Barber County Kansas

The Barber County Index, January 2, 1901.

Dr. A.Y. Hull

Died: The Index is grieved to learn of the death of Dr. A.Y. Hull which occurred at the home of his son, M.A. Hull, publisher of the Kiowa Review, on Saturday morning, December 29th.

The remains were taken to Iowa, his old home and the home of his son, Congressman Hull, for burial. Dr. Hull was about 84 years of age, but during the past year has been feeble at times, yet his constitution was regarded remarkable for a man of his age.

He has been a resident of Kiowa for the most part of the past several years and has done considerable editorial work on the Review. He was a gifted writer and a fine gentleman personally.

Whenever we went to Kiowa we always felt it a pleasure to call on Dr. Hull and engage in conversation with him. His knowledge of current events, his historical ability and his strong logic were elements that made a meeting with him enjoyable as well as beneficial.

As long as time lasts, the Index shall ever cherish a fond remembrance of this grand, venerable gentleman. Our acquaintance with him was brief but nevertheless none too limited to measure his virtues.

During his younger days, Dr. Hull had much to do with public affairs in his native state and there were doubtless many gathered around his casket to do honor to a tried and trusted honorable friend. To Editor Hull, we extend most earnest sympathy in the loss he sustains. He has bade a final farewell to his best earthly friend.

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