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Geo. Geppert
Simon Lebrecht
Cal. Orner
Eli Smith
Standiford & Youmans
D. VanSlyke

Medicine Lodge Businessmen - Jan 2, 1880 (KSHS Reel #M862, Medicine Lodge Cresset, pg 1 & 4) Contributed by Ellen Knowles Bisson (thebissons@worldnet.att.net)

D. VanSlyke - Occupies the new brick [building] erected by Mr. Stolp, with a full line of dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, notions, etc. On entering the store, one cannot fail to be struck with the neatness of the establishment and the fine display of goods. Van is a young man of unusual business ability, and a most accommodating gentleman to deal with.

W.W. Cook - Dealer in land and live stock, Mr. Cook is a man of long experience in Barbour county, is well acquainted with the stock interest, of good judgment, and sterling integrity. Parties at a distance desiring to invest in land or stock, will do well to consult with Mr. Cook before making such investments.

Geo. Geppert - Mr. Geo. Geppert occupies the new business room fitted up by Dr. Rigg, on South Main Street, with a full line of hardware, lumber, tinware, etc. Mr. Geppert, though a newcomer, has already won many friends by his pleasant address and desire to accommodate. His stock of hardware will be entirely new and of such variety that customers can hardly fail to find any thing they want in that line.

Standiford & Youmans - Better known as "Shi" and "Uncle Ed," occupy the next door north of the hardware establishment, keep constantly on hand a large stock of dry goods, groceries and herder's supplies. Their large and increasing trade shows that they have the confidence of the people. Although they employ two clerks, they are kept almost constantly busy by customers, and no merchant need ask for anything better than that.

Cal. Orner - Occupies the City Drug Store, with a full line of drugs, medicines, oils, paints, etc. Cal's long experience and thorough knowledge of Pharmacy, coupled with uncommon business shrewdness and ready wit, are sure to bring him success.

Eli Smith - Druggist and Postmaster, may be found in the room immediately north of the Stolp building, with a full line of drugs and patent medicines. Eli is as generous as he is full of business, and more than one poor settler will remember that he was furnished with medicines by Eli Smith when he could give no assurance of pay.

Simon Lebrecht - one door north of the "Temple of Fashion," has on hand a stock of ready made clothing as well as dry goods and groceries.

D.E. Sheldon - the oldest merchant of Medicine Lodge. Although building and improving his premises has diverted his attention from the mercantile business, we hope soon to see him bring in a new stock.

Story & Lucas - Blacksmith and wagon shop, on North Main street, is known all over Barbour county by the promptness and accommodation of its proprietors. As good a thing as we can say for Josh and Dennis is that they are kept busy.

Taylor Horne and Dan Morris - Proprietors of the blacksmith and wagon shop that is located just north of the post office. Both are old and experienced workmen. Taylor has the credit of putting up the first wagon made in Independence, Kansas. The boys have their share of customers.

John E. Chapin - Harness & Saddle Shop, now under the management of D.M. Chapin, is also a credit to our town. The fact that Medicine Lodge can compete with Wichita in the manufacture of harness and saddles speaks well for Mr. Chapin's enterprise.

Geo. Mitts - Provision and feed store.

E.W. Iliff - Proprietor of the New Brick Feed & Sale Stable. E.W. will soon have completed a brick addition of forty feet which will make the total length of stable between 70 and 80 feet. E.W. is full of enterprise, and is just the man to help build a new town.

James Gill - Plasterer. Always busy and never lets a job lay on his hands.

Eldred, Williams & Nelson - Carpenters, Contractors & Builders. These gentlemen are careful, elegant and competent workmen.

E.G. Hilton - Jeweler. He is giving good satisfaction as a repairer of timekeepers. He has also a full line of clocks.

Ed. Dawes - House & Sign Painter; served an apprenticeship in England.

Bernard Quinn - House & Sign Painter; has painted a majority of the signs in town.

D.A. McCanless - proprietor of the Central Hotel.

Mr. Temple - Manager of Hollister House hotel. He is careful for the comfort of his guests and takes pride in setting a good table.

C.W. Steele - Proprietor of Western House hotel.

Mr. Pettit - operated a meat market.

Harris, Woodward & Gibbs - operated a meat market.

Jacob Billings - Shoemaker.

Physicians: Dr. T.C. McHenry - graduate of the Medical Department of Michigan University; Dr. C.T. Rigg; Dr. Brattain; Dr. Davis.

Lawyers: C.W. Ellis; J.T. Whitelaw; Geo. D. Orner; B.P. Ayers; H.M. Davis (county attorney); J.W. McNeal.

Barber County Newspapers

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