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Sharon Valley Times, August 22, 1940.

Francis Felkel Killed In Well Cave-in

Francis Felkel, 30, well known farmer in the Attica community, was killed Saturday afternoon when the wall on an abandoned well he was helping to clean caved in on him. The accident happened about 2:30 p.m. on the Fred Freeman farm 5 miles northwest Attica. Felkel and Harold Hobbs, Attica high school football star, were removing the curbing which had been used to line the well, intended later to fill it up Felkel was in the well about 16 feet deep.

The dirt walls, no longer braced by the curb suddenly caved in burying him. Hobbs summoning nearby farmers to his aid, made effort to save him. They succeeded about 3 p.m. in uncovering his head and found him still alive. Hopes were dashed a few minutes later when another cave in occurred.

Another furious assault on the sliding ground was launched by men who collected but the well was small, there were a number of heavy rocks in the debris and it was not until 8:10 p.m. that the body was recovered. It was under about six feet of earth. Surviving is his wife, Frances.

Funeral services were held at Attica Monday.

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