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The Barber County Index was a weekly newspaper, published in Medicine Lodge beginning at the end of 1880. At the time this reel begins, Wednesday, October 2, 1901, Painter and Herr had assumed control of the Index. Local news included coverage from the surrounding communities, as well as Medicine Lodge. This reel continues through May 27, 1903. The information has been copied as accurately as possible, but errors may still occur. Minor printing errors have been corrected, but otherwise the information is presented as it originally appeared. Please consult the individual reels to verify an item. I do not have any further information about these individuals or families. Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson (

Jan 7, 1903
pg 1, col 1
Died: P.W. Crawford died at his home near Sharon on Friday, January 2, 1903, of Bright’s disease. He was bedfast less than two weeks but suffered with kidney trouble for some. Mr. Crawford was 81 years of age. He is survived by his wife and several children and grandchildren. J.F. Crawford is one of his sons. Mr. Crawford was an excellent citizen and a good neighbor and the community is grieved at his death. Funeral services were held Saturday.
pg 1, col 3
Married: Judge Lacy united George Salome, of Granton, O.T., and Ida George, of Sharon, in marriage on Monday. They are an Assyrian couple and cannot speak the English language but the Judge got along without an interpreter.
pg 1, col 3
Born: To A.B. Purdy and wife a big boy baby. Dr. Moore introduced him Saturday, the 3rd..
pg 1, col 3
Born: E.E. Hagerman and wife welcomed a big boy at their home on Saturday. Dr. Moore in attendance.
pg 1, col 4
Marriage License: William C. Jones, of Springvale, and Clara B. Purdy, of Lake City, were granted a license to wed last Wednesday by Judge Lacy.

Jan 14, 1903
pg 1, col 2
Married: Thomas Jackson Best and Ethel Simmons were united in marriage at the M.E. church in this city on Thursday, January 8, 1903, at 9 a.m. Presiding Elder Ebright assisted by Rev. W.J. Weber performed the ceremony. A large number of friends of the contracting parties witnessed the marriage rites. Both parties are so well and favorably known to the people of Medicine Lodge that we deem an extensive article in these columns unnecessary. Mr. and Mrs. Best left on the morning train for Kansas City and other points and will return in about two weeks to make their home in Medicine Lodge. They will live at the Grand Hotel for the present. [T.J. Best was part owner and resident manager of the Barber County gypsum mill.]
pg 1, col 3
Born: G.R. Harris and wife welcomed a nice little girl at their house on Tuesday of last week, January 7. Dr. Cushenbery in attendance.
pg 1, col 4
Died: Erie Blanch Matthews, wife of William C. Matthews, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Trotter, in this city on January 9, 1903, after suffering acute disease exactly one year. She was born in Piatt county, Illinois, December 5, 1875. Her age was 27 years, 1 month and four days. She was united in marriage with William C. Matthews February 14, 1892, and five children were born to the union, of whom three are living - a small boy and girl and a baby girl about seven months old. Besides the husband and children, she leaves a father and mother, two brothers, two sisters, an uncle and a grandfather. Funeral services were conducted from the Baptist church on Sunday afternoon, Rev. J.J. Griffin officiated. The Knights of Pythias and Odd Fellows lodges attended the funeral in a body in honor to Mr. Matthews who is an esteemed member of each. It seems hard to part with those we love and it seems doubly sad when one is taken in the prime of life leaving a family to mourn, but death is inevitable and uncompromising and we all must some time pass through its dense shadows. The departed one was a consistent Christian, a most estimable lady who won the love of all her associates. Her last days were patient, peaceful and blessed. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews were formerly citizens of Barber county but in recent years have resided in Woods county, Oklahoma. The husband has many friends in both counties who extend to him sincerest heartfelt sympathy. And also: Card of Thanks signed by W.C. Matthews and A.J. Trotter and family.
pg 1, col 4
Died: Mrs. Rose Adams, of Sun City, wife of Green Adams, died on Monday, January 12, 1903, at 10:05 p.m., of typhoid fever. The entire family is or has been ill with the same dreaded malady and Mr. Adams at this time is very low. The children are recovering. Funeral services were held at Lake City yesterday conducted by Rev. Sloan of the Baptist church. The deceased was 50 years of age. She leaves a husband and a large family of children, most of whom are grown. The Index is indeed very sorry to hear of this great affliction visited upon this good family. Mrs. Adams was a noble woman attentive to those she loved, devoted to her children, and her sickness was largely aggravated on account of her care of the family while undergoing fever siege. At last she was attacked herself and taken from among those it was her delight to soothe and comfort. We sincerely sympathize with the afflicted family and hope that the husband and father may recover.

Jan 21, 1903
pg 1, col 1
Died: “A Good Citizen Gone, Taylor C. Nichols, of Lake City Township, Died Thursday, January 15, 1903" - It was with feelings of profound regret and deepest sorrow that we learned of the death of Taylor Nichols last Thursday evening. He was a robust man in the best of health and hence his numerous friends were very much shocked to hear of his demise. Mr. Nichols was taken sick with violent stomach trouble on Wednesday. He had been working hard and got in a little late, very hungry and ate a hearty meal. Soon afterward he was attacked with what appeared to be congestion of the stomach. Dr. Cushenbery was summoned by telephone and he relieved Mr. Nichols’ sufferings but the following day he was attacked with heart trouble and died at 9 o’clock that night. The funeral was held on Saturday and the remains laid to rest in Highland Cemetery. Elder R.H. Tanksley conducted brief services at the grave. The principal service was held at the residence. Mr. Nichols was 55 years of age. He leaves a wife and a son to mourn his death. W.C. Nichols, of Lake City, his brother, also survives him. The Index extends sympathy to the afflicted ones. We realize that an enterprising and valuable citizen is gone. Taylor C. Nichols was one of Barber county’s most noble citizens. He was a substantial farmer and stock man and everybody was proud to be numbered among his friends, but “The Mighty God hath spoken,” and unto His will frail humanity must bow in humble submission.
pg 1, col 2
Birthday: Mrs. A.W. Smith and Mrs. J.W. Brown got up a birthday surprise party on Mrs. Smith’s mother, Mrs. Kinkaid, last Friday, January 16th. It was her 72nd birthday. Twenty-four of her most intimate friends were present and each brought something to complete one of the best dinners ever spread in Medicine Lodge. It is needless to say that Mrs. Kinkaid enjoyed the surprise very much and it was a genuine surprise, too. The guests had a nice time and everybody was perfectly at home.
pg 1, col 3
Born: Kiowa News - A bouncing big baby boy made his appearance at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Herr Monday morning.

Jan 28, 1903
pg 1, col 2
Died: The citizens of Medicine Lodge were shocked on receiving a telephone message from Pratt Saturday announcing the death of W.G. Bristow. He died of pneumonia very suddenly. For a number of years, Mr. Bristow was in the hotel business in Medicine Lodge and later at Kiowa. Hence he was known by nearly every citizen of Barber county. He removed to Pratt about a year ago and was engaged in the hotel business in that city. Funeral services were held in Pratt Sunday. Mr. Bristow was a member of the Woodmen and Workmen lodges in this city and carried $2000 in each.
pg 1, col 2
Died: Adam Rauhut died at his home in McAdoo township, Monday, of heart disease. Mr. Rauhut formerly owned and operated Elm Mills and had an extensive acquaintance throughout the county. His absence will be felt.
pg 1, col 2
Died: The sad news of the death of Mary M. Cummins, wife of Scott Cummins, was brought to Medicine Lodge by Denver Boggs who came up from Oklahoma Monday on business. Mrs. Cummins died on Saturday. Her trouble was heart disease. Mrs. Cummins was in poor health for several years but at the time of her death and a number of months previous seemed to be in better health than usual. She was 56 years of age. Her death affects the husband very acutely and it is fear that the shock may result injuriously to his health. Mr. and Mrs. Cummins were citizens of Barber county prior to the opening of the Strip, when they moved to Winchester, Ok., and were so closely attached to many of our citizens that they still speak of them as citizens and neighbors. All are deeply grieved on account of the departure of this good woman.
pg 1, col 2
Died: Charley Hinton, formerly of this county, died at Alva, Ok., last Wednesday, January 21st of pneumonia. He had been sick two weeks. Funeral services were held Friday and the remains interred at Capron. Mrs. W.L. Parsons of this city is his sister. She was called to his bedside a day before his death. Mr. Hinton was 42 years of age and is survived by a wife and daughter, the latter being 16 years of age. The friends of the relatives in this county join with friends in Oklahoma in sympathy.

Feb 4, 1903
pg 1, col 3
Born: Dr. Kociell reports a fine 11-pound girl at the home of Jesse Taliaferro and wife, born January 28th.
pg 1, col 3
Born: A.T. Groendycke and wife, of Nippawalla, welcomed a nice big boy at their house last Thursday, January 29th. Bud was in celebrating on Friday.
pg 1, col 4
Born: Dr. Cushenbery reports a nice big boy baby at the home of Rev. J.J. Griffin and wife yesterday morning, Feb. 3rd.
pg 1, col 4
Birthday: The friends and neighbors of H.F. Linton and H.P. Myers and H.P. Myers and families of Mingona township enjoyed a fine birthday party and dinner at the residence of the former on Monday, February 2nd. It was Mrs. Linton’s 30th birthday and Mr. Myers’ 65th. The occasion was not in the nature of a surprise. It was a previously planned affair but that did not detract from the good time that all enjoyed. A very large crowd of people were in attendance and all speak in words of praise of the excellent dinner served and the able manner in which Mrs. Linton entertained the guests. The Linton and Myers families are held in high esteem by all who know them and all who attended were glad to be numbered among the guests. Mrs. A.W. Smith, Mrs. R.H. Clay and R.H. Tanksley and wife, of this city, were among the fortunate ones.

Feb 11, 1903
pg 1, col 1
Died: [A lengthy obituary for John H. Johnson, proprietor of Medicine Lodge’s Central Hotel, who died by his own hand. The pertinent details of his life are extracted here, but please consult the individual reel for the complete obituary.]...Funeral services were held at the hotel residence on Monday afternoon, February 9th. Rev. W.J. Weber, pastor of the M.E. church, conducted the services. A large concourse of people attended, thus paying a last respect and tribute to one whom they have known so long and so well. John H. Johnson was 58 years, 3 months and 4 days of age. He is survived by a wife and three children - Mrs. S.I. Field, and Charley and Zeal Johnson. He was born at Bishop, Auckland county, England, Nov. 3, 1844, and came to America at the tender age of eight years. On June 24, 1874, he was married to Emma Murray at Deerfield, Missouri, to which union the three children above named were born. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson came to Sharon, ths county, in 1884, and conducted a hotel and livery business until 1891 when they came to Medicine Lodge and engaged in the hotel business which they have since conducted. Mr. Johnson started empty-handed, was left without parents in boyhood to fight life’s battles and has gone through all of the privations known to humanity. He leaves a family in excellent financial circumstances. He owned the Central Hotel - a substantial two-story frame building - unencumbered, besides other real estate and a large bank account. His industry, his integrity, his love of home and dear ones stands as a monument to his memory and every Medicine Lodge citizen bows his head in sorrow when he reflects that John H. Johnson is gone. To those who mourn, the Index can only say we mourn with you. Many of us have passed through the same sad experience though not so shocking in its nature, and the sympathy of everybody goes out to them. And also: Card of Thanks signed by Mrs. Emma Johnson, Charles M. Johnson, Zeal Johnson, and Mettie M. Field. [Another obituary can be found in the Medicine Lodge Cresset of Feb 13, 1903.]
pg 1, col 3
Married: Probate Judge Gleason united Vickery A. Reynerson and Bonnie Jean Dickson in marriage last Wednesday, February 4th. The couple reside at Attica. The groom is a brother to Isom Reynerson of this city. This was the Judge’s first appearance in uniting a couple and the witnesses say that he handled it with both dignity and dispatch.
pg 3, col 4
Died: Waldron Chase sent word to his family Sunday from Manchester, New Hampshire, that his mother, Mrs. Hannah Waldron Chase, died that morning. Mr. Chase left a few weeks ago to visit her, but had not known of her sickness. When he arrived there, he found her bedfast. Mrs. Chase was 74 years of age. Her husband died several years ago. Waldron was their only child. His friends sympathize with him in the parting.
pg 5, col 2
Born: Dr. Kociell reports the arrival of a nice little girl at the home of J.W. Hall and wife January 30th.

Feb 18, 1903, pg 1, col 3
Married: Samuel Atwell of Mingona township and Miss Rose Fishburn of this city were united in marriage by Probate Judge Gleason February 9th. The groom is a nephew of Dr. F.S. Atwell of Sharon township. He came to Barber county from the western part of the state last summer. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Fishburn.

Feb 25, 1903, pg 1, col 5
Died: The death of Tom C. Stewart, of Deerhead, occurred on Sunday morning, February 22, 1903. It was very sudden. Pneumonia was the cause of death. He was sick only a few days. Funeral services were held on Tuesday at Lake City. The deceased was about 60 years of age. He was a native of West Virginia. He has resided in Barber county for many years and was especially well known in the western part. Uncle Tom was a man of genial nature and a warm heart. He leaves a wife, two sons and a daughter - George and Ross Stewart and Mrs. G.W. Phillips. The bereaved family have our deepest sympathy. And also Mar 4, pg 1, col 5: Thomas Camden Stewart, born December 31, 1842, in Jackson county, West Virginia, died February 22, 1903, at Deerhead, Barber county, Kansas. Until he grew to manhood, he spent his life upon his father’s farm near Ripley, West Virginia. When 21 years of age, he enlisted in the Confederate army and served four years. On January 17, 1879, he was married to Alvira M. Greer, of Ripley, West Virginia. In January, 1887, Mr. Stewart and family removed to Missouri where he resided 2 years. From there he removed to Barber county, Kansas, where he spent the remainder of his life. Thomas Stewart was a man of exceptionally good nature and treated every one with whom he came in contact with respect and gratitude. His home was and is one that has always extended the glad hand to neighbors and travelers. He was a man who tried to live right and do as he thought best and tried to please everyone with whom he had business relations. Uncle Tom, as he was familiarly called among his friends and acquaintances, was always one of the first to extend a lending hand to the sick and helpless. He is survived by a wife and three children - George and Ross Stewart and Mrs. G.W. Phillips, of Sharon township - and four brothers, M.F. Stewart, of Deerhead; Creed, of West Virginia; Mint of Texas, and Grigg, of Pickerinton, Ohio, and three sisters, Mrs. Bettie Davis, Mrs. Hester Starcher and Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, all of West Virginia., all of West Virginia.

Mar 4, 1903, pg 5, col 1
Born: Dr. Moore reports a boy baby born to Mabe Warrington and wife of Mingona township, last Friday, February 27th.

Mar 11, 1903
pg 1, col 1
Birthday: Mr. and Mrs. Preston Parr of Mingona township were waited on with a genuine surprise party on Wednesday night of last week. When their home was invaded Mr. Parr had already retired and Mrs. Parr was preparing to. There were about forty in the crowd and our reporter says it was a merry gathering. All sorts of parlor amusements were indulged and at about midnight they all got “next” to a big oyster supper. The surprise was given in honor of Mrs. Parr’s 46th birthday. She received some nice presents as mementoes of the occasion. Among those present were the following: Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Nurse and family; Mr. and Mrs. A.D. Baldwin and family; Mr. and Mrs. Martin and family; Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Tedrow and family; Mr. and Mrs. Bud Garten and family; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Garten and family; Grandpa and Grandma Parr, John and Tom Parr; Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Sale and family; Miss Blanche Morris.
pg 1, col 2
Died: William Balding died at his home in Sun City township on Sunday, March 9, 1903, at the age of 51 years. Pneumonia was the cause of his death. Funeral services were held yesterday and the remains interred in Lake City cemetery. Mr. Balding was one of Barber county’s early settlers and a citizen of great worth. His death is mourned by many warm friends. Lewis Balding of this township and Mrs. Louis Bissantz of Sun City are his son and daughter.
pg 1, col 3
Married: Joseph Williams and Myrtle Glick were united in marriage last Wednesday, March 4th, by Probate Judge Gleason at his residence. The groom was formerly employed by Geo. W. Hendrickson on his ranch near Lake City and enjoys the confidence and well wishes of all with whom he has come in contact. The bride is a sister of Mrs. William Hendrickson. Mr. and Mrs. Williams will move on H.C. Alexander’s ranch in Eagle township. Success to them.
pg 1, col 4
Born: A boy baby was born to Mr. and Mrs. Sim Ewalt on Saturday, March 7th. Dr. Moore in attendance. The neighbors say that when the young gentleman made his appearance Sim went out in the kitchen and celebrated so loud that everybody on Walnut street heard him. This is their second boy.

Mar 18, 1903
pg 1, col 1
Married: Herbert S. Groves and Martha M. Pepoon were united in marriage at the M.E. parsonage on Sunday March 15, 1903, Rev. W.J. Weber officiating. Mr. Groves is a recent arrival in Barber county, but is a young man of excellent reputation for industry and integrity. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Pepoon of Mingona township. Mr. and Mrs. Groves will reside on a farm in Mingona township. We hope their lives will be abundantly blessed with prosperity and happiness. And on Mar 25, pg 1, col 2: The Index made an error last week in saying that Herbert S. Groves and Martha May Pepoon were married in the M.E. parsonage in this city. They were married at the residence of the bride’s parents, Dr. and Mrs. J.A. Pepoon in Mingona township.
pg 1, col 2
Died: William Paul of Lake City township died on Saturday night, March 14, 1903, at the advanced age of 81 years, 4 months and 14 days. The remains were taken to McPaul, Iowa, for burial. The deceased was Mrs. Scott Buck’s father.
pg 1, col 2
Died: The remains of an invalid daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Holbert Cole, formerly of this place but now residing in Oklahoma, were brought in from Winfield Saturday night and funeral services were held at the Baptist church Sunday, conducted by Rev. J.J. Griffin. The child was ten years of age and had been an invalid all its life. In late years, it was cared for in the asylum at Winfield. We extend sympathy to the parents.

Mar 25, 1903
pg 1, col 5
Died: “With The Angels” - On Saturday, March 21, 1903, the spirit of little Dorothy Irene Zaring, daughter of Mrs. Irene Zaring and granddaughter of Rev. and Mrs. L.M. Belden, passed into Eternal Glory. She suffered with tuberculosis for more than two months. The age of the little one was two years, four months and fifteen days. Funeral services were held at the residence - the Presbyterian parsonage - on Sunday. Rev. W.J. Weber, Pastor of the M.E. Church, conducted the ceremonies. The remains were interred in Highland Cemetery but on Monday they were exhumed and sent to Brook, Indiana for burial by the side of the father who died two months ago. This was done at the request of the church at Brook where the child’s father had been the Methodist pastor for many years. Mrs. Zaring has been making her home with her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Belden, since her husband’s death. The Index sympathizes deeply with her in her double bereavement.

Apr 1, 1903, pg 1, col 2
Married: Charles Butcher of Sawyer and Emily Mounsey of this city were united in marriage at the Methodist church on Monday evening, March 30, 1903. Rev. W.J. Weber, pastor of the M.E. church, performed the ceremony. The young couple have many friends and acquaintances in Barber and Pratt counties who will join with the Index in wishing them a happy married life.

Apr 8, 1903
pg 1, col 1
Married: Probate Judge Gleason united Dick Fuller and Annie Glice, a colored couple, in marriage last Wednesday, April 1st. Mr. Fuller lives on a farm a few miles east of town.
pg 5, col 2
Born: H.D. Fair was feeling rather gay last week on account of the arrival of a fine boy at his home on Tuesday, the 31st. Hal thinks it is the only boy in town. Drs. Coleman and Cushenbery attended.
pg 5, col 5
Born: Dr. J.K. Osborne reports a boy baby born to Mr. and Mrs. M.A. Thurman of Eagle, March 26th.

Apr 15, 1903
pg 1, col 4
Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jackson on Wednesday, April 8th, a boy. Dr. Moore.*******
pg 1, col 4
Born: Jeff Montgomery and wife welcomed an 11-pound boy at their home on Saturday.
pg 1, col 5
Married: Ned Axtell and Goldie Parsons were married at Alva, Oklahoma on Saturday, April 11, 1903. The groom is a son of Wm. Axtell and wife and the bride is a daughter of Wm. Parsons and wife.
pg 1, col 5
Married: B.F. Powers and Lula M. Register were united in marriage on Thursday, April 9, 1903 by Judge W.T. Collins. Both are formerly from Clay Center. Mr. Powers in engaged in introducing and handling McKee’s Vaccine and for the present his headquarters in Medicine Lodge. His bride came last Thursday and they were immediately married at the Grand Hotel.
pg 1, col 5
Married: Frank Blackstone and Olive Chilcott were united in marriage on Monday, April 13, 1903, at the Baptist parsonage. Rev. J.J. Griffin performed the ceremony. The groom is a nephew of Harry Stone and the bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Chilcott, both residing about seven miles southeast of this city. Mr. and Mrs. Blackstone will reside in Woodward county, Oklahoma. May success and happiness be theirs.

Apr 22, 1903
pg 1, col 1
Died: “Another Home Stricken” - On last Thursday night, April 17th, Mr. and Mrs. Cainie Farmer were called upon to give up their sweet little girl, Ruby, at the tender age of four years, six months and nine days. She was taken sick on Tuesday with tonsilitis, which later developed into spinal meningitis. After the first day of her sickness, there was very little hope of her recovery. The fond parents aided by physicians did all that mortal beings could to restore their darling girl to health but to no avail and on Thursday evening at 9 o’clock, the spirit of little Ruby passed into the Great Beyond. Funeral services were held at the home on Friday by Rev. Patterson, pastor of the M.E. church. Ruby was a sweet, bright little girl, and her death leaves a vacancy in the home which only those who have undergone a similar experience can realize. The solemnity of the occasion was aggravated from the fact that Mrs. Farmer, the afflicted mother, could not attend the funeral on account of sickness brought about by the ordeal through which she passed and poor health prior to the little girl’s sickness. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer moved to this city from the northeast part of the county last fall. They are a family of the greatest worth and are held in high esteem by all who known them. The Index, with numerous other friends, sympathize deeply with them in the loss of one of the jewels of their household.
pg 1, col 5
Married: Jefferson D. Mills and Bettie Jesse were married at Woodward Ok., on Saturday, April 11, 1903. The Index should have had this item last week but Jeff was cute enough to keep us in the dark until after our paper was printed. We don’t know what we will do to even up with him but we promise that we will even up with him some time. Mr. Mills and his bride arrived home on Thursday and began house keeping on the Mills ranch in Mingona township where they were given a royal reception by their numerous friends and neighbors, an account of which is given by our Cedar Creek correspondent. And also @ pg 5, col 3: [Cedar Creek news] The marriage of Jeff Mills and Bettie Jesse was quite a surprise to their friends here and when they arrived home last Friday their neighbors concluded that the proper thing to do was to treat them to a little surprise party. Accordingly, after the sun had sunk in the western hills and the shades of night had kissed the earth, a crowd assembled at their home to shower their congratulations on the happy couple and convert the night’s festivities into a reception. After congratulations and compliments were exchanged, a dance was the next number on the program, in which all indulged. The following were fortunate enough to be present: Tom Parr and wife; Lee Strickland and family; A.A. Marchel and family; Chas. Laury and sister; Charles Barnett; A. Martin and wife; Troy Watkins; Chas. Jesse; John Wells; Will and John Clark; Jno. T. Jesse; Will Aubley; Al Sales; F.B. Nurse and brother; Clyde Binning; Hal Garten and brother; Misses Kathrine Laury, Bond, Murdock and Strickland; Bud Garten; Geo. Reif; T.J. Binning; and a number of others who didn’t register. The dance was free to everyone and it is needless to say that there was a jolly old time on the ranch that night. The writer desires to be one among the many who wish Mr. and Mrs. Mills an abundance of joy and happiness as they glide down the pathway of life.
pg 5, col 2
Died: Granville M. Bowers died very suddenly Saturday morning about 5 o’clock, of heart trouble. He only lived about 20 minutes from the time of first being affected. Mr. Bowers had only been in Hazelton a short time, having come here from Wichita. He opened up a barber shop and during his short stay had made many friends, being a man of apparently high moral character. It was a great shock to our people Sunday morning to hear of his death and a greater shock to his family. He was a member of the M.W.A. and carried $2000 insurance in favor of his wife and children. He had only been a member of the Hazelton camp about 8 days ago, on a card from Pana camp at Pana, Illinois. The body was shipped to Derby for interment.

Apr 29, 1903
pg 1, col 3
Died: Mrs. May Byers, of Sharon township, died on Thursday, April 23, 1903, at the age of 51 years. She was in bad health for more than a year. The deceased was a widow. Funeral services were held on Friday and the remains laid to rest in the Sharon cemetery.
pg 1, col 4
Born: Alva Pioneer - Fred Hardy and wife have another fine boy, born Wednesday evening, the 15th and Fred has let loose that attractive laugh of his so often since the above date that he is being accused of absent-mindedness and solely occupied by his own importance. He couldn’t even yell much at the ball game Thursday.

May 20, 1903
pg 1, col 3
Marriage License: Judge Gleason issued a marriage license last Friday, May 15th, to John Jennings and Minnie Wilson, both of Kiowa.
pg 1, col 3
Born: John Stone and wife welcomed a nice little girl at their home last Wednesday morning, the 13th. Dr. Moore in attendance.

May 27, 1903
pg 1, col 4
Born: Dr. Coleman reports a boy baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bricky on Friday, May 23rd. Mr. and Mrs. Bricky reside on Judge Ellis’ farm.

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