Barber County Kansas

The Western Star, May 13, 1893.


Elton Rogers, aged thirteen summers, lived with his grandfather, Wm. Welch, in the southeastern part of the county. On Thursday of last week, Elton met death with a most unusual manner. The boy was herding his grandfather's cattle, and during his leisure time lately, he had become interested with some neighbor boys in digging holes in banks and calling them cyclone caves.

Last week, he came home at the usual hour for dinner, but did not return in the evening. After 18 hours search, the dead boy was found by Rev. Eden and John McCain, within 100 yards of his home, where he had dug a hole in the sand bank, and while it is supposed he was still digging when the bank caved in upon him and broke his neck or smothered him to death. His body was buried from his head down to his ankles - his feet remaining uncovered.

The remains were conveyed to the house, and buried by the side of his parents at Lake City, Barber county, on Saturday last. This was indeed a sad accident, and should serve a warning to boys who dig holes in sand banks and crawl into them.

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