Barber County Kansas

The Barber County Index, December 11, 1901.


Mrs. Jane Howard dropped dead last Thursday afternoon at her home in Turkey Creek township.

Mrs. Howard was a widow, her husband having been killed in Colorado some years ago.

The deceased was drawing near the 60's at the time of her death. She had long been a sufferer of heart trouble, and last Thursday afternoon she was attacked. She told her son that she believed she going to die, and the boy went to procure aid, but when he returned she was lying on the bed dead.

She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gant, of Sun City. She leaves a father and mother and a son to mourn her death.

Her funeral was preached at 11 o'clock, Friday morning, by Rev. C. W. Owens, of Sun City.

The remains were laid to rest in Soldier Creek cemetery on the Rockefeller ranch at Belvidere.

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