Barber County Kansas

Hutchinson Daily News, Monday, April 8, 1901.

A.D. Martin

Aged Man tired of Affairs of This World
Calmly Contemplated Death and Chose it in Preference to Life.

A D. Martin A Suicide

Was Out Among His Friends on Saturday.
Took Carbolic Acid on Retiring at Night
and was Found Dead soon After.

The death of A. D. Martin, an aged man who has been a resident here for the past year of two, occurred between 8 and 9 o'clock Saturday evening. He was found dead upon his bed by his daughter and there is no doubt that he had taken his own life.

For some time past he had been living with his daughter, Mrs. Sarah Morgan, at No. 115 Avenue D west in this city. He came here from Sun City, which is in the northwest part of Barbour county.

Just why he decided to take his own life is not known. He received a fall about a year ago which had ever since caused a pain in his head. He was over 70 years old and at times experienced the despondency which often comes with age to those who have been active in life. Some time ago, too, he had some domestic trouble which, while it might have been of little moment to a younger person, seemed to weigh upon his mind.

On Saturday night Mrs. Morgan went down town, returning home about 9 o'clock. She found her father dead and from appearances he had taken a potion strong with carbolic acid. He left a note behind giving instructions for his funeral which he desired should be conducted by the Odd Fellows, "unless," he wrote, "they should not want to conduct my funeral on account of the way in which I an leaving."

Mr. Martin was down town on Saturday and while he did not show any depondency in his conversation, those with whom he talked can now see that he was thinking of his funeral, and in fact making arrangements for it. The new of his suicide was a shock to his friends and lodge brothren who had the most kindly feeling and friendship for him.

The last wishes of Mr. Martin will be carried out by the Odd Fellows. The funeral arrangements were made yesterday to be held from the house this afternoon at 2:30 o'clock conducted by the lodge.

A.D. Martin and his wife, Pauline Martin, were living in Turkey Creek Township, Barber County, during the 1895 Kansas State Census.

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