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Barber County Index, September 7, 1944.

Auto Accident Injuries Fatal To Sun Citian

Ernest Gilges Dies At Hardtner Hospital Saturday

Ernest E. Gilges, 78, died Saturday from injuries received Friday afternoon when he was struck by a car driven by Lyle Bullock. The accident occurred on an intersection of the Sun City Main Street.

According to witnesses, the accident appeared to be unavoidable as the aged men walked directly into the car driven by Mr. Bullock, who was going about ten to fifteen miles an hour. Mr. Bullock immediately placed the man in his car and brought him to Medicine Lodge where he had the W. H. Forsyth & Son ambulance take him to the Hardtner hospital for medical treatment. However, he failed to respond and died in the hospital.

Funeral services were held on Monday afternoon.

Mr. Gilges was born November 8, 1866, at Madison, Ill.

At the age of twenty-two years he was united in marriage to Sadie Voglesong who preceded him in death. He was a member of the Friends church at Barkley, Kansas, where he lived for a number of years.

He leaves to mourn his passing one brother, Mr. W. W. Gilges of Conway Springs, Kansas, and three sisters, Mrs. A. Dillie of Longton, Mrs. C. F. Shivers of Blackwell, Okla., and Mrs. Ada Bowes of Denver, Colo., in addition to a host of nieces, nephews and friends.


Comment by David Massey:

"Ernest Gilges lived in a house that belonged to Gene (Bullock) or Lyle that was just north of the station on the alley. He had really bad eyes and was very frail, probably legally blind. Everyone in town watched for him as was pretty bad to get out in the street. If Lyle was going 15 or 20 that was about twice as fast as he usually drove. But I do remember when it happened and recall how traumatic it was for Lyle as he and Gene and probably Nina (Hoagland) and Lilly (Bullock) looked after the old fellow."


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