17, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. J. McSmith, on Monday, March 14th, 1887, a ten pound boy. Dr. Moore was in attendance and reported the above.
pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Blake, of Little Mule creek, on Wednesday, March 9, 1887, a son. The young fellow is reported as giving promise of being a very enterprising citizen.
pg 3, col 3
Married: At the Presbyterian parsonage by Rev. J.C. McElroy, on Tuesday, March 15th, 1887, Mr. Samuel Hines, of Manhattan, Kansas, to Miss Jennie Jackson, of this county. The bride is a daughter of A. Jackson who lives north of town. The young couple took Wednesday's train for the home of the groom and the Cresset wishes them success and happiness.
pg 3, col 4
Married: "A Family Affair" - At the residence of Judge and Mrs. C.W. Ellis, near this city, on Thursday, March 10th, 1887, at 8 o'clock P.M., Miss Carrie C. Cartan, Mrs. Ellis'sister, to L.M.Axline, junior editor of this paper, Rev. A. Axline, of Iuka, officiating. A man must be present at two of the great events of life - his birth and death - and according to our interpretation of law, must also be present at the other or third great event, his marriage. All marriages by proxy to the contrary, notwithstanding. We have never yet heard of a man being compelled to write a notice of his own birth or his own obituary and don't think we ever heard of a person writing an account of his own marriage, but circumstances compel and so we will confine ourselves to facts. Yes, we are married and are floating around in that indefinable atmosphere supposed to be incident to the honeymoon. How the affair came about we cannot explain; how we managed to obtain her consent has ever been a mystery and were it not for the fact that the Probate Judge's record and the minister together with other things go to prove it, and that the wrestle for hash and water is staring us in the face, we would not be so certain that the Cresset family had a new member. We are now living at home and if the neighbors will only bring in something to keep the gaunt wolf hunger from our door until country produce begins to come in on subscription, we can face the future. We do not know whether our wife fully realized the trials incident to the life of a publisher of a religious weekly, but if she was brave enough to undertake it, she has the bravery to stay with it so long as she has anything like a reasonable show. Our wife was in receipt of a number of handsome presents.

Mar 24, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Died: Simeon Gronemire died at his residence on the river south of Medicine Lodge on Friday of last week and was buried in the cemetery here on Saturday. Quite a number of friends of the family followed the remains to the grave.
pg 3, col 3
Marriage Licenses:
     March 15: Lon J. Piper and Lula M. Walters, both of Barber county
     March 16: Miles H. Mendenhall and Harriet F. Thompson, both of Barber county
     March 19: Frank Fetle and Marth A. Ingraham, both of Barber county
     March 21: Wayne McKinney and Susan A. Payne, both of Barber county
     March 21: William E. Calloway and Mary Janette Bloom, both of Barber county
pg 3, col 4
Married: At the residence of D. McKinney, in this city, Mr. Wayne McKinney was married to Mrs. Susan A. Payne, on Sunday, March 27th, 1887, Rev. McFarland officiating. The contracting parties are so well and favorably known that words from us are superfluous. Mr. McKinney has been a resident of this county for a number of years and is the senior member of the firm McKinney Bros. & Henkins - livery, feed and sale stable business. Mrs. Payne is the widow of E. Wylie Payne and is respected by all for her sterling worth. To the happy couple, the Cresset extends sincere congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Mar 31, 1887, pg 2, col 4
Died: Of pneumonia, at her residence near Deerhead, on the 23rd of March, 1887, Sarah, wife of J.W.Rickords, aged 36 years. Dr. Hutchinson, of Lake City, was attending physician. She was buried in Lake City cemetery on the 24th. She was a good wife and dutiful, gentle mother. Her bereaved husband intends to take their children to near Turkey creek mills where he will work on the railroad. They can't feel at home and their mother gone. [Deerhead news]

