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The Barber County Index, January 9, 1918.

John Raine Killed in Action

The following is a clipping taken from the Mid-Cumberland and Westmoreland Hearld, Peurith, England, and will be very sad news to Sergt. John Raine's many English friends in Medicine Lodge.

While here, Mr. Raine made his home with the J. C. Wright and S. R. Willam families until about six years ago when he left for Ontario, Canada, and it was from that place that he volunteered for service for his country. Mr. Raine was a special favorite among the younger English people here and they are deeply grieved to learn of his painful and untimely death:

"Further news has come to hand relating to the unfortunate death of the late Sergt. John Raine, Canadian Machine Gun Corps, of Musgrave, details of whose death were recently given and whose photo appears today. ( sic - No photo was published.) He has gone into the trenches for the last time before taking his leave. Whilst giving instructions to the men, in his charge he was hit by a piece of shell, which broke his arm and made a slight wound on the chest. He did not think he was seriously wounded, and made the remark when having his wounds dressed that he had got a "Blighty" wound. He was taken to one of the hospitals in France, and, to the surprise of all his comrades who were left, died very suddenly from gangrene poisoning caused by a poisoned shell.

"The following letter has been received from Mr. and Mrs. Raine from Lieut. H. F. Smith: "It was with much regret that we learned of the death of your son, Sergt. J. Raine. When he was taken to the dressing station they gave us to understand that he was not seriously wounded, and the news of his death received last night was a tremendous shock. I wish to extend to you the deepest sympathy of the few remaining boys of the section, as well as myself, at your severe loss."

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