Barber County Kansas

Harrison Jones

The Medicine Lodge Chief, September 9, 1887


A young man named Harrison Jones, 20 years old, living six or seven miles northwest of town on the Walker farm, while hunting plover on last Saturday week, was accidentally shot and died on Thursday of last week.

It seems that he was in a wagon with a friend or two and standing behind the spring seat, with the breech of the gun resting on the way box, the seat struck the lock, discharging the contents of the gun into his right breast, inflicting a terrible wound.

No blame seemingly can be attached to anyone, unless it would be carelessness on the part of the young man in carrying a loaded gun in such a position."

Death resulting from the accidental discharge of a firearm being taken from a wagon or carried in a horse-drawn conveyance was not an uncommon occurence at the time Harrison Jones was killed.

Other examples from the Barber County area are: John Hillman/John Hillmon, killed in Barber County in 1879, Frank Robinson of Barber County, who died in 1890, Tom Brown of Barber County, who died in 1901, Joseph Young of Barber County, who also died in 1901, Willie Richardson, of neighboring Comanche County, in 1907, and Forrest Tatton, also of Comanche County, in 1919.

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