Apr 7, 1887
pg 3, col 2
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Blizzard on march 31st, a pair of twins - one boy and one girl. All doing well. Mr. Blizzard, who is in Colorado, will be glad to hear of the arrival of two voters at his house. The sky of last Thursday gave no indications and doubtless many will be surprised to hear that there were two Blizzards on that day.
pg 3, col 4
Died: "Gone to Rest" - Died at Garden Plain, Kansas, on March 22nd at 10:30 a.m., Nettie, beloved wife of John Kiefner, Jr. The deceased was born in Christian county, Illinois, October 25th, 1862, and during the year 1884 came to Kansas with her parents, who reside near Medicine Lodge. While stopping at Garden Plain, she engaged to teach the public school at that place, after which she went west and endured the hardship of frontier life incident to proving up a claim. She proved up a claim near Deerhead, Barber county. On May 25, 1886, she was united in marriage to Mr. John Kiefner, Jr., of Garden Plain. Her home was a happy one, she had not a care and all went well. On February, 26th, a baby boy was born unto the proud father and happy mother and for awhile her recovery seemed but a question of a few days, but unexpectedly to physicians and friends she grew ill rapidly and for several days she hovered near the border of the spirit land, but to the joy of friends and husband, grown weary by constant watching and waiting, she came back and appeared convalescent. At this junction pneumonia set in and all that science and loving hands could do availed nothing and her lamp of life gradually went out. God called her to her sweet home. The funeral took place in the Baptist church at Garden Plain on Thursday last, Rev. C.E. Beach, of Goddard M.E. church pronounced the funeral discourse, which while solemn was sweet and comforting. Mrs. Kiefner was the daughter of Mr. O.H. Rosenbury, who resides six miles northwest of Medicine Lodge. She was good, kind and true, always ready to aid or help and she was a model wife, but God loved her and called her from this world of care and has taken her to Heaven, where joy and peace reigns supreme. To know her was to love her. [Memorial poem follows.] The above obituary was sent to us from Garden Plain. The bereaved husband and the family of the deceased have the sympathy of this entire community, where Mrs. Kiefner was so well known and high respected.

Apr14, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Died: Mrs. Lawrence Miller, sister of Mrs. R.T. Lee of this city, died at Durango, Colorado, on Sunday, April 10th, of consumption. Mrs. Lee started for Durango Tuesday to look after the children.
pd 3, col 1
Married: In Medicine Lodge, Kansas, on April 7th, 1887, at the Eagle Chief restaurant, by Rev. R. Sanderson, James Hasson to Sarah A. Mann, both of this city.
pg 3, col 2
Marriage Licenses:
     On April 7th, Probate Judge H.H. Hardy issued a marriage license to Howard P. Burnham and Elizabeth A. Porterfield, both of Kiowa;
     On April 7th, issued to James Hasson and Sarah A. Mann, both of this county.
     On Saturday, the 9th, Wilson L. Utterback and Emily C. Hood, both of Aetna, took out their license.
pg 3, col 2
Married: Miss Dolly Berry, who will be remembered here as a visitor with the family of JudgeO'Bryan a couple of years ago, was married to J.E. Tincher, at the residence of W.S. Patrick, near Nescutunga, on Thursday of last week. From the Comanche county papers we learn that quite a number of guests were present and a number of elegant presents were received by the happy bride and groom.
pg 3, col 3
Died: Last Friday evening an accident occurred at the residence of W.M. Thomas, living down the river, which resulted in the death of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas'little three year old boy. Mr. Thomas had been boiling a kettle of brine and set it outside to cool. The little fellow in playing about the kettle fell in and was scaled so severely about the body and limbs that the skin came off. The accident occurred about seven o'clock in the evening, and notwithstanding the efforts of the neighbors and Dr. Moore, who was at once summoned, the little sufferer died at twelve o'clock. Mrs. Thomas was sick in bed at the time of the accident and she and Mr. Thomas are almost inconsolable at the loss of their only boy.
pg 3, col 3
Died: Just as we go to press, we obtain the sad information of the death of Samantha Furgason, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Furgason, of Elm Creek. She contracted a severe cold which settled on her lungs and compelled her to take to her bed last Saturday. She grew rapidly worse, blood flowed from her lungs and on yesterday (Wednesday) evening she passed from the earth. Samantha was about fifteen years old, large and strong for her age, and was beloved by everyone for her ladylike actions and kind disposition. The family are almost heartbroken. Their many friends sympathize with the bereaved family.

