Barber County Kansas

Frank Robinson

The Herald, December 27, 1890.


A Fatal Accident

A very sad and distressing accident, which resulted in the death of Mr. Frank Robinson, of Hazelton, Barber county, occurred near that city Friday evening last.

From residents of the immediate locality, the Herald’s correspondent learns that Mr. F.S. Smith and the deceased were out hunting and while riding together in a road cart, approached the residence of Mr. James O’Connell, with whom they stopped and exchanged the civilities of the day.

The deceased’s gun was resting on the slats of the cart with the muzzle resting against his shoulder. After leaving Mr. O’Connell’s, they had proceeded but a few paces when the cart gave a sudden lurch, by which the gun was thrown forward and coming in contact with some hard substance. Its contents were discharged into the deceased’s side, ranging upward. Upon hearing the report, and before realizing that he had been shot, Mr. Robinson jumped from the vehicle and after reaching the ground, clasped his hands to his breast and exclaimed, "My God, see what I have done", and instantly expired.

Mr. O’Connell at once conveyed the heartrending intelligence to the parents of the deceased, while J.T. Terhune and F.S. Smith carried the remains to town. The untimely and sudden death of Mr. Robinson, who by his quiet, gentle manners, and his unassuming department had endeared him to a large circle of admiring friends, is sincerely regretted by all who knew him.

(The Herald was published in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.)

Death resulting from the accidental discharge of a firearm being taken from a wagon or carried in a horse-drawn conveyance was not an uncommon occurence at the time Frank Robinson was killed.

Other examples from the Barber County area are: John Hillman/John Hillmon, killed in Barber County in 1879, Harrison Jones of Barber County, who died in 1887, Tom Brown of Barber County, who died in 1901, Joseph Young of Barber County, who also died in 1901, Willie Richardson, of neighboring Comanche County, in 1907, and Forrest Tatton, also of Comanche County, in 1919.

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