Barber County Kansas

The Medicine Lodge Cresset, September 19, 1879.


On last Friday afternoon, George Swank, while engaged in branding cattle, had his horse thrown while roping a cow. The horse fell on the young man's limb breaking both bones below the knee. Dr. McHenry was immediately summoned but on account of the distance of the camp, where the accident occurred, did not arrive until about daylight, Saturday morning. After the fracture had been reduced, the young man was brought home. Until the next day, all symptoms seemed favorable for his recovery, but about noon he began to have occasional periods of delirium. On Monday, toward evening, congestion of the brain set in, and at about 1 o'clock Tuesday morning, he breathed his last. The father of the deceased, Mr. Jacob Swank, is an old and well respected settler. He and his family have the sympathy of the community in their affliction.

The Medicine Lodge Cresset, September 19, 1879.

Funeral of George Swank

The funeral of George Swank took place at 10 o'clock, Wednesday morning. There was an unusually large procession of the friends and neighbors of the bereaved family.


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