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The Barber County Index, January 8, 1902.

Obituary of Charles T. Bayles.

(Contributed by a Friend.)

A sad accident occurred at Hazelton, Kansas, Saturday, December 14, 1901, about 9 a.m. which caused the death of Charles T. Bayles.

He was in the act of mounting a horse when it began to plunge, throwing him from the saddle to the ground crushing his skull. He was picked up unconscious and remained so until the Death Angel claimed him about 4 p.m.

He leaves an aged father who resides at Garden Grove, Iowa, one brother who had been with him until recently, but was away at the time and hosts of relatives and friends.

He came to Kansas about six years ago and a greater part of the time made his home with his aunt and uncle, W. C. Demint and wife. He was born January 11th, 1874, and died December 14th, 1901.

His remains were taken to the M. E. church where services were held Tuesday, the 17th, conducted by Rev. Baker. Text - "He Is Not Dead But Sleepeth," after which his remains were laid to rest in Rose Hill Cemetery to await the Resurrection Morn.

"Life! We've been long together,
Through the pleasant and cloudy weather;
'Tis hard to part when friends are dear,
Perhaps 'twill cost a sigh a tear.

"Then steal away, give little warning.
Choose thine own time say not good-night,
But in some brighter clime,
Bid us good-morning."

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