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The Barber County Index, June 10, 1943.

Kiowa Soldier Dies While Jap Prisoner

John W. Martin of Kiowa has received word from the War Department that his son, Pfc. Jesse Martin, a prisoner of the Japanese in the Philippine Islands, had died on May 11.

The telegram, signed by the Adjutant General was as follows:

"Report now received from the Japanese government through the International Red Cross that your son, Private First Class Jesse N. Martin, previously reported prisoner of war, died on May 11th in the Philippines Islands. the Secretary of War shares your grief and extends sympathy. Letter follows."

Pfc. Jesse Martin, aged 38 (?), is survived by his father, John W. Martin of Kiowa, and a sister living in California. No word has been received from his wife since the fall of Manila. One brother, Sam Martin, died at Camp Funston during World War I, and is buried in the Kiowa cemetery. The Kiowa American Legion post is named after Sam Martin.

Pfc. Jesse Martin served ten months in World War I, was married after his return to the states and in 1925 the couple went to the Philippine Islands where he enlisted in the Ordnance Department of the United States Army and served there the past eighteen years.

The Philippine Islands became the home of the Martins and they never returned to the states, even for a visit. They owned property in Manila, which was lost in the Jap invasions. Jesse was taken prisoner and Mrs. Martin has not been heard from.

NOTE: the age given for Jesse Martin in this obituary may not be correct; the article reproduced in the nearly-illegible microfilm appeared to state that he was 58 years old. Also, the article appeared to give his middle initial as M, not N.

Thanks to Shirley Brier for finding, transcribing and contributing the above news article to this web site!

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