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The Barber County Index, October 14, 1903.


Dr. Clarence L. Sparks Died on Saturday, Oct. 10th, at 10 o'clock, a.m.

Dr. Clarence L. Sparks died at his residence on North Main street on Saturday, October 10, 1903, at 10 o'clock a.m. Three weeks ago he was taken very sick with typhoid fever and his condition was pronounced critical from the start. After the first week of his sickness he improved and he kept getting a little better each day until the morning of his death. On that morning his temperature was normal, his appetite was a good and he was very cheerful. He talked of his business and spoke of getting up soon. Dr. Coleman was also very hopeful that morning - more so than he had been since Dr. Sparks had taken sick. The change did not come until a few minutes before his death then he began to sink and before his physician could be notified he passed away. The immediate cause of death was heart failure a trouble which his physician and family feared from the start. He had several sinking spells before.

Funeral services were held at the Christian church yesterday at 10 o'clock a.m. The Masons and Knights of Pythias of which Dr. Sparks was a beloved member, attended in a body. The Masonic Lodge had charge of the funeral rites. Elder A. O. Walker, pastor of the Christian church of which the deceased was also a member, preached a very impressive and sympathetic sermon, after which the remains were conveyed to the cemetery and laid to rest by the side of the deceased's father and grandfather. A heavy all day rain made it very disagreeable but many people were present at the services notwithstanding to pay their last respects to the deceased.

His mother and sister at Las Vegas, New Mexico, were notified by wire of his death. They were expected in Monday or Monday night, but they failed to arrive in time to attend the funeral. They arrived yesterday afternoon, after the burial.

Clarence L. Sparks was born in the state of California, November 8, 1873. His age was 29 years, 11 months and 2 days. He was the oldest son of W. H. Sparks and wife. His parents went from California to Colorado a year after Clearance was born and remained there until 1881 when they came to Barber county. In 1883 they went to eastern Kansas and returned again to Barber county in 1889, since which he has resided in Barber county, excepting about a year when he proved up a homestead at Mountain View to new Oklahoma. In 1894 he became a student in Dr. Yaut's dental office in this city and a few years thereafter attended a dental college. He passed the state examination in 1897 and then opened an office in this city and practiced dentistry on his own responsibility with great success ever since that time. His father died in 1895 while serving as clerk of the district court and it developed upon Clarence to settle up the estate. His zealous and watchful care of his mother's interests on this occasion was noticed by the friends of the family and endeared him to many people.

In January, 1897, he was united in marriage with Miss Nellie Currie, who with two small children are left to mourn his early death.

His removal from our midst at such an early age is very sad. The time had come when he had just made a good start in life. He had a well equipped dental office and had attained a high standing in his profession. As a citizen in his profession. As a citizen he was highly honored, respected and esteemed and his death brings profound sorrow to many people in Barber county. The bereaved wife and small children have the sincere sympathy of all in their great loss.

Dr. Sparks carried insurance in the Modern Woodmen and the New York Life, amounting to all to $4,000. This speaks more forcibly than words of his devotion to his loved ones. A good citizen, a kind father and a devoted husband is gone.

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