Barber County Kansas

"Barber County Profiles", Medicine Lodge Cresset, March 2, 1900.

Eli Benedict

Medicine Lodge Stock Farm

One of the most satisfactory ranches, in all its appointments, is Eli Benedict's Medicine Lodge Stock Farm a mile and a half west of town. It is better known, perhaps, as the Miller & Benedict ranch. Dr. E.P. Miller, of the firm being the well-known financial and tariff writer of New York. The farm is one of the most fertile in Kansas, and the Agricultural Department in Washington is now arranging to establish an experimental grass station on it.

Short-Horn cattle are bred on this farm, and it puts on the market every season some fine-looking members of this family of cattle.

Eli Benedict writes the Cresset in regard to the cattle business as follows: "God hates a quitter, and while we have been a little lame from a wire cut we will, if us cattle gentlemen can keep the wound healing, come down the home stretch a winner by the end of 1900 and with the grass station these old hills will blossom like a bull nettle."

The Barber County Index, August 12, 1903.

Benedict - Snodgrass

Eli Benedict and Mrs. Beatrice Snodgrass were married at Alva on Tuesday evening August 4th. They left for New Mexico the following day on a wedding tour. They will reside near Alva where Mr. Benedict has a fine ranch. They are both Medicine Lodge people and have many warm friends here. (SB)

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It is one of a series of articles published together on 2 March 1900 under the title of Barber County Profiles: Men Who Have Taken a Prominent Part in Developing the Stock Industry in Barber County.

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