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The Barber County Index was a weekly newspaper, published in Medicine Lodge beginning at the end of 1880. At the time this reel begins, Wednesday, October 2, 1901, Painter and Herr had assumed control of the Index. Local news included coverage from the surrounding communities, as well as Medicine Lodge. This reel continues through May 27, 1903. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson (

Jul 2, 1902
pg 1, col 4
Marriage License: Judge Lacy issued a marriage license the latter part of last week to William Weinrich and Elizabeth Sable, of Kiowa and to Sherley C. Fullerton and Larena Mathew of Hazelton. Both couples are strangers to us but we hope that their lives may be happy and prosperous.
pg 1, col 4
Marriage License: Mr. Floyd Fullerton, of Kiowa, and Miss Nora Searls, of Harper, procured a license June 22nd, but bound the probate judge to secrecy until this late date which explains our tardiness. Mr. Fullerton is employed by the Standard Oil Co., and makes frequent trips to this city.
pg 1, col 4
Married: Mr. Ignacy Gabryelski and Miss Constance Pileski, of this city, were united in marriage on Wednesday, June 18, 1902, by Father Moloney of the Catholic church according to the rites of that faith. The bride is a niece of Dr. S. Kociell and has resided here only a few years. The couple left yesterday for their native home in Russia. This marriage was also successfully hidden away from the Index reporter through a conspiracy between Judge Lacy and Dr. Kociell, but “truth crushed to earth shall rise again,” and while it is a little late reckoned by dates, it is news to us and our readers. The Index extends most hearty congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Gabryelski and we hope that their marital life in their native home across the briny deep may be one of never-ending bliss.
pg 1, col 4
Married: Winfield Journal - At the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Baxter of College Hill, this morning at 10 o’clock, Miss Cora M. Baxter was married to Mr. Thomas L. Parker of Medicine Lodge. It was a quiet home wedding, only relatives and a few friends being present. Rev. Martin, of Perry, performed the ceremony, and afterwards an elegant dinner was served. The bride is well known in Winfield, and will be much missed by her friends. The groom travels for the Northwestern Life and Investment Co. He was formerly a student of S.W.K.C. Mr. and Mrs. Parker left today for Wichita and Newton, which latter city will be their home.
pg 1, col 4
Birthday: “In Honor of Captain Nation” - The following account of Captain David Nation’s 74th birthday is from the Galion (Ohio) Sun-Review. It will be of interest to his comrades and friends in Barber county: Wednesday, the 11th [of June] was celebrated as the 74th anniversary of David Nation’s birthday at the residence of William Riddle and wife, Mrs. Riddle being a daughter. Besides a few neighbors, there were present from a distance: Maj. James R. Nation, 9th Ind. Cavalry, and his daughter, Ethel; Mrs. Sallie Hedgepette, a sister, of Union City, Ind.; Mrs. Laura J. White, a daughter, and her son, of Columbus; Mrs. Ernest Riddle, granddaughter, and David Wilford Riddle, great grandson. The day was most pleasantly spent and enjoyed by the old veteran. Among the presents received by the Captain were a solid gold-headed ebony cane, an ivory handled hat brush, and a very unique glass paper weight, lettered inside as follows: “Captain David Nation, Co. B, 69th Ind. Vol.,” with a picture of soldiers’ tents and the flag floating in the breeze, ornamented with trees, etc. It is beautiful and was manufactured by an old soldier in the glassworks at Marion, Ind.
pg 5, col 3
Died: It is with sadness we speak of the death of our friend and neighbor, Mrs. Lester White, who died at her home one half mile south of Isabel, June 23, 1902. Mrs. White has been in failing health for several months and all that medical aid, loving hearts and kind hands could do was done, but all was in vain, life was fast ebbing away and none realized the fact more than she herself. She was a beautiful example of how a true Christian can meet death. She was ever cheerful, patient and kind through her long suffering and spoke freely of her departure, telling her beloved that she was wholly resigned to the Lord’s will. Only a few hours before she passed away, she called her family to the bedside and kissed each one goodbye and asked them not to weep for her, to meet her in heaven. While they will miss the loving wife and mother from their home so dear to her, may their broken hearts be comforted with the beautiful thought that while hidden from view she still lives and stands in the gateway looking down from her heavenly home lovingly calling her dear ones with beautiful beckoning hands. Sadly will she be missed from her place in our Sunday School and all church work where she was ever ready and willing to do what her hands found to do. “Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of they Lord.” Mrs. White leaves a husband, three sons and two daughters to mourn her loss. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Lahr, after which the remains were laid to rest in the family cemetery near her old home. [Lengthy memorial poem follows] [Isabel news]

