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Barber County Index, June 29, 1944.

War Strikes Double Blow

World war II struck a second blow at the Otto Bower family of the Hazelton community when Mrs. Byron Gibson was informed by the War department that her husband, Pfc. Byron Gibson was killed in action in Italy on May 27. Mrs. Gibson is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Bower. Their first misfortune of the war occurred when it was announced that their son was missing in action in the South Pacific since last August.

Mrs. Gibson has a son two years of age and the last time the father had seen him he was only two weeks old. Pfc. Gibson had served overseas almost two years and had participated in the campaigns of Africa, Sicily and Italy.

Missing in action also is Lt. Chas. Eckert, nephew of S. C. Eckert of Kiowa and well known here. Lt. Eckert is the son of Rev. Alexander Eckert, who was raised near Kiowa. The air corps officer has been missing since his plane was shot down over Germany on May 26.

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