Barber County Kansas

Barber County Index, July 20, 1944.

Pvt. Charles Jacobs Hurt At Saipan

News of the first county casualty on Saipan, where United States troops fought one of the bloodiest battles in U. S. military annals, was received here last week when Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jacobs of Lake City were notified that their son, Pvt. Charles Jacobs, has suffered an injury to his right arm.

Pvt. Jacobs had a friend write the letter for him in which he told his parents of the accident. He said not to worry and that he would probably be returned to the United States soon.

Pvt. Jacobs had been stationed with the U. S. Marine Corps at Marshall Island. The battle in which he was injured saw three divisions of battle tried troops blasting the enemy from the island's 75 square miles. About seven-eights of the causalities were Marines and one-eighth Army. However, Jap losses on Saipan were at least five for one for the United States.


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