Jul 9, 1902
pg 1, col 4
Married: On Monday, June 30, 1902, at the residence of R.S. Field in Kansas City, Charles B. Currie and Mrs. Lilah M. Field were united in marriage. They arrived home on Tuesday night and at once began housekeeping at the attractive Currie ranch adjoining this city. On Saturday night, about a dozen couples of the older set - “old timers, as it were - waited on Mr. and Mrs. Currie with all the regalia and incidentals necessary to make life merry. Mr. Currie did the proper thing in the way of fixing them up with refreshments and the “meeting” was enjoyed to the fullest extent. The parties to this marriage are two of the county’s leading citizens and have contributed much to the upbuilding of the county. They have a very wide acquaintanceship and are honored and respected by all. The union is a most happy one and their friends take pleasure in congratulating them.
pg 1, col 4
Married: Thomas McFadden and Jessie Preize, of Kiowa, were married in the parlor of the City hotel on Thursday, July 3rd, by Judge W.T. Collins.
pg 1, col 4
Married: Arthur Delmont and Miss Minnie Rule, of Sharon, were united in marriage in this city at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Collins, on Friday, July 4th, Judge Collins officiating. The bride is a daughter of Oliver W. Rule and is a lady of enviable attainments. The groom is a prosperous young farmer. We extend congratulations.
pg 1, col 5
Died: Augustus Lauby, of Mingona township, died on Saturday July 5, 1902. The cause of death was cancer. Mr. Arterburn was 78 years of age and lived in Barber county many years. He was an excellent old gentleman and was highly esteemed by all his neighbors and acquaintances. Funeral services were conducted Sunday by Rev. J.H. Shamberger and the remains laid to rest in the Doles graveyard by the side of his wife who died a few years ago. The deceased is survived by several grown children.
pg 1, col 5
Died: The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Lauby, of Valley township, died on Sunday, July 6th. The child was only nine days of age. The cause of death was pneumonia. Funeral services were held Monday. The bereaved parents have our sympathy.
pg 5, col 1
Born: Dr. J.K. Osborne reports a girl baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Laswell, on Thursday, July 3rd.
Jul 16, 1902
pg 1, col 1
Died: The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W.L. Bragg, of Eagle township, died on Sunday, July 13th. Funeral services were held on Monday. The child was about one year old. The bereaved parents have our sincere sympathy.
pg 1, col 1
Died: Coldwater Star (Comanche County) - Notice reached Coldwater on Tuesday of the death by drowning of Willie C. Brownback, son of W.H. Brownback, of Edinburg, Ill., who owns a large ranch in the southwestern part of Barber county, and the southeastern part of this county. The circumstances of the death are very sad and elicit the sympathy of the many friends of the bereaved parents.
pg 5, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Adams on Saturday, July 12th, a boy. Dr. S. Kociell in attendance.
pg 5, col 2
Married: Jas. A. Hutchens and Nettie Cooper, both of Kiowa, were married by Probate Judge Lacy last Wednesday, July 10, 1902. The contacting parties are strangers here but they have the hearty congratulations of the Index.
pg 5, col 2
Married: John L. Solf and Rhoda E. Cushenbery, both of Sharon, were united in marriage at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Cushenbery on Sunday, July 13, 1902. Rev. Geo. Robinson, of Sharon township, officiated. The groom is a prosperous young farmer of that neighborhood and the bride is an accomplished young lady loved and respected by a host of friends for her kind and gentle disposition and loftiness of character. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Solf nature’s choicest blessings.
pg 5, col 2
Married: James E. Barber, of Sharon township, and Laura B. Gaddie, of Medicine Lodge township, were married at the residence of Rev. Swan in this city on Saturday, July 11, 1902. Mr. Barbour [sic] is a substantial farmer full of energy and will make a model husband. The bride is a daughter of R.D. Gaddie and has grown from childhood to womanhood in this vicinity. She is strictly a Barber county girl and has hosts of friends among the young people. We hope their married life will be crowned with joy and uninterrupted success.

Jul 23, 1902
pg 1, col 1
Married: Robert J. Dunbar and Nellie J. Garvin, both of Hazelton, were united in marriage by Probate Judge Lacy in this city last Wednesday, July 16th. The young people come from two of the best families in Barber county and the Index joins with their friends in congratulating them.
pg 1, col 2
Married: Judge Lacy performed the marriage ceremony on Monday, July 21st, of Hermon Wyatt and Sadie Cumiford of Springvale. The groom resides in Pratt county and the bride is a Barber county girl. Those who witnessed the ceremony say that the Judge came very near making an awful blunder.

Jul 30, 1902
pg 1, col 1
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. O.J. Hitt, on Tuesday, July 22, a nice boy baby. ****Dr. Moore.
pg 1, col 1
Married: Earl Dow and Lula June Garten were united in marriage at the residence of the bride’s parents [text illegible] John Garten, in Mingona township, last Wednesday, June 23, 1902. Rev. J.H. Shamberger performed the ceremony.

