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The Barber County Index, December 11, 1901.


Mrs. Jacob Parr, of Lake City,
Receives a gun shot. Not thought to be Fatal.

Mrs. Jacob Parr was shot in the small of the back Monday morning by a 22 caliber rifle. She and her son, James, were on their way to Medicine Lodge when the accident happened. Mr. Parr had just shot a quail and was in the act of reloading when the gun was accidentally discharged.

Dr. Moore was summoned and he reached the Parr residence shortly after dinner. He found an ugly wound in the back but after applying medicine she rested nicely. The wound is not considered serious. Soon after Dr. Moore had dressed the wound, Dr. Hutchinson, of Coats, also arrived and after a consultation they decided not to probe for the bullet. It can do no harm unless part of the clothing was carried in with it, and at any event the physicians do not fear bad results.

Mr. Parr feels very badly over the accident. He is usually very careful with guns but this time he was very unfortunate. We hope Mrs. Parr will recover speedily.

Gravestone for Jacob and Nancy Parr,

Lake City Cemetery, Lake City, Barber County, Kansas.

Photo by Kim Fowles.
Gravestone for Jacob and Nancy Parr,
Lake City cemetery, Lake City, Barber County, Kansas.
Jacob:   Sept. 9, 1840 - Nov. 16, 1909
Nancy A.:   Mar. 1, 1842 - Mar. 2, 1911
Photo by Kim Fowles.

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