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Herschel Jaret is Dead.

Herschel Jaret died in the Wichita hospital, Wichita, Kansas, on Friday, January 29, 1909, after suffering a little more than a week with pneumonia. As stated last week, his condition was critical from the first and little hopes were given for his recovery by the hospital physicians upon the first examination. Herschel had been attending Commercial College in Wichita when he was taken sick.

The body was brought home Friday night by his father and the funeral was held at the Baptist church Sunday afternoon, conducted by Rev. T. J. Hudson.

Herschel was the youngest son of T. L. Jaret and wife of this city. He was a noble upright Christian young man and his sudden taking away is attended with great sorrow. He was born in Trinidad, Colorado, April 6, 1889, and was 19 years, 9 months and 11 days of age. His parents came to this city to live in 1890 - one year after his birth - and have resided here ever since, so that it may be said that the deceased spent his entire life among us. He united with the Baptist church under Rev. J. J. Griffin and has always lived a faithful earnest Christian life since his conversion. He was also a member of the Royal Highlanders fraternity and carried a policy of $500 payable to his parents at his death.

A few years ago he graduated from the city high school and last fall decided to supplement this with a business course, but this laudable ambition was suddenly halted by a call from his Master. Indeed death is a mystery. If it took away only the aged and inform it might be understood, but many times it invades the home and touches with its cold, unrelenting hand, youth in all its vigor and promise and leaves a path strewn with pangs of sorrow and loneliness.

The friends of the parents sympathize deeply with them in their trouble.

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