Apr 21, 1887, pg 3, col 2
Marriage License: Last Monday, April 18th, James C. Williams and Elva M. Sechrest, both of Barber county, indicated their intention to become man and wife by having their names spread on the marriage register in the Probate Judge's office. Elva is but fourteen years of age, but as the application for a license was accompanied by her parents'consent, the Judge, of course, granted it.

Apr 28, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schmidt on last Friday, April 22nd a ten pound boy. Dr. Burney was in attendance. According to the old rhyme, "Friday's child is loving and giving."
pg 3, col 1
Born: Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Jones, of this city, were made happy by the arrival of a girl baby of regulation weight at their house on last Saturday, a week ago, April 17th. Thus our vote increases. It makes no difference, boys or girls now, they all count when it comes to voting.
pg 3, col 3
Born: A handsome boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Moore. Dr. Moore led the choir.

May 5, 1887
pg 3, col 3
Married: April 30th at the M.E. parsonage in this city by Rev. R. Sanderson, assisted by Rev. O.B. Shaw of Lake City, Mr. E.W. Hill, county surveyor of this county to Miss LE. Joy of Boston, Massachusetts. Several of Mr. Hill's friends were present at the ceremony. And also @ pg 3, col 4: At the M.E. parsonage, Saturday, April 30th, 1887, County Surveyor E.W. Hill to Miss Lutitia E. Joy. County Surveyor Hill is so well and favorably known throughout the county that he deserves no praise from us. His bride arrived here a few weeks since and is a very pleasant, intelligent little lady. The happy couple took the train the same day they were married and went to Caldwell to visit relatives and friends. They returned Tuesday and will make Medicine Lodge their home. May their life chain out to the three-score-and-ten corner and overrun just sixteen chains and eight links; the pathway always be to true level and every stake set in the right place. In fact, the Cresset wishes them all the good things and happiness imaginable. Also @ pg 3, col 2: Lige Henkins and bride returned from their "tour" yesterday. Lige, it is said, appeared as one in a dream during his trip. At Attica on his road home, he and his wife were left by the passenger train and had to wait for the freight. This excitement will wear off after a time.
pg 3, col 4
Married: At the Christian chapel, on Sunday, May 1st, 1887, by Rev. McFarland, Christian minister, Mr. E.W. Henkins to Miss Nettie Skinner, both of this city. First, "Alex" went to Kentucky and was married, then "Wayne" stepped off and now "Lige" has went and gone and done it, thus clearing up the first of mcKinney Bros. & Henkins, which only a few short months ago was made up entirely of single men. E.W. Henkins, commonly known to his friends and the girls as "Lige," has been in the country for a long time and has gradually worked up from a cowboy to the proud position of married man. No man ever accused Lige of being a dude and never was he accused of being dishonest, little or mean. He is a true, good western man and will make his wife a good husband if he has half a chance. The happy couple partook of an elaborate wedding dinner spread at the residence of O.C.Ewart and then boarded the afternoon train for a visit with Mr. Henkins'relatives in eastern Kansas. The Cresset throws both its old shoes, though it has to go barefoot the balance of the summer.

May 12, 1888
pg 3, col 2
Married: Kiowa comes to the front with two marriages since last Thursday. An examination of the Probate's Marriage record will show that Charles G. Chown and Haidee Long were granted license ton Saturday, May 7th; and that Henry Vail and Mattie Strother received the blessings of the Probate Judge on Wednesday, May 11th.
pg 3, col2
Married: At the Presbyterian parsonage, May 9th, Mr. Andrew G. Stewart, of Elk county, and Miss Josephine Thompson of Harper county, Kansas, were married by Rev. Jas. C. McElroy. The groom is an uncle of Samuel M. Stewart and the bride a sister of Mrs. Samuel M. Stewart of this city. The Cresset extends congratulations.