Aug 6, 1902
pg 1, col 4
Married: Elisha W. Stout and Nona Hulick were joined in marriage at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Hanson in this city Tuesday evening, August 5, 1902. Rev. J.J. Griffin, pastor of the Baptist church, solemnized the marriage. The ceremony was witnessed by only a few of the immediate relatives. The groom is the second son of Dr. and Mrs. I.W. Stout and a man of sterling worth and lofty character. He has grown from boyhood to manhood here and his friends take pleasure in congratulating him. The bride is formerly from Dorchester, Nebraska, where her parents now reside, but she has lived in this county during the three past years. Until about a year ago, she lived with friends at Lake City, when she came to Medicine Lodge. She has many friends here and elsewhere who wish her a happy life.
pg 1, col 5
Died: “Gone to Rest, Mrs. J.C. Lovejoy Died Friday, Aug. 1st” - Mrs. J.C. Lovejoy died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Waldron Chase, on Friday, August 1, 1902, at 7:15 a.m., aged 65 years, three months and one day. Mrs. Lovejoy was born in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, April 30, 1836. She grew to womanhood and was married in that state. Mrs. Chase was their only child. She came to Barber county this spring, accompanied by her husband in the hope of benefitting her health. She has been very near to death’s door a few times recently. Short services were held from the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Chase Saturday morning after the remains taken to Manchester, N.H. for burial in the family plot. Mr. Lovejoy and Mrs. Chase went in charge of the remains. Mrs. Lovejoy’s residence in our city was short but those of our people who had the privilege of her acquaintance are grieved to bid her farewell. The husband and daughter whose loss is beyond estimation have the sincere sympathy of their friends. And also: Mr. Lovejoy requests us to express his gratitude to the Medicine Lodge people for their kindnesses, for the beautiful flower and expressions of sympathy on this occasion. He expects to make Medicine Lodge his home. See also Aug 20, 1902, pg 1, col 2 for extended obituary from the Manchester, N.H. Daily Mirror and American.]

Aug 13, 1902
pg 1, col 1
Married: Ernest Birdsell and Sarah Kidwell, both of Kiowa, were joined in marriage by Probate Judge Lacy last Thursday, August 7th.
pg 1, col 3
Marriage License: Judge Lacy issued a marriage license last Thursday to Thomas B. Oliver, of Isabel, and Ida M. Kehoe, of Medora, Reno county.
pg 1, col 3
Married: “Judge J.W. Potes, Married” - L.D. Elliott and wife received a card Saturday from relatives at Windsor, Canada, stating that their father, Judge J.W. Potes, is married. The lady’s name was not given but full information was promised later. Uncle John’s matrimonial plunge comes in the nature of a surprise to his friends here but yet we are frank to say that we always suspected him. He and his wife expect to make his home here and will be at home about September 1st. We predict a big serenading party on their arrival.

Aug 20, 1902
pg 1, col 1
Marriage License: Austin C. Williams, of Bolivar, Mo., and Carrie R. Welch, of Hazelton, secured a marriage license Tuesday evening of last week.
pg 1, col 5
Died: After battling with cancer for many years enduring great suffering for more than a year, James J. Hodge closed his eyes in rest and peace on Sunday, August 17, 1902, at 5 o’clock a.m. During the past year, he was confined to his room continuously and his death was looked for at any moment. Funeral services were held at the family residence Sunday evening, conducted by Rev. J.J. Griffin, pastor of the Baptist church. Mr. Hodge was 67 years, 7 months and 15 days of age. He lived in Barber county for many years and has been identified with our livestock interests. He formerly lived at Aetna but bought property and moved to the city a few years ago. He was a soldier in the civil war and served with credit, honor and distinction. Geo. R. Hodge and Mrs. Cox of this city are his children. Several others living in different states, and his wife who waited on him constantly until death relieved him, survive. The sympathy of the entire county goes out to her in all she has sustained. A good citizen is gone. [Followed by Card of Thanks.]

Aug 27, 1902
pg 1, col 2
Married: Frank J. Overstreet and Crissie C. Cramer of Kiowa were united in marriage at the Baptist parsonage in this city last Thursday, August 21st, by Rev. J.J. Griffin. Mr. Overstreet is employed with the J.W. Metz Mercantile Company and the bride is a daughter of J.B. Cramer, a prominent real estate dealer of the border city. The parties to this contract are excellent young people and well suited to each other. They have the warmest friendship and esteem of the people of Kiowa.
pg 5, col 2
Born: W.L. Iliff and wife are the proud parents of a big boy born last Thursday, Aug. 21st. Dr. Moore in attendance.

