Barber County Kansas

Medicine Lodge Cresset, March 2, 1900.

A.J. Hargis

The biggest little man engaged in the stock business in Barber county is A.J. Hargis, who owns a ranch of 7,000 acres two and a half miles west of Lake City, This is a large body of land to be sure, but he has it, and all under fence. To our notion this part of Barber county is the best natural stock country to be found anywhere, and certainly Mr. Hargis' location is all that could be desired. With acres and acres of timber along the river, broad pasture lands for grazing, bluff lands for protection, tillable lands for growing winter feed, brooks and springs to furnish water at all times and seasons of the year, what more can be desired or needed?

Mr. Hargis himself is an old timer, and knows the cattle business as the schoolboy his ABCs. For twenty years he has studied its various phases, in production, breeds, feeds, market and development. At the present time, he has at his Lake township ranch feeding on roughness about 1500 head of cattle with 300 head on full feed, roughness and corn, near Hazelton. He is an energetic, active man of business, but genial and open in his association with his fellows. More than all these, he has an elegant and spacious home with suitable environments and his very interesting family leads a happy domestic life.

Andrew J. Hargis is buried in the Lake City Cemetery.

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