May 19, 1888
pg 3, col 1
Married: On Saturday last, May 14th, Robert A. Bush and Miss Stella Clement, both of Sharon, were married by the Probate Judge, at his office in the court house.
pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: Probate Judge Hardy, on Monday, May 16th, 1887, issued license for the marriage of Elvin D. Moore, of Dexter, Cowley county, Kansas, to Miss Ruth A. Lewellan, of Sun City, this county. As the returns are not made as yet, we cannot say whether these two hearts beat as one or not.
pg 3, col 3
Marriage License: Yesterday, May 18th, marriage license was issued to George E. Bacon, of St. Joseph, Missouri, and Maggie McClain, of Kiowa, Barber county.
pg 3, col 4
Married: A very pleasant wedding took place at the residence of Mr. Jones on the beautiful eastern slope of Pilot Knob, yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock, when his youngest daughter, Miss Bessie, was united in marriage to Edward L. Smith, of Medicine Lodge, Kansas, Rev. W.J. Gillespie, of the United Presbyterian church, officiating. The bride is an accomplished young lady, and has a host of friends, having lived in this city since early childhood, while the groom is an old Leavenworth boy, and is a thorough business young man. During his residence here, he learned the drug business under Theo. Eggersdorf and is now in business for himself in Medicine Lodge. The happy couple left on the evening train for their future home. The above is from the Leavenworth Daily Times of Thursday, May 12th, 1887, and in explanation will say that Mr. Smith and his bride arrived on Friday's train and can now be considered residents of Medicine Lodge. Mr. Smith, besides being well liked here socially, has the reputation of being a thorough business man and competent pharmacist. The Cresset unites with the balance of Ed.'s many friends in welcoming him and his bride to our little city and wishing them all the happiness, etc., etc., possible.
pg 3, col 4
Married: At the residence of the bride's parents at Sharon, Kansas, on Sunday, May 15th, by Rev. J.W. Hopwood, John C. Thurman, of this city, was married to Miss Chloro E. Williams, in the presence of only a few of the immediate friends of the contracting parties. Mr. Thurman is well known throughout the county as a genial, pleasant and business-like young man, and as he has been connected with the First National Bank of this city for some time, he might be regarded as a feature of that institution. Miss Williams is one of the handsomest and brightest young ladies of Sharon, and the union will give Medicine Lodge a young married couple of which she may well feel proud. Mr. Thurman had previously purchased property on Walnut street, and he and his bride have already taken possession and are living at home.

May 26, 1887, pg 2, col 4
Born: Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Fox, one and one-half miles southeast of Hazelton, were made the happy parents of a daughter last Thursday. [Hazelton news]

Jun 2, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Burney reports a boy of average weight born to Mr. and Mrs. William Wilson on Sunday, May 29th.
pg 3, col 1
Born: On last Friday night, an eight pound girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Estill. Dr. Burney officiated.
pg 3, col 1
Marriage License: On Tuesday, May 31st, a license was issued by the Probate Judge for the marriage of Stephen T. Roach and Iantha E. Fergason, both of Amber, Kansas. Miss Iantha is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.E. Fergason.

Jun 9, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Married: A marriage license was issued on June 4th to Samuel P. Medaris and Amanda Carpenter, both of Hazelton. They were married on the 5th by Rev. H.J. Burton. And on June 8th, Judge Hardy tied up Roland J. Mitchell and Josephine Wampler, both of t his township.
pg 3, col 1
Married: T.B. MacDonald and Miss Louise McPherson were married at the residence of D.M.Carmichael on Thursday evening of last week, in the presence of only a few immediate friends and relatives of the contracting parties. Rev. J.C. McElroy officiated. The Cresset extends its best.
pg 3, col 1
Married: The Probate Judge's marriage record shows that Rev. J.Y. Lemming, of Kiowa, married H.W. Sommers to Mrs. Lizzie Herr on Saturday, June 11th, 1887.
pg 3, col 2
Birthday: Joy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Holmes, gave a party on Thursday, June 2nd, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her birth. The young folks had a royal afternoon and it is to be hoped Joy will have many just such happy birthdays. The following is a list of the girls and boys in attendance: Lena O'Bryan, Mabel Stone, Gertie Ellis, Laura Payne, Mary Jacobs, Gertie Sanderson, Abbie McElroy, Lulu Duke, Die Kidd, Ruth Curd, Wirtie Caruthers, Lepha Payne and Ethel Simmons of city and Stella Hockingberry and Nellie Lovitt, of Kiowa; the boys were Eddie Standiford, Roy Stone, Bob Ewart, Harry Strong, Dell Taliaferro, Lail Sparks and Pearl Boyd.

