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Barber County Index, January 19, 1939.


Earl Thompson of Isabel, employee of the Texaco company, was killed almost instantly in an accident on the county road between Medicine Lodge and Isabel at about seven thirty o'clock last Saturday evening, January 14th. Mr. Thompson, who was accompanied by his wife, was going south, and had approached the road at a grade locally known as the Axline hill. As he came up over the hill, Ray Miller of Hutchinson, driver of a cattle truck, who was having trouble with his lights and had stopped his truck just over the bridge at the foot of the grade, attempted to stop him by waving his flashlight. Thompson applied the brakes and the heavily loaded gasoline truck swerved, turning over the embankment on the east side of the road. The driver's body was caught under the heavy vehicle and crushed. Mrs. Thompson was thrown clear of the car, but received a painful cut on one of her legs, and a sprained back. It was said at the sheriff's office where the accident was reported, that the truck which Mr., Thompson was driving was of the dual wheel type, but that one of the wheels had been left off. Mr. Thompson sold Texaco products and was on his way to Medicine Lodge to deliver a load of gasoline when the accident occurred.

Funeral services for Mr. Thompson were held in Isabel on Monday afternoon. He is survived by his wife; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Thompson of Isabel; five brothers, Elmer. Lee, Ormand and Donald of Isabel, and Ralph of Hutchinson; and three sisters, Mrs. Clarence Coss and Mrs. Earl Harding of Isabel; and Mrs. Glenn Patterson of Pratt.


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