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The Barber County Index, January 22, 1902.


Bessie, Wife of J. E. Coryell,
Has Joined the Vast Throng of the Sacred Dead.

The announcement of the death of Mrs. Bessie Coryell Sunday evening at six o'clock, January 19, 1902, fell upon the ears of many anxious friends with feelings of great grief and profound regret. She was sick less than twenty-four hours, her health was good and no one even suspected the fatal result. She died in confinement. Mr. Coryell is employed in a bakery at Alva and did not arrive until after his beloved wife had passed into the destined valley.

The funeral services were held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Coryell, the stricken husband's parents, yesterday afternoon. Elder W. T. McLain, pastor of the Christian church, preached a very touching sermon full of hope and sympathy. Mrs. Coryell was 28 years, 3 months and 23 days of age. She is mourned by a husband, a small girl of age, a kind father-in-law and mother-in-law and many friends.

It is hard to say goodbye to one so beloved. Her countless virtues endeared her to all. The Coryell families have lived in Barber county about four years and rank among our best citizens. Mrs. Coryell was a very pleasant and obliging young woman with a disposition that won admiration and respect from her acquaintances. Her early death leaves a vacancy at the family fireside as well as in the social circles of the city, that will be felt with lasting sorrow. The husband, the child and others near and dear have sustained a loss beyond human estimation. May Divine Providence comfort them in their affliction.

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Has Joined the Vast Throng of the Scared Dead."

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