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The Barber County Index, February 26, 1902.

Lizzie McCleary Dead.

The sad news of the death of Miss Lizzie McCleary reached her Medicine Lodge friends Monday, through letters from T. A. McCleary, of Des Moines, Iowa, to Mr. and Mrs. E. Youmans and Mrs. Emmett McCleary.

She died at Kelia, near Honolulu, while visiting with her sister, Mrs. T. F. Sanborn. She died February 6, and was sick just one week. The cause of death was grip complicated with nervous trouble.

The remains were cremated at Honolulu and the ashes will be sent back to Des Moines for interment. There were no embalming facilities on the islands.

Miss Lizzie grew from childhood to womanhood in this city and was one of society's sweetest gems in our social circles. Her death in the distant islands is very sad. The news of her death in the dawn of a noble, promising life brings a hush to the lips of all who knew her. The grief of the parents whom fate has denied the last farewell caresses and embraces is a trial which seems cruel and unendurable, yet when we contemplate that the fair daughter has been only transformed and has taken refuge in Eternal Glory there is sublime consolation.

In extending sympathy to those in bereavement, the Index assures them that the people of Medicine Lodge mourn with them.

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