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The Barber County Index, May 3, 1899.

Franklin Maurice Kidd

Died: Franklin Maurice Kidd, oldest child and only boy of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Kidd, was born in Chicago, February 5, 1892, and died on Sunday, April 30, 1899, at 7 o'clock p.m., aged 7 years, 2 months and 25 days.

He was taken sick a week before but was able to go to school until Wednesday when he was no longer able to be up. By Friday his condition became very serious and from that time there was very little hope for his recovery.

The funeral services were held from the family residence on Monday and the casket of clay was laid to rest in Highland cemetery.

His schoolmates under the direction of his teacher, Mrs. Hahn, marched in a body to the cemetery to do a last honor to one whom they loved and mourned. Rev. J.F. Irwin conducted the ceremonies.

Franklin was a bright, industrious little boy, the pride of his loving parents and a joy to his little sisters, playmates and friends. He always took a great interest in school matters and none deplore his death more than his teacher with whom he was a favorite.

The grief comes to the parents as it can come to no others. They have attended him in sickness, ministered to him in agony and pain and enjoyed his merry childhood health. The parting is too sad for words to express and yet there is consolation to know that our little friend, in his purity and innocence, has gone where sorrow and pain do not enter.

The parents who mourn his premature death do so with great provocation. Nothing brings more sunshine and hope to a home than the innocent frolic and merry laughter of the little ones, and the absence of one of these is sorrowful in the extreme.

The community extends its sincerest sympathy.

[Letter of Thanks follows signed by C.W. Kidd and Wife.]

Ellen (Shaughnessy) KIDD, nother of Franklin M. Kidd.

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