Jun 16, 1887
Married: "Romantic Matrimony" - On Thursday last, June 9th, 1887, at the M.E. Parsonage, in Anthony, by Rev. Grimes, the M.E. minister, Frank S. Strong of this city to Miss Carrie Anderson of Winfield. Some time since Miss Anderson came to this city to visit with her sister, Mrs. W.M. Bronson, and soon an attachment sprung up between her and Frank S. Strong. It seems that this attachment grew stronger and stronger and finally resulted in the marriage as noted above. Last Thursday, Miss Anderson started for her home at Winfield, and was to be accompanied part of the way by Mr. Strong. While on the way, the young people concluded that that was as good as any future date, so they left the train at Harper, staged it to Anthony, were married and are now happy. The next day, Mrs. Strong went to her parent's home at Winfield and Mr. Strong returned to Medicine Lodge. As Mr. Strong is connected with the principal hotel here, being a son of M. Strong, proprietor of the Grand, the hotel men of Anthony endeavored to make everything pleasant for the young people, by serenading them at their hotel, the Montezuma, calling in some of the Anthony young people and holding an informal reception, banquet and dance. There is only one thing about the marriage that is at all strange, and that is why the interested parties should go to Anthony, among strangers, to get married. Both are so well and favorably known and of such standing in society that there could not possibly have been an objection on the part of relatives on either side. However as it was their marriage, and as both are old enough to know their own minds, they cannot be censured, and the Cresset , along with the balance of their host of friends, joins in wishing them all the joy and happiness possible in this world of stone-bruises, gum boils and trouble.

Jun 23, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Born: On Monday of last week, twins were born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Ayer. On Friday one of the little ones died. It was the smallest and very weakly when born. Dr. Davis was the attending physician.
pg 3, col 3
Married: A.G. Richardson, of Wellington, and Miss Dessie Cole, of this county, were married at the Cling House on Thursday of last week by Judge Hardy.
pg 3, col 3
Married: Today at eleven o'clock, A.S. McClearey and Miss Anna M. Nelson were married at the residence of the bride at Hazelton. Mr. McClearey is well and favorably known all over the county. He learned the printers'trade in the Index office in this city and as that paper expresses it "was the main-stay in the office for some time." When his father was appointed postmaster, he entered the office as deputy, but not he conducts a book and stationery and general notions in the P.O. building. He has already prepared a house for his bride, and they will be "at home" to their many friends in a few days. The bride is highly spoken of by the Hazelton people and will make a splendid addition to Medicine Lodge society.

Jun 30, 1887
pg 3, col 1
Married: June 27th, in this city at the Cling Hotel, by Rev. R. Sanderson, Mr. Sterling P. Fulton to Miss Lucy Carry, both of the city of Kiowa.
pg 3, col 1
Born: Dr. Davis told us to report a baby for John Vaughn and wife, born last Friday night, June 24th- weight eight pounds. We do not know whether Dr. Davis led the choir or not.
pg 3, col 2
Born: On Friday morning of last week a handsome little girl baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. A.N.Roberts. Mother and baby doing well. Nick still insists that it is a boy and that it looks like its pa. Grandpa Updegraff is also very proud of his first grand-daughter. Dr. Burney was master of ceremonies.
pg 3, col 5
Died: Of cholera infantum on the 14th of June, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Guad. It was interred in the Hazelton cemetery.

July-Dec 1887

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