Barber County Kansas

The Barber County Index, June 11, 1902.

John Gray Dead

After battling with disease and infirmities for many years, Uncle John Gray was relieved from his sufferings on Friday, June 6, 1902.

While he was not a well man probably during the past ten of fifteen years, he was not bedfast long at one time until his last sickness when he was helpless for two months. The immediate cause of his death was pronounced paralysis.

Mr. Gray was a hard working man. He was 72 years and 7 months old, and for a man of his age, far overtaxed his physical resources. During the past several years he was court house janitor.

Funeral services were conducted by Elder W. T. McLain at the Christian church Saturday evening.

The deceased is survived by a wife and daughter and two sons who reside in Illinois.

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