Sep 3, 1902
pg 1, col 1
Born: Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Southwick’s home was brightened by the arrival of a new girl on Saturday, August 30, 1902. Both mother and child doing well. Dr. T.A. Coleman in attendance.
pg 1
Marriage License: Geo. E. Clark, formerly of the H.G. Waltner Mercantile Company of Kiowa, and Miss Grace Brakey, of the same place, now employed with the Metz Mercantile Company, will be united in marriage September 10th. Probate Judge Lacy issued the license yesterday.

Sep 10, 1902
pg 1, col 2
Married: William R. Brakey and Lillian T. Dorman, both of Kiowa, were united in marriage at the M.E. church parsonage by Rev. W.J. Weber, last Wednesday, Sept. 3rd. Mr. Brakey is one of Kiowa’s energetic young salesman and has the confidence and esteem of all the business men in that city. We hope his future will be blessed with the great success which his industry merits.
pg 1, col 3
Marriage: Invitations are out announcing the marriage of Norman A. Lytle, of this city, and Miss Rachel E. Nixon, now of Utica, Iowa, but formerly of this city. The wedding is to be at the residence of Miss Nixon’s parents at Utica, September 17th. They will be at home to their Medicine Lodge friends after October 1st.
pg 1, col 3
Marriage License: Arthur C. Andrews, of Marysville, Missouri, and Gertrude A. Alexander, of this city, secured a marriage license at the probate judge’s office yesterday. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Alexander who now reside in the Cook property on Washington avenue. Mr. Alexander a few years ago invested in an extensive ranch in Eagle township. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews will reside at Marysville.

Sep 17, 1902, pg 1, col 4
Married: Alva Pioneer - Married at the residence of the bride in this city last Sunday evening, Mr. William E. Williams to Mrs. Maude Leslie, Rev. Wagner officiating. They are both of Alva and well known, Mr. Williams being the proprietor of the candy factory on the north side, and is a progressive and energetic business man. Mrs. Leslie is the mother of the Leslie brothers of the south side grocery. They left yesterday for Medicine Lodge, where they will spend a few days visiting friends. They will make their home in Alva, and the Pioneer joins their host of friends in wishing them prosperity and happiness. The boys of the town entertained them with the regular tin pan serenade, but the music was not sufficiently appreciated to bring for the Havana fillers. Our citizens were somewhat surprised to meet W.E. Williams and bride last Thursday. They had not heard of his matrimonial plunge and when he introduced Mrs. Williams to them it was unexpected. Mr. Williams is in business at Alva and he and his wife will continue to live in that city. He has been a Barber county citizen for many years and we would like to have him return again.

Sep 24, 1902, pg 1, col 5
Married: Richard Kenney of this county and Irene Billig, of Harper, were united in marriage at Anthony, on Monday, September 15, 1902. They arrived home the latter part of the week and are at home to their friends on the groom’s farm in Nippawalla township. Mr. Kenney is one of Barber county’s energetic stockmen. Miss Billig has lived in Medicine Lodge several years and has many friends among our people. We wish them a life of success and happiness.
Oct 1, 1902
pg 1, col 3
Married: Wilbert M. Hayes and Clara Davidson were married at the Baptist parsonage on Sunday evening, September 28, 1902. Rev. J.J. Griffin performed the ceremony in the presence of a few of the immediate relatives. Mr. Hayes is the youngest son of Mrs. S.A. Hayes. He is a young man of great energy and a recognized athlete. Miss Davidson’s home is at Waynoka, O.T. She has lived here several months past with her aunt, Mrs. J.J. Hodge. She is a pleasant young lady and enjoys the loved and esteem of a large circle of friends. The Index extends congratulations.
pg 1, col 3
Married: Eugene Meader and Linnie Shanks of Eagle township were united in marriage by Probate Judge Lacy on Saturday, September 28th. The groom is from Woods county, Ok., and reputed to be a shrewd business man. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Shanks and is one of Barber county’s most efficient school teachers. She has a wide acquaintanceship with whom the Index joins in wishing her a happy future.
pg 1
Marriage: Woodward Bulletin - Cards are out for the wedding of Guy Baysinger and Miss Bessie Thompson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Thompson, on Wednesday evening, Oct. 8th. Mr. and Mrs. Baysinger will be at home to their friends after November 5th.

Oct 8, 1902
pg 1, col 5
Married: The following account of the marriage of Miss Mattie L. Gallagher, daughter to Mrs. J.D. Matthews, of this city, is taken from the Pueblo Chieftain: “At the home of Mrs. L.A. Woods, 214 west Abriendo avenue, Fred A. Woods and Miss Mattie L. Gallagher were united in wedlock, Rev.. Thomas Stephenson officiating. The home was beautifully arranged for the occasion and a number of relatives and friends were present to join in the happy event. The bride and groom stood in front the bay window. The minister and Miss Gladys Middlekamp marched in together, the minister using the beautiful ring service and Miss Middlekamp bearing the ring. Mr. Woods is connected with the Colorado car service bureau, and has lived in the city eleven years. He is a young man of excellent character and fine business ability. Mrs. Woods is the daughter of Mrs. J.D. Matthews, and is a lady of culture and refinement. The beautiful service and the happy home and gathering made a charming beginning to what many friends hope will be a long and prosperous married life. Mr. and Mrs. Woods will be at home after November 1 at 31 block O.” The bride is a thorough Barber county girl and counts her friends here by the score, all of whom take pleasure in extending sincerest congratulations and kindliest regards. Miss Gallagher is a charming young lady and possesses many accomplishments which make her popular with her associates. The Index was remembered on this occasion with some delicious Pueblo wedding cake and we must be pardoned if we feel a little proud. Nothing could have made our hearts gladder, unless it would have been the privilege of kissing the bride.
pg 1, col 5
Married: Fritz Adler returned on Tuesday of last week from his summer’s visit in Switzerland a married man. He and his bride are occupying rooms at the Grand Hotel. Mr. Adler spent about six months in Europe and visited all the principal cities. He says Switzerland is a nice country to live in but it isn’t the place for stockmen. He expects to buy a ranch in Barber county again.
pg 1, col 5
Married: Probate Judge Lacy united George W. Fain and Nellie Faucett in marriage at his office in this city on Monday, Oct. 6th, 1902. Both parties live in Cedar township and are highly respected. We extend congratulations.

Oct 15, 1902
pg 1
Married: Junius E. Sullivan and Ruby A. Prock, of Hazelton, were united in marriage by Probate Judge Lacy last Wednesday, Oct. 8th. A marriage license was granted on the same day to W. Edgar Faucett, of Neosho, Mo., and Maud L. Fain, of Cedar township. [See Oct 22, pg 1 for report of Faucett-Fain nuptials.]
pg 1
Married: On Friday, the 10th, Judge Lacy put on a little more style than usual and went out and married a nice looking colored couple, the parties being Geo. A. Williams, of Pratt, and Grace Beane, of this city. For some reason, we can’t explain it, the Judge always takes more than usual pride in joining the hearts of colored folks.
pg 1
Married: John Runkle and Ida Huitt, of Valley township, were united in marriage on Sunday, October 12, 1902. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. D.W. Runkle and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Huitt. Both are substantial families and are held in the highest esteem by their neighbors and friends. The Index wishes Mr. and Mrs. Runkle a long, prosperous and happy married life.
pg 1
Born: Emmett McClearey and wife are the happy parents of a nice daughter born October 7th. and wife are the happy parents of a nice daughter born October 7th.

Oct 22, 1902
pg 1, col 2
Died: “The Death Roll” - Sallie Fuller, wife of William Fuller, residing three miles east of town, died suddenly on Tuesday afternoon of last week, the result of blood poisoning. The news of her death came with great sorrow and surprise on account of the fact that she had always been in good health and very few people knew that she had even been sick, though she had been several days. Funeral services were held at the residence on Wednesday afternoon conducted by Rev. W.J. Weber. Mrs. Fuller was 26 years, 8 months and 20 days of age. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.B. Cole and was brought up in this vicinity. She was loved and respected by all the people of the community and the parting is attended with much grief and sorrow. Our people unite in extending their deepest sympathy to Mr. Fuller and the stricken families and friends. [Card of thanks from Wm. Fuller follows.]
pg 1, col 2
Died: A.B. Davenport died on Thursday, October 16, 1902, at 5 o’clock a.m. Mr. Davenport was afflicted with dropsy for more than a year and for several months he has been in a serious condition. He had been in Wichita and other places but only got temporary relief. Funeral services were held at the Baptist Church Friday afternoon, conducted by Rev. J.J. Griffin. Mr. Davenport was 66 years, 11 months and 5 days of age. He was a good citizen and was highly honored by a wide acquaintanceship. The Masonic and G.A.R. lodges, of which the deceased was an honored member, attended the funeral in a body.
pg 1, col 2
Died: “Poison in Milk” - Thomas Lawson Lindley, youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Lindley, died on Sunday, October 19, 1902, from the effect of drinking poisoned milk. The child was 1 year, 8 months and 13 days old. This is a very peculiar case. The entire family was taken sick from the effects of using the milk from their own cow. Another child came near dying, and Mr. and Mrs. Osborne’s child was also very sick from the same cause, as they get their milk from Mrs. Lindley. The supposition is that the cow had eaten something that poisoned the milk. No other hypothesis can be assigned as the family always handle the milk with the extra precaution. Funeral services were held on Monday conducted by Rev. L.M. Belden. This is the second child Mr. and Mrs. Lindley have lost recently and their sorrow and grief is beyond what words convey. The suddenness with which it happened makes it doubly sad. We sympathize deeply with them in the loss of their little one.
pg 1, col 4
Married: W. Edgar Faucett, of Neosho, and Miss Maud L. Fain, of Cedar township, were united in marriage at the residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Fain, on Thursday, Oct. 9, 1902. Rev. Geo. Robinson of Sharon pronounced the words that made them man and wife. The groom is in business at Neosho and the couple have gone there to reside. The bride is one of Barber county’s most charming daughters and comes from one of our best families.
pg 1, col 4
Married: Roscoe Davis, of Sharon township, and Miss Nellie Martin, of this city, were joined together in the sacred bonds of matrimony on Thursday, Oct. 16, 1902, at the residence of the officiating pastor, Rev. F.S. Atwell. The groom is the oldest son of E.C. Davis, our present county surveyor. He is noted as the foremost base ball player in this part of the state and could enter the league at any time he might desire. He is a young man of marked ability, honor and integrity and is well qualified to engage in any business or profession he may choose. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.M. Martin, is one of the county’s most efficient school teachers, as well as one of our prettiest and most pleasant young ladies. Both parties to the contract have numbers of friends in the city and county with whom the Index is glad to join in wishing them a most prosperous and happy life.

Oct 29, 1902
pg 1, col 2
Married: James C. McGarvin and Lulu M. Burton were united in marriage by Probate Judge Lacy on Saturday, October 25, 1902. The groom is a son of Mrs. J.H. Gentry of Deerhead township and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Burton of Aetna township. Both parties are highly respected and come from excellent families. The Index extends hearty congratulations.
pg 1, col 3
Born: C.W. Kidd and wife are the happy parents of a nice big girl baby born last Wednesday, Oct. 22nd.
pg 1, col 5
Died: “Tribute to A.B. Davenport” - The bugle call has again sounded and another of our comrades has obeyed the summons of our Commander. On October 16th, 1902, A.B. Davenport, Co. A, 35th Inf., whom we have long known and loved for his sterling qualities, died at his home in Medicine Lodge and on Saturday, October 18th, taps were sounded over his grave bed by comrades of Eldred Post, G.A.R., who weep for him as a brother gone, as a comrade who endured the privations of war in brave defense of our country. To the surviving relatives, we tender these few words, which but feebly express our love and respect for him who is gone. By order of Eldred Post No. 174, G.A.R. Signed: J.H. Owen, and W.T. Collins. Followed by Card of Thanks signed by Mrs. A.R. Davenport and children.

Nov 5, 1902, pg 1, col 4
Married: Robert S. English and Annella N. Ross were united in marriage at the residence of the bride’s parents, Saturday night, November 11, 1902. Rev. W.J. Weber, pastor of the Methodist church, performed the ceremony. Mr. English was brought up in Barber county. He has been identified with our livestock interests for a number of years and was also engaged in business in the city. He is a man of unquestioned integrity and enjoys the confidence and respect of everybody. The bride is an accomplished young lady and one of the county’s ablest school teachers. She has many well wishing friends in the city and county. Mr. and Mrs. English are at home to their friends at the groom’s home on Walnut street.

Nov 12, 1902, pg 1, col 3
Born: A girl baby was born to C.D. Rackley and wife last Wednesday, November 5th. and wife last Wednesday, November 5th.

Nov 19, 1902
pg 1, col 1
Died: Mrs. Anna E. Blickhahn, of Walsenburg, Colorado, died November 9th, of pneumonia. She was the oldest daughter of Dr. Geo. W. Ayers, of this city, and the sad news of her death came with a great shock to the father. The following account of her death is taken from the Walsenburg Yuca: Mrs. Anna E. Blickhahn, wife of Judge Henry Blickhahn, died at the family home in this place at 3:30 Sunday afternoon, Nov. 9, 1902, of pneumonia. Funeral services were held at the house at 2:30 Monday afternoon under the auspices of the order of the Eastern Star of which she was a member. Mrs. Blickhahn was born in DuRuyter, N.Y., and at the time of her death was 40 years, 7 months and 17 days old. She leaves a husband, father, brother, sister and six children to mourn her loss. Her father and brother reside in Kansas and her sister, Mrs. Frank McHarg, resides here. Her children are Mrs. Geo. Lillis, Kathrine, Edna, George and Harry, all of whom are living here. During her long residence in Walsenburg, Mrs. Blickhahn has made many warm friends who will feel her loss keenly.
pg 1, col 1
Born: C.Q. Chandler and wife welcomed a nice boy baby at their home on Saturday, November 15th. We don’t think a happier man walks the streets of Medicine Lodge than C.Q.
pg 1, col 3
Married: John L. Potts, of Kingman, and Cora M. Wainscott, of Hazelton, were united in marriage by Probate Judge Lacy on Tuesday evening of last week, November 11th.
pg 1, col 3
Engaged: Attica Independent - Cards are out announcing the marriage of Miss Tressie Grigsby, of Sawyer, Kansas, to Oscar Ray Stephens. Miss Grigsby has a large circle of friends in Attica, who wish her happiness and congratulate Mr. Stephens in his happy choice.

Nov 26, 1902
pg 1, col 1
Died: Mr. H.N. Ayers died last Friday morning at his residence four miles northwest of Hazelton. As has been before in our stated items, Mr. Ayers had not been expected to recover from a bad spell of fever contracted some five or six weeks ago. The deceased would have been 79 years old Dec. 23rd. We have been personally acquainted with him for 19 years. [Hazelton news][Note: This lengthy obit is incomplete. Please consult the reel for the full obituary.]
pg 1, col 2
Marriage Licenses: Judge Lacy issued a marriage license on Saturday to Howard Lewis Livingston and Jennie Leah Greever; and on Monday, he issued one to Lew V. York and Mae B. Greever; all of Kiowa. Both brides are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. C.T. Greever and are among Kiowa’s most popular young ladies.
pg 8, col 1
Engaged: Ingersoll Review - Cards are out announcing the marriage of Mr. Billie Wilson of Kiowa and Miss Birdie Singer of New York. The event will occur December 27, 1902 at the home of the bride. We are not acquainted with the bride, but do know Mr. Wilson. He is an old cattle man and we thought was cast iron against the fair sex, but it seems he has at last met his Waterloo. After the marriage, they will reside in Canada.

Dec 3, 1902
pg 1, col 2
Married: Anthony Republican - “Dr. A.D. Updegraff, of Anthony, Kansas, was married yesterday afternoon in Kansas City, Kans., to Miss Sadie Eden. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Father Anthony Kuhls of the St. Mary’s Catholic church, at the parsonage. Only members of the family and a few intimate friends were present. After the marriage, the bridal party repaired to the home of the bride’s mother, at 413 Nebraska avenue, where dinner was served. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Annie Tierney and is a well known young society woman of Kansas City, Kansas. Dr. Updegraff, while a resident of Kansas City, Kansas, was surgeon for the Swarzschild & Sulzberger packing house and also assistant surgeon at Bethany hospital. Dr. and Mrs. Updegraff left on a late train for Anthony, Kansas, where they will make their home.” And from the Anthony Bulletin - “Dr. and Mrs. Updegraff arrived in Anthony Tuesday morning of this week, and are comfortably located in a suite of rooms adjoining the doctor’s office. They are receiving a hospitable welcome to Anthony.” Dr. Updegraff is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. M.E. Updegraff and grew from boyhood to manhood in Medicine Lodge. The Index rejoices at his success both in professional and social life.
pg 1, col 2
Married: Mathew J. Artman and Clara B. Cloutman, of Sawyer, were united in marriage by Probate Judge Lacy, last Wednesday, November 26th.
pg 1, col 2
Died: Dr. R.A. Thomas and wife of Kiowa mourn the death of their boy baby which occurred on Saturday. The Index extends heartfelt sympathy in the loss of their household treasure.
pg 1, col 2
Died: Mrs. John Lewis, of Kiowa, died on Sunday after an illness of several weeks, which was pronounced fatal from the beginning. Her maiden name was Mae McAllister. She was well and favorably known by many of the young people in Medicine Lodge.
pg 1, col 3
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. A. Ferguson on Thursday, Nov. 27, a daughter. Dr. Coleman in attendance.
pg 5, col 1
Born: To Frank Anderson and wife, of Mingona township, Tuesday morning, Dec. 2nd, a son. Dr. Moore.

Dec 10, 1902, pg 1, col 4
Died: “Ended His Life, Judge W.M. Pancoast Succumbs to a Dose of Arsenic” - Judge W.M. Pancoast, of Isabel, died last Thursday, December 4, 1902. The immediate cause of his death was an overdose of arsenic taken to quiet pain on account of general disorder of the system. The deceased formerly lived at Pratt and served that county four years in the capacity of probate judge. He came to Isabel, this county, last spring and opened a law and real estate office. His brother, Judge J.L. Pancoast, of Woodward, was informed of his death and he arrived the following day and took charge of the body. Funeral services were held in Pratt. The deceased was a widower.

Dec 17, 1902
pg 1, col 2
Died: Edward Sanford died at his home three miles west of town on Monday, December 15, 1902. He was attacked with pneumonia a little over a week ago and his condition at once became critical and after a few days of sickness there was no hope of recovery. Funeral services were conducted at the Baptist church yesterday afternoon and interment was made in Highland cemetery. Elder R.H. Tanksley, pastor of the Christian church, conducted the service. Edward Sanford was born at Boonville, Missouri, April 6, 1863, and died at Medicine Lodge, Kansas, December 15, 1902, aged 39 years, 8 months and 9 days. He came to Barber county from Oklahoma last spring and moved on the Mawson farm west of this city. He was a citizen of great worth and won the friendship and esteem of all with whom he came in contact. He leaves a wife and little girl about 5 years old. The Index extends deepest sympathy to them in their distress.
pg 1, col 3
Birthday: Master Milton Case celebrated his eighth birthday on Saturday by inviting in a number of his young friends. The little people spent an enjoyable afternoon.
pg 1, col 5
Married: Earl H. Holmes and Mamie Cole were united in marriage on Wednesday, Dec. 10, ‘02. The ceremony took place at the Presbyterian parsonage, Rev. L.M. Belden pronouncing the words that made them man and wife. Mr. Holmes is one of our substantial young men and has lived most of his years in Barber county. For a few years he held a clerical position in Kansas City, but he soon found it more profitable and satisfactory to return again to Barber county and is at present foreman of the Dobbs ranch near this city. He is the only son of Mrs. Frank Holmes, of Kansas City. Mrs. Jas. Dobbs of this city is his sister. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.B. Cole, residing a few miles east of this city. She ranks among Barber county’s most accomplished and pleasant young ladies whose friends are limited only by the number of her acquaintances. The marriage ceremony was witnessed by only a few relatives. The Index hopes that Mr. and Mrs. Holmes may find married life one full of pleasure and success.
pg 1, col 5
Married: Daniel H. McColl and Susan B. Lunsford were married on Tuesday evening, December 9, 1902. Probate Judge Lacy officiated. The marriage rites were solemnized at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. McColl, the groom’s parents, in this city. Mr. McColl is an energetic young man and has the metal to make a prosperous business man. His favorite vocation in life is the livestock business and he has all the qualifications to make it a glittering success. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Lunsford of Elm Mills township and is highly esteemed by all who know her. Mr. and Mrs. McColl enter life’s journey with rich promises ahead. The Index hopes that there may be nothing to darken their pathway and extends sincere congratulations.
pg 1, col 5
Married: Rev. W.J. Weber, pastor of the M.E. church spoke the words which united Albert J. Hudson and Lola McCullough of Elm Mills township, in the bonds of matrimony, Wednesday, Dec. 10, 1902. The groom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. N.S. Hudson and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.W. McCullough, two substantial and highly respected families. We wish them a share of nature’s blessings which they so well merit.
pg 5, col 2
Died: Kiowa News-Review - “Frank Hildebrand died very suddenly at his home three miles southwest of Kiowa, on Tuesday of this week. He was in the city the day before, apparently in good health. The cause of his death is given as neuralgia of the heart. Prior to his removal to Woods county, he lived north of Hazelton and was well known throughout this section. He leaves a wife and five children. Mr. Hildebrand was an industrious man, owned a fine farm and was considered in good circumstances. He was a member of the Odd Fellows and Woodmen. The funeral was held on Wednesday, many of his lodge brothers, neighbors and friends attending.” Mr. Hildebrand was a brother of Mrs. R.J. Taliaferro of this place, and C.W. Hildebrand of Deerhead township. We regret to learn of his death.

Dec 24, 1902, pg 1, col 2
Divorce pending: “Prominent Family Separate, Annie E. Fair Files Suit for Divorce From Her Husband, J.D. Fair.” [A lengthy article. Captain J.D. Fair and Mrs. Annie E. Forsyth were married November 14, 1900. He had children from a prior marriage. Please consult the individual reel for complete details.]

Dec 31, 1902
p 1, col 3
Born: Commissioner J.M. Crouse and wife welcomed a fine little girl at their house on Monday. Drs. Moore and Cushenbery attended.
pg 1, col 3
Marriage Pending: Invitations are out for the marriage of Thomas Jackson Best and Ethel May Simmons. The ceremony will take place at the M.E. Church Thursday, January 8, 1903, at 9 o’clock a.m. [See below @ Jan 14th for further details.]
pg 5, col 3
Married: We have known for a long time that G.W. Payne was pretty sly, but his success in fooling everybody in his last effort is way ahead of everything else he has ever attempted. It was like this: George had led a good many of us to believe for a long time that he was going to quit boarding, and start up to house keeping right, and we were all rather inclined to keep a sharp lookout for the event, and thought we were keeping mighty close tab on his every move, but George out-generaled us all, for on November 19 he quietly slipped off to Anthony and was made perfectly happy by being married to Miss Alice Shields, of Harper county, and the first hint any of us had that he had gotten away with us was on Dec. 20th when George got a good supply of first class cigars and began to hand them out to his many friends. If we hadn’t gotten one of those cigars, we never would have forgiven George but now it is all right, and we with his many other friends wish him all sorts of good luck, and a continuance of his present happiness and contentment. [Hazelton news]

Jan-May 1903

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