Barber County Kansas

The Western Star, April 1, 1893.

Bert Madden Death By Strangulation

This community was shocked Tuesday by the report that Bert, the 14-year-old son of Samuel Madden, who lives near Canema, had accidentally hung himself.

He had been sent to the barn by an older brother after a log chain. The chain hung on a cross beam in the barn, and the boy took one end and hooked it around his neck, and it is presumed that he then started to run, intending to pull the chain down, but as it was very heavy and wrapped twice around the beam he was jerked from his feet. He hung just high enough to prevent his hands from touching the ground, and it is supposed that when he fell he lost his presence of mind.

His brother called to him to hurry along with the chain, thinking he was only playing at hangman, as he had done before. Mrs. Madden suggested that perhaps he was hurt, and started to him, and when she reached his side he was dead.

Mr. Madden and two of the boys had started to this city a little while before. Howard Ball, a neighbor boy, was started after them, but did not overtake them until they had reached town. On being informed of the sad accident they departed at once for home. Coroner Koclell accompanying them. He summoned a jury to investigate the cause of death, and the verdict was accidental strangulation. - Medicine Lodge Cresset.

Samuel Madden, father of Bert